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Scares and Hand Holding

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Elliot gets sick during the night, and Viola has a game of cat and mouse with Pete.

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"Teenage mutant ninja turtles, teenage mutant ninja turtles¸ teenage mutant ninja turtles-"

"Carson, Viola!"

"Yes Emerson?"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! If I hear that goddamn theme song one more time I will rip that goddamn ipod out of you're frickken hands."

Viola rolled over and look down at her bottom bunk; Emerson lay glaring up at her. She giggled as Carson rolled over her and now lay upside down staring at Emerson as well.

"Spencer," Emerson called out.

"Yeah," a voice groaned.

"Why did we let Viola and Carson share a bunk?"

"Because those two have been attached at the hip since they were toddlers."

Emerson groaned louder and rolled over facing his back to them.

"THAT IS IT!" He screamed jumping out of bed and into theirs.

Viola screamed as he tackled Carson; the two couldn't stop laughing as Emerson attempted to fix the situation. Spencer jumped out of his bed and joined the "party" tickling Viola. Elliot who could sleep through anything didn't even stir at all.

"Hey," Spencer said interrupting the commotion, "is Elliot dead?"

The four bandmates all stared at Elliot's bunk; they knew he could sleep through a lot but this wasn't normal.

"Elli?" Carson asked.

Nothing; he didn't even move. Viola looked at Emerson, he sat staring almost pleading.

"Elliot?" He asked.

Finally the blankets began to move and Elliot slowly sat up.
"What?" he whimpered.

"Are you dead?" Spencer questioned stupidity.

Viola punched him in the stomach,
"Does he look dead?"

"Why are you all in Viola's bunk?" Elliot coughed roughly.

"Wow buddy," Emerson said getting down, "are you feeling okay?"

Emerson placed a hand on his friend's forehead it was warm, hot even. Spencer jumped out of the bunk and ran to the fridge for a bottle of water; handing it to Emerson he left for on site paramedic. Carson and Viola jumped down and began to look for Elliot's phone; they were going to call his mother. Finding it Carson searched for the number in Elliot's saved contacts. Viola heard a knock on the bus door she ran and opened the door.

"What's the problem?" asked a medic.

"It's Elliot, he's sick."

The paramedic looked at her; he almost laughed,
"Is there a real emergency?"

"Elliot has a weakened immune system; if he gets a cold it's really serious."

"Where are his meds?" He asked immediately sitting down next to Elliot and checking his pulse, breathing and throat.


"Yes Viola?"

"Where are Elliot's meds?"

Emerson pulled his knees to the floor and began to look under Elliot's bunk. Finding a prescription bottle he passed it to the medic. Carson hung up Elliot's phone after getting no response from his mother. Looking over to Viola he shrugged uneasily.

"Alright, I'm going to start an IV but he'll need to stay overnight at the first aid tent."

They all watched Elliot being taken away in a stretcher. It was quiet in the bus, nobody knew what to say. Emerson rubbed at his temples and slowly trudged back to his bed. Viola and Carson climbed into there's and waited till Spencer had gone to sleep before they began to talk.

"I saw something neat today."

"Carson, Elliot's really sick how can you talk about stuff like that?"

"Vi, he's going to be okay," Carson whispered rubbing her shoulder, "Remember our first gig, a crazy kid jumped on stage and accidentally sneezed in his face."

"Oh god, he was down for a week."

"But he still pulled through."

"Yeah that is true."




"What was that neat thing you saw today?"

"Oh, that um...well do you like anyone in My Chem?"

"Carse that's a retarded question."

"Oh yeah, you said you'd sex all of them...OUCH! Okay sorry but that is what you said."

"Yeah so I said that, what's your point?"

"Well, um...ah never mind."

"No what? Don't make me go purple nurple on your ass."

"Ah okay, okay...well what if-."

"Carson and Viola!"


"Please go to sleep, please... if you must listen to one thing I say tonight please let is be that."

"Okay sorry Emerson."

"Yeah sorry dude."

"It's fine you two, now goodnight."

"Night Vi."

"Night Carse."

"Goodnight Emerson."



"Elliot!" Viola screamed, as the entire band entered the First Aid Tent.

