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And by gig i mean The warp Tour

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Viola Collins is in an all boy band, well except that she makes it all guy plus one girl. Pretty Boys Death is a rising band remarked for their intricate talent, but how do they deal when two bands...

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"Ugh, what Emerson?"
"Time to get up."
"What, why?" She whined rolling over and pulling the blankets higher.
Emerson took a handful of the sheets and yanked them off Viola; throwing them at his side, he waited.
"Emerson," Viola droned, rolling onto her stomach, "Please we played our last gig yesterday," She curled into a ball, "It's the summer, it's time off, I finally had a clean shower last night. GO AWAY!"
Emerson stood silent in her small suburban room, waiting for her to get up. Viola did nothing but try and go back to sleep, but Carson entered the room.
"Vi, come on get up."
"Carson, you're keyboard go and tell our front man to fuck off."
Carson crept onto the bed and lay next to Viola; she turned her head and stuck out her tongue.
"As your best friend Vi," He began moving to his knees, "I'm obliged to tickle you."
"Touch me and I'll punch you in the face," She growled sitting up.
"Come on Viola."
Another boy had entered the room.
"Elliot piss off," She teased mimicking his English accent, "Emerson you said we were taking the summer off."
"Yeah we were till I got us the best gig ever," He paused and watched Viola roll her eyes, "And by gig I mean tour."
Viola paused and looked at Emerson beaming; she looked at her other band mates. This time she knew it was no joke. She tired to remain cool but instantly jumped up and began screaming with excitement. Carson joined her pulling Elliot and Emerson with them. They jumped and shouted and cheered as loud as they could.
"Wait wait!" Viola yelled hushing them up, "What tour?"
Spencer the band's bassist opened the door wearing a T-shirt revealing her answer. Viola hopped off her bed and stared in shock,
"The Warp Tour!" She cried.
"Yeah and check out the bands," Spencer interjected turning around to show Viola the back.
Viola scanned the list,
Rise Against
Taking Back Sunday
Fall out Boy
30 Seconds to Mars
My Chemical Romance
And many more...
New comer Feature
Pretty Boys Death
"Holey shit!"
"Yeah great right," Elliot remarked, "We leave today."
"Seattle, we got to be there by tomorrow."
"Elliot that's a 12 hour bus ride."
"Yeah Viola so check out what's parked outside you're house."
Viola went to her window,
"Fuck Yes."

It was late morning when the band hit Seattle, Viola and Carson danced on the leather seats all the way into the city. Emerson was warming up his voice with Spencer playing bass along with his exercises. Elliot lay in his bunk snoozing.
"Whoa Carse look!" Viola cried as they passed the fish harbour, "Are they throwing fish?"
Carson squinted through the tinted windows; he shook his head and then went on to spot out a Starbucks. Viola went over and curled up next to Elliot, who hated having his wrists touched. Giggling as she slowly reached for them Elliot jolted awake. He screamed and pushed her out of the bunk; Carson began to laugh with Viola. Spencer and Emerson shook their heads.
"Viola can you warm up please?" Emerson ordered.
"Yes master," She groaned mimicking Igor.
Carson fell into Elliot as they both collapsed in laughter at Emerson's reaction. Emerson glared at them and continued with his vocal warm up. The bus soon pulled into Warp tour grounds, the band stared out the window. None new what was in store for them but they felt very confident. They stopped in a designated parking place and were boarded.
"Hello!" A dark haired man yelled pulling a TV crew with him.
Pretty Boy's Death sat quiet and nervous, they had just been boarded by Pete Wentz.
"Hi Pete here," He said into the camera, "With Pretty Boys Death, say hello guys!"
"Hey," they spoke in unison.
"They're all a little shy," He muttered into the camera, "Well let's get some names, and jobs."
"Emerson, vocals."
"Elliot, guitar."
"Spencer, bass."
"Carson, keyboard."
"Viola, drums."
"Oh a girl drummer, that's sweet," He interjected placing an arm around her, "We'll be back with My Chemical Romance and kick ball tips."
The camera lights went off and the TV crew left, Viola crawled away from Pete's arm and onto Emerson's lap.
"I'm Pete-."
"Wentz, we know."
"Emerson right."
"Cool, you guys are on at 3, but I'm sure a guy will come and tell you," He stood, "Well see you around."
"See you."
The band's first Warp show went well; they left the stage with screaming fans calling after them. Viola chucked her sticks into the crowd and there was a mad dive for them. Carson and her high fived, and blew kisses to Emerson. He shook his head as they boarded a golf cart.
"Man I didn't know we were so popular," Spencer comment as they spend away from the one of many stages.
"Me either," Elliot agreed.
The rest of the ride to their bus was silent; the band was extremely exhausted from their show.
"Carson, you know what I want?" Viola said as they got off the golf cart.
"What Vi?"
"A freezie."
The group all agreed as they slowly shuffled onto their bus. Elliot collapsed into his bed; while Spencer and Emerson began to talk about the tour spots ahead. Viola grabbed some bottled water from their fridge,
"I can't believe I'm playing all summer as well."
Carson rubbed his eyes,
"Just after we got back from Toronto."
"We can't keep doing this," Viola muttered through a long drink of water, "I haven't been in my house for more than a day and a night; and then were off doing indie gigs on the other side of the Canada."
"Well at least this one we'll actually make rent."
"Yeah but I still live my mother."
"You know I don't Viola, haven't not since I was six."
"Carse you're my best friend, course I know."
They laughed softly and glance to their buss's door, it was open and had visitor's coming through it. Pete Wentz step through with his band, and My Chem following them.
"Kick Ball anyone?"
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