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What the hell just happened?

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Viola gets caught off gaurd

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"Here Vi."

Viola took the drink from Pete's hand; setting it to her side she looked for an escape route. She found nothing and side heavily. Pete tossled his black hair in a mirror, and touched up a bit of eye liner. He stood back and fixed his shirt pulling it down below his belt but leaving the buckle visible. Viola rolled her eye's something she seemed to be doing frequently.

"Pete," She said, not knowing her next move in speech.

"Yeah," He stated dryly.

The conversation was on its way to mayday city.

"Well I better be heading out."

Pete turned quickly to Viola grabbing her hand as she attempted to leave his bunk. She was pulled back down into a half cuddle, and couldn't move. Viola looked to the closed door and then to Pete's head which lay resting on her collar bone.

"Viola," He whispered, "I really, really like you...," his words trailed off.

She looked down into his eyes as he moved to hold both her hands. Viola drew in a quick breath, painstakingly shut her eyes and stood up. Pete sat on his bunk bending forward to look at her.

"Pete don't," she let her hand rest on the doorknob, "don't say stuff like that."

"Why not?" he asked almost hurt she'd question it.

"Because I know you don't mean it."

The room went quiet. Viola could hear her thoughts stop in conversation with her. It was a very uncomfortable silence; she wanted an interruption, something, anything. She began to turn the handle.

"Why would you even think that," Pete whispered.

"Because I h-," the word caught her tongue, was she really about to tell him she hated him, all because he was just Pete Wentz.

"You hate me," he muttered finishing her sentence.

Viola turned to see him staring down at his feet. The room went silent again. Viola fidgeted; why was this happening.

"Why," he pushed through his teeth.

"I don't know."

"That's a great reason Vi," he remarked.

Viola furiously shut the door; and stormed to Pete's side she was ready to fight.
"I hate you because; you shorten my name constantly only Carson can do that! You run around with camera crews because your head is so far up your asshole that you think it smells like a fucking Dior perfume department, you shooed Bob away to have me all for yourself, you're a selfish incoherent CUN--."

Viola closed her eyes and kissed back. All her frustrations seemed to be melting, why was she falling for the one guy that pissed her off. She couldn't think straight with this romantic kiss consuming all her pleasure centers. Pete moved to her neck sucking on it gently.

"B-bob," Viola gasped as he moved further down her collar bone.

"Bob?" Pete whispered pulling away.

Viola covered her mouth, what had she just said.

"I have to go," she slurred as she up and bolted for the door.

Running through the bus doors she hustled back to her own. All the time Viola couldn't stop muttering,

"What the hell just happened!? WHAT the HELL just happened!? What the hell... just happened?"


Viola stared at her sandwich, muttering under her breath.

"Vi?" Carson asked again.

She looked at it as if she was arguing. Emerson put a hand in front of her face and she snapped her direction upwards.

"Huh? What?"

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," she brushed, "I-I'm fine, all good here."

Carson eyed at her while inadvertently passing Spencer his cola. She smiled awkwardly and then went to her sandwich. Emerson exchanged glances with Carson. Viola didn't notice she just chewed and looked straight ahead.

After lunch the group went to a north end stage to open for a band in the core scene. Viola played her beats on queue but with no passion; Emerson and Carson had a worried glance eye dance. They left the stage and headed back to the bus to leave for San Fransisco. The whole night Viola lay awake. Carson and Emerson did as well.
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