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Chapter Twenty-Four.

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Chapter Twenty-Four

"Are you still there Michael?" his mocking voice spoke again and snapped me away from my shocked silence. I took a deep rattling breath.

"Yes I'm still here." I croaked into the phone attempting to steady my voice with small gulps. My body was just as unsteady and without thinking, I ended up sitting on the curb of the sidewalk, my hands gripping onto the small cell phone crushing all the tiny bones concealed under the skin, I could almost hear them grinding together.

"Good." I could hear him smile down the line and my mid shot back to the expression on Ray's face as the car sped out of sight; so childlike and alarmed.

"What do you want?" I asked coldly.

"Now now Michael, play nice, you don't want us to have to do anything to hurt your friend." He was actually laughing at me now.

"Don't you dare hurt him or-" he cut off my pathetic excuse for a threat with scarily honest words.

"Or you'll what Michael? You already let us drive away with him; you just stood and watched. If he dies tonight, it will be entirely your fault." He said and my breath hitched as realisation hit me like a punch to the stomach; I could have just killed one of my best friends. I sat opening then closing my mouth attempting to find some form of retaliation but nothing came.

"Your silences worry me Michael, I keep thinking you've hung up on me." He drawled and for the first time I noticed he was American.

"I haven't hung up." I said quickly.

"Good, and you better not either." He threatened and involuntarily, I gulped.

"I won't." I promised honestly.

"That would be wise Michael. But if at any point you do decide to cut our conversation short, I'll have to take that as a sign of you being uncooperative." His voice was making me sick; it was so calm and laidback as if this were a bit of fun to him, it probably was actually.

"I'll cooperate, just don't hurt Ray." I spoke quickly down the phone still trying not to sound as scared as I was feeling.

"It's your choice whether we hurt Ray or not." He said confusing me even more.

"What do you mean?" I asked shakily tracing the ground anxiously with my spare hand wishing I had a cigarette in it rather than dirt.

"Sally tells me she went to visit Bob this morning..." he changed the subject.

"Well good for her. Now tell me what the fuck you're playing at!" I demanded frostily and I immediately regretted it as I heard a loud yelp of pain from the other end of the phone; a yelp of pain from Ray. "What have you done to him? Why?" I asked fearfully, giving up on masking my true emotions.

"You play nice, we play nice. It's that simple Michael." He sighed, "Ray's not badly hurt, but I could quite easily change that. So what do you say Michael?"

"I think you know what I say to that." I croaked and he sighed again.

"Yes I do. But I wanna hear you say it. Be a good lad and ask me nicely." He mocked.

I closed my eyes and didn't open them as I answered, "Please, Marley, don't hurt Ray."

"So you're picking Ray?" he asked and my eyes snapped open on puzzlement.

"What? Nothing you're saying is making any sense." I shook my head and rubbed my hand over my eyes taking short frustrated breaths.

"That's because you keep interrupting me." He answered promptly, "Like I was saying, Sally went to see Bob today, but he wasn't at the hospital. I have reason to believe you might know where he is. Is this the case?"

"No." I lied and again there was a howl as some form of pain was inflicted upon Ray.

"I don't like being lied to Michael." He was getting angry now, "Stop pissing about and tell me where Bob is."

"No." I said weakly and Ray screamed again sending a spasm of guilt through me.

"Michael, I'm not joking, if you cooperate and tell me where Bob is then we'll let Ray out of this car right now while he's still able to walk. You promised to be cooperative."

I couldn't open my mouth; my mind was too busy speeding away fighting with itself about what to do. My body was shaking violently and I felt so cold and alone. What the fuck was I supposed to do.

Marley sighed, "You're wasting time and I'm getting angry; I've been known to get carried away when I'm angry." -Ray screamed- "If you don't tell me where Bob is, then Ray dies. I'll do this to all the ones you love, I won't stop until Bob's been silenced." The phone in my hand bleeped, I pulled it back and gasped as I saw the message flashing out from the screen illuminating the pale skin of my hands; 'Low Battery: Re-charge Immediately.' Fuck...

"It's Ray or Bob Michael. You have to decide which one of your friends dies tonight..."

"Marley, my phone-" the line went dead and I gulped, erratic tears flowing down my face. "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!" I screamed in frustration before collapsing my head in my hands and crying uncontrollably.

Twenty Four chapters!- this is officially the longest story I have ever written.
That's all I can write tonight -it's mother's day. So yeah it's short and you know, the usual: not much happened. shrugs Sorry :)
hugs everyone to make up for it??

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