It was late morning, and they had been given the go ahead to see their guitarist. Emerson gave Elliot a tight hug. As did Carson and Viola. Spencer placed a firm grip on the shoulder of his friend.

"You gave us a real scare buddy."

"Yeah, apparently I was just reacting to the dust when we played kickball yesterday," Elliot spoke clearly and confidently.

The band helped Elliot off his bed; and they all left the tent together singing Aretha Franklyn. Even Emerson wasn't angry that Carson and Viola had started it. They walked back muttering the verse but bellowing the chorus of It's Raining Men. Walking onto the bus they paused; My Chemical Romance awkwardly stood in their "home".

"We heard," Gerard began, "We heard that Elliot had been taken to the Tent last night."

They handed the band a small get well card.
"Thank you guys that nice of you really," Emerson thanked.

They nodded and then slowly left the bus, Pretty Boy's Death waved goodbye. Emerson placed the card on a counter standing back he smiled. Viola looked down and picked up a stick; looking over it she noticed it wasn't hers.

"Carson, I think Bob left his stick here."
"So go give it to him."

"Wanna come?"

"No I'm going to make everyone lunch."

"Okay see you in a bit."

"See you Vi."

Carson smirked.

Voila darted outside and saw Gerard and gang walking miles ahead. She began to run, throwing her legs farther which each step. Her breathing became deep and long as she attempted to keep from going into a huffing puffing mess. Viola finally caught up with them.

"Viola," Mikey exclaimed

"Hey what's up," Frank asked.

Viola took deep breaths and held up one of Bob's sticks.

"Bob you left your sticks," Gerard said lightly up a smoke.

"Thank you," he mummered as he took them from Viola's hands.

"Hey," Gerard asked, "Where's that tall guy that's you always hang around?"

"Oh Carson."

"Yeah, Carson."

"He's my best friend."

"See Bob he's just a best friend," Frank teased.

Bob shoved Frank hard,
"Shut up."

Viola awkwardly smiled,
"Yeah, just a best friend."

Bob ran a hand through his blonde hair, slightly messing with his bangs. He played with his lip ring and then looked down. Gerard took a long drag and then dropped his cigarette in shock.

"Oh shit."

"What," Mikey asked.

"Pete." Frank said continuing Gerard's sentence.

Viola turned around and saw Pete moving towards them with a camera crew. Mikey grabbed Viola's hand as the entire band began to run. Bob took the lead of the pack as they darted behind Taking Back Sunday's bus.

"Wait," Bob gasped, "What about Toro?"

"He's in the Porta John, he'll be fine."

"Gerard, he can't stay there all day."


"Gerard we can't leave him."


"What Viola."

"Oh Shit, lets run!"

The group bolted towards a crowd, running through them they got to a back stage area. Gerard began to cough loudly as did Frank.

"You guys should quit smoking," Viola commented.
"Yeah, yeah," The two boys said.

"We gotta split up," Mikey pushed.

"I'll go with Bob," Viola stated, "Drummer's aren't exactly media material, well I mean everyone wants to know about the lead singer."

"Okay, well if you two can go rescue Toro, then we'll meet up at our merch tent."


Viola grabbed Bob's hand and they darted towards some Porta Johns. Hiding behind one they heard Pete and the TV crew run past. Viola shook her head; Pete was a sell out.

"Come on lets go Bob," She whispered.

"I think Toro's back at the east end toilets."

"Okay let's go."

The two ran swiftly darting behind signs and security; as not to draw attention to themselves. Bob felt nervous when they ran because Viola inadvertently had a hold of his hand. He watched her golden brown hair flow in the low wind as they ran towards the east end. Her firm skin and strikingly grey sky eyes, Bob dismissed any fact that she may like him. Viola's gripped tightened as they ran right into Pete.

"Viola!" He exclaimed.

She winced.


Bob double winced.

"I got rid of the TV crew; it seems they scare you off Vi."

Viola looked down and rolled her eyes, she didn't like that he had shortened her name. Bob dropped her hand and started for the merch tent. Viola watched him go, she felt weird; a little hurt. Almost like she didn't want Bob to go.

"Vi can I get you some coke from my Bus?" Pete asked.

"Sure," She muttered.

Pete put an arm around her, and Viola hated every second of it.

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