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Chapter Twenty-Five.

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Another shorter shittier one...I'm getting stuck!

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Chapter Twenty-Five

"Mikey?" I lifted my head up from where it had been resting in my arms, sniffling heavily to see a concerned Candy walking over to where I had collapsed in aching sobs, on the sidewalk outside the coffee shop. I coughed as I stood up hastily and walked backwards onto the road carelessly, almost tripping every couple of steps. I coughed again, this time harder as I tried to voice my thoughts clearly, "Get away from me you crazy bitch!" I shouted through coughs, my chest heaving painfully.

"Mikey, I want to help you." She said calmly, looking quite hurt and walking closer to me. I took more steps back continuously stumbling on the tarmac of the deserted road. The cloth of the apron loosed and then fell from around my waist without me realising in enough time to think clearly. I carried on walking only to fall instantly as the material caught under my bare feet. I screamed in surprise as I hit the ground hard, winding myself.

Candy ran forwards and I attempted to pull myself back but it was no use, I was in too much pain. "Mikey, just take deep breaths." She soothed holding me around my shoulders as, panicking, I was wheezing and gasping wildly. She began rubbing my back in circles and eventually the breathless feeling subsided.

"Get away from me!" I said forcefully once again but this time made no effort to move; I couldn't.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." She smiled weakly and I snorted.

"Yeah, you're just scared I'll catch a cold or something if I stay out here, hey I have an idea; why don't I just go with you to your car where I can warm myself up and be safe and not get raped by a crazy woman who calls herself Candy!" I shouted hysterically, my words stinging with sarcasm. It worked; she looked incredibly hurt.

"Mikey, I got carried away last time. I really did want to help you but..." she trailed off fidgeting awkwardly with her hands.

"But what?" I prompted sceptically.

"But, like I said, you're just too beautiful." She stroked my face again and I didn't bother trying to hide the disgusted shudder that passed over my already shaken, scantily clad body.

Finally feeling able -the pain in my back from the fall finally bearable- I stood swiftly from the ground and scooped up the apron once again tying it around my waist and began moving as far away from her as possible. "You're insane!"

"Marley's not joking; he will actually hurt your friends." -I stopped walking and span around to see her, still sitting where I had left her, smiling happily as she realised she had my full attention. She said it using the same tone that eight year olds would use as they chanted, "I know something you don't know." during recess. She had switched from sincere and concerned, to devious and cunning in the short time it took for me to get to the other side of the street. What was with all the women in my life, at the moment, being like that?

"He could be bluffing." I said shortly, knowing too well he wasn't.

"He hurt Sara." She stood up and walked towards me, placing her hands on my shoulders she softly turned me around and then began pushing me towards a car. "You can ask her to show you the next time you see her."

Confused, I tried to stop her guiding me to the car, but she was strong and I was weak. Plus, as stupid as it is, I really wanted the warmth that the vehicle would offer. Before I knew it I was inside the car and shaking violently with both the cold and fear of my powerlessness in this life really.

"Mikey, I am sorry for getting carried away last time-" I cut her off.

"You tried to rape me!" I said shakily, rubbing my chest through the material of Ray's thin jacket. Fuck...Ray! I was about to ask her about him when she started speaking again.

"You're forgetting that I already succeeded twice." Her voice was so calm as if what she was saying was perfectly normal and fine, what the fuck was wrong with her?

"Why?" I croaked, pinching the skin on my hand subtly to see if this were a dream, a nightmare, but feeling the sharp nip, my heart fell further down into my chest.

She sighed, "Because I can't resist temptation," her voice had gone all dreamy, "When you work in such close conditions as I do, with drugs that allow you to have whoever you want; you just can't help but give them a go." She fastened her seatbelt as I stared at her blankly.

"Of course, the last time I talked with you I told you, Marley doesn't know that I take my fair share of our products. I was making sure you didn't tell him, that's why I got a little rough with you. I'm sorry about all the slapping by the way." She continued as she turned the key in the ignition and the engine roared into life. "Although you didn't have to insult