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Chapter Twenty-Three

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Chapter Twenty-Three

I gulped again, my eyes flitting from here to there in search of a silent way out of the coffee shop; a way that wouldn't attract unwelcome attention from the occupants of the booth behind, as I thought about the conversation we had just heard; three dangerous men discussing the life, or rather death, of one of my best friends as casually as anyone else would discuss their drink preferences.
"He won't be able to speak again once I'm done with him..." -Richard's emotionless voice kept repeating inside my head, beating against my skull deafeningly and I felt it pulling at my stomach and insides, willing the bile to rise. I felt so sick with dread.

"Fuck..." I sighed letting my head fall into my shaking hands; I still hadn't warmed up.

"Look, I don't know what the fuck's goin on right now Mikey, but we have to go." Ray whispered over the chatter surrounding us in the small shop. I looked up to see his pale face, he was holding it so still with his eyebrows furrowed. He was scared, and confused obviously, I could totally relate.

"How?" I asked, "It's gonna look pretty suspicious if we stand up and leave now; me in my underwear 'n all." I smiled sadly and a little sarcastically at him as I took in my appearance yet again fighting back the urge to laugh at how fucked up my life had become.

I watched him as he too looked around at the various tables and canvas prints that lined the walls in search of an answer. I was about to comment on the hopelessness of our situation when a soft smile appeared on his lips and he stood from his chair, walking to the counter. I watched him, intrigued, as he returned from the counter with a disguarded apron in his hands.

"Tie this round your waist like a skirt." He whispered, passing the long black cloth across to me.

"What? How's that gonna help?" I asked disbelievingly although I found myself tying the strings as the words left my mouth.

"Zip the jacket up, its cold out." He said nodding to his jacket, which was slung over my shoulders but not fastened up and so revealed my blue tinged skin, goose bumps covering every visible inch of it. I zipped it up earning another nod from Ray and took a deep breath as we stood from our seat in preparation to leave.

"They're not even looking." Ray whispered, moving his mouth as little as possible, while we walked towards the door. But still, I didn't let my breath out. Why was I so scared?

It was a very short distance from the booths at the back of the shop to the door. Like I said, it was a very small coffee shop. But no matter how short the distance, the walk seemed to last for an eternity and the whole time I couldn't breath for the fear of Marley and co. spotting us. By the time we reached the door, I was shaking badly and my entire body had tensed painfully, but I felt the intense feelings slide a little as my hand reached out to touch the door handle. I was just about to turn the knob when...

"Holy shit! It's Mikey Way." I gasped out loud as I turned to see a teenage guy walking towards me, waving a magazine in his hand. "Is this true mate?" he asked as he closed the gap between us, I glanced over at the back of the café and sighed slightly in relief as I noted they weren't watching.

"Sorry, we've got to go..." Ray started but the kid cut him off excitedly.

"Oh my god, Ray Toro as well...this is too fucking cool!" I winced at how loud the kid's voice was. "Wait, Mikey, why are you wearing a skirt?" he laughed, again loudly.

"We've really gotta go, sorry." I said anxiously and I turned to leave but he put a hand on my shoulder.

"Just tell Gerard that Adam says to get well soon, that guys my freakin' hero; I can't lose him." His voice had turned sad and his eyes were welling up, I didn't have a clue what he was talking about but I nodded anyway and he let go of my shoulder smiling sadly.

"Gerard'll be fine Adam, don't worry." Ray reassured Adam in an anxious voice, I noticed his eyes kept darting to the corner that Marley was sat in. I could tell that Ray didn't have a clue what the kid was on about either. "But we really have to go now...sorry."

Adam nodded and walked away with his magazine. I couldn't see the entire cover but I still thought I caught a glimpse of Gee's face. I didn't have time to think about it though because the next thing I knew, Ray had pushed me out of the coffee shop's door onto the street.

"What now?" he asked standing facing me, but I wasn't listening, I was watching the figure walking in our direction. I knew who it was. Sally.

Wordlessly, I pulled Ray behind a parked car and once again held my breath as I waved my hand to silence Ray who had opened his mouth to speak. He turned to stare in the direction I was looking in and then began looking even more confused as he noted Sally. I fell against the car, exhausted, once she was safely inside the café; of course she walked straight over to where Marley, Stan and Richard were sat.

"Okay, Mikey, fucking explain everything!" Ray said seriously, burning into my eyes with his own. I could still see the paleness of his skin through the delicate orange glow of the surrounding street lamps. He slid down the car onto the ground.

I sighed and sat down on the concrete next to him, leaning my back against the car door.

"Well, fuck me!" Ray sighed, his mouth open in shock. I yawned widely, tired, and rested my eyes rubbing my closed eyelids soothingly; I'd done my best to explain all I knew -not much- to Ray and it had worn me out.

"So, what do you think Sally's up to?" he asked.

"Yeah, what do you think I'm up to?" -my head snapped to the side, cracking loudly, and I gasped as I saw Sally, Marley, Stan and Richard all standing around the car.

"Get up!" A guy with black hair and a crisp black suit said calmly, he was standing next to Sally his arm draped around her waist. Both Ray and I immediately sprang from the ground, scared not to. The car behind us bleeped as the guy unlocked it and he smiled, "get in."

We stood staring at the intimidating group in shock for a couple of moments before we both moved to get in the car. Ray reached first and climbed into the back seat, he was then followed by Stan and then another guy who I assumed to be Richard; this guy doing all the ordering had to be Marley. Sally walked around to the passengers seat. However, when I went to climb in, I was stopped by the guy's strong arm. I looked up at him confused and he smiled dazzlingly bright in the darkness, "Not you Michael."

I was stunned and I just stood there as he continued to smile at me while he walked around the other side of the car and got in. Ray stared at me pleadingly through his window, looking even paler and absolutely terrified as the engine roared into life and carried the vehicle away.

Why am I so useless? I was questioning myself as the lights disappeared but I was brought out of my thoughts as a phone rang from inside the jacket I was wearing. Shakily, I took it out and flipped it open, the caller ID read 'private number'.

I didn't even get a chance to say anything before Marley's voice burst through the speakers, "We're going to play a game Michael...."

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