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Morning Love

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A/N: I felt in a Love mood, so here we get some kisses Updated and Added too!!

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"Ugh...what time is it," a groggy voice called out.
"Who knows," replied Spencer.
"Where are we?" asked Elliot.
"Is it Thursday?" Emerson requited.
"Yes," answered Carson.
"Then it's 10:00 am and we're in San Francisco."
The band slowly clambered out towards the tinted the windows, Viola the last one.
"Pete's having a cum session right about now," Carson remarked.
"Shut up Carse," Viola shot.
"Wow Vi, chill," He touched her shoulder as she furiously rubbed her temples, "just trying to lighten the mood."
"Not helping," She spat inwardly.
Emerson tried to pull Viola into a hug but she pushed him away,
"Don't just don't."
"No!" She voiced moving away from Emerson and Carson's open arms, "don't touch me."
She ran to the bathroom and locked herself in, crying on the other side. Carson sat on the other side hearing it.

Once parked the band sat down to eat a small breakfast. In the bathroom Viola sat on the floor staring at the ceiling, she wanted nothing to eat. Carson ate his own breakfast adjacent the door; waiting for her to emerge. Finally after an hour she opened the door,

"Sorry," she muttered climbing into Carson's arms.

"It's fine," He whispered.

The two hugged and slowly stood; Viola waved to the rest the band demising them of her 'issues'.

"Its cool guys...just a little pms."

The band nodded and boarded off the bus heading towards their merch tent. It was slightly chilled in the outside and Viola moved close to Carson.

"Carse," She clambered, "I don't feel good."

Carson looked head to Pete moving towards them, he quickened there step. As they moved dotingly past Pete attempted to make contact.


"Pete we gotta go," Emerson festered as they walked faster leaving Pete behind.

He stood flabbergasted. Yet began to walk away. Pretty Boy's death moved faster and once they reached there destination took at seat. Viola sat on Carson's knees, watching early comers pass by, she felt really sick.

"Vi," Carson began, "I can take you back to the bus."

"No," She said looking out into the tour grounds, "I'll sit it out."

"Really, it's no problem we can go back."

"Really Carse."

"Okay...," He replied.

"Viola?" A low voice called to her right.

Looking to it she saw Bob standing before her. Viola felt some of her sickness was away. She stood coming close to him, Bob lightly back away.

"Yes Bob?"

"I was wondering if we could...," He paused and ran a hand through his hair, "go f-for a walk?"

"I'd love to."

Bob let his jaw drop slightly; pulling it back up they set out for their walk. Viola moved to a quieter area, usually found around the buses. Bob follow closely.



"Sorry about-."

"Don't worry Pete has a better way with women anyway."

"Bob, I didn't want to go with him."




"Have you ever met someone, and you feel really sad when you don't get to see them for a while?"


"That's what I was feeling all morning."

Bob looked to Viola; she ambled through long grass looking towards stages.

"W-what changed?"

"I got to see that person again."

Bob looked away hiding his flushing face; Viola took a hold of his hand.

"There's something about you Bob...something I haven't had the privilege of being with, for a while."



Bob dropped her hand; roughly taking a seat upon the ground Viola sat next to him. He sighed.

"Do there..."

He stopped and looked away.

"Bob, can I be forward with you?" Viola asked quietly.

"If you want," He sighed scolding himself for not speaking his mind.

He turned his attention to Viola waiting for her to speak. Only she leaned in and touched her lips to his.
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