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Kick Ball

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Kick ball and Ice cream, but who has a sweet tooth for Viola?

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The three bands stood before Pete, he rambled on about the rules. Carson thought it would have been funny if he asked how to play; but this had been going on for 10 minutes.
"Pete," Gerard interjected.
"I think Carson knows how to play."
"Alright," Pete dismissed the comment, "Right let's pick teams."
"I'm game for any side as long as I'm with Carse," Viola said lazily.
Pete began a head count but was cut short of revealing his answer by Bob,
"6 on 7," he muttered.
"Alright well I'll take the vocals, Gerard? Patrick?" Emerson asked holding out his hands in question.
"Cool," they muttered and stood next to him.
The three bands were pretty awkward around each other; none knew what to say. Viola and Carson looked at each other and began to laugh; they immediately took hold of Andy.
"We'll take drummers," Viola cried excitedly as she skipped towards Bob; dragging him to their group.
"Well if you take vocals too, that makes 7," Frank said, "And I'll go with Bass and guitar."
"You're okay with that," Elliot asked.
"Dude shut up it's a challenge with 6 people," said Spencer lightly punching his friend.
"Sweet," cried Mikey rubbing his hands together.
Ray hung up his phone which had gone off a few minutes earlier,
"Whose team am I on?"
"Mine Toro!"
The groups spread out after a simple rock paper scissors match to determine who played field and who kicked. The drummers and vocals or date rape as Carson had named them ran out into field. T-rex stayed at plate ready to kick.
"Wait," Joe said as he shuffled up to plate, "Why do we have to be T-rex?"
"Joe shut up and-."
The ball smacked Joe squarely in the face. Viola who had pitched scrunched up her face,
"Sorry," She called, "Sometimes they crawl up legs."
Mikey picked up the ball and threw it back Viola caught it and rolled lighter this time; with a sigh of relief Joe kicked the ball. It flew up into the air with a perfect spinning motion. It caught the sun with just a kiss; and came descending back down. The ball was going to make contact. Then Carson caught it.
"Out," He yelled!
Date rape began to scream, they chanted their name several times. Pete pouted all the way to the plate,
"Don't hit the face," He hissed.
Viola rolled her eyes and began to pull back her arm for the throw. She remained focused; don't hit the face, you got it Jacko! Viola closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, filling her cavities.
"HEE HAW!" cried Carson.
At this moment Viola cracked up; blowing all the air through her tight lips. She fell to the ground laughing. Date rape cracked up too, they collapsed in laughter holding their sides. Toro's phone had gone off before the incident and he was now off in a corner chatting. Pete's face turned bright red as he watch Elliot and Spencer with Frank and Mikey laughing, crying, and screaming with giggles. Joe had even fallen over at first base.
"What the hell," Gerard cried, "that was so random."
Pete began to laugh with them; he couldn't help but think back to a photoshopped photo of his head upon that of a donkey's body.
Viola smiled at Pete, he wasn't so bad, and he even made fun of himself.
"I'll please," Viola ordered.
The ice cream man obliged and handed her a cone; she joined her new found friends.
"What'd you get Mikey?"
"Ooh nice, Frank?"
"Toro?...hey where's Toro?" Viola asked looking around.
Gerard gave a few glances and then bit into his cone.
"Probably talking to Emma," Mikey answered.
"Who's Emma?"
"His wife," Bob interjected
"Oh," She smiled, "so Bob care to tell me what flavour you got?"
He shifted in his chair, almost like he was nervous,
"I got, I got...Frank what the hell did I get?"
Frank shrugged and then continued to play cards with Spencer and Elliot. Emerson and Carson were deep in a conversation about the smashing pumpkins with Gerard and Mikey. Andy, Joe and Patrick were eating splits and having a war about who could shove the whole thing in their mouth first and not choke it back out.
"It was mango," Pete said into his sidekick; which he had been on the whole time.
"Yeah Mango," Bob mumbled and then turned to a three week old newspaper at his side.
Viola nodded and took a bite of her chocolate ice-cream. She walked to a window stool, sat and looked out at people passing by.
"I wish I wasn't a girl," she whispered.
"Whys that?"
Viola turned to Toro who was standing over her; she shook her head and looked away. He took a seat beside her.
"Is it because you're in an all male band?"
"No...they're like friends, best friend I can get along with them great. It's this whole scene."
"Yeah," Toro began sitting back slightly, "Boys dominate it, but chin up you're a pioneer in this field."
"What does that mean?" she laughed softly.
"It means one day, they'll have this huge show about women pioneering in the Warp Tour."
"Cool, I'll be dead by then."
"Well you are in Pretty Boys Death," He teased.
"I'm a girl?" Viola laughed.
"Thought you wished you weren't, be careful what you-."
"Wish for, yeah yeah."
Toro smiled and then felt the pocket of his pants, picking up the phone he muttered a quick "excuse me," and began for the door.
"Emma, yeah if Parker is still crying start to sing interlude, he loves it..." Toro trailed off as he left the store.
"Yeah Emerson?"
Emerson put his arms around her and they hugged tightly; soon more arms came. Her whole band stood in a group hug. It was warm and what they did when someone missed home, or was just plain sad. Spencer called out,
"I'm sorry guys."
"Aghhhh," They cried as the stench of Spencer's SBD filled their nostrils.
They moved away and then back to the main group.
"We should get home, err well back to our buses," Patrick suggested.
The three bands started back to the Tour grounds; Viola brushed against Bob accidentally on their way out of the ice cream parlour. She didn't know it but Bob's heart jumped a little. Carson noticed, he smiled lightly too.
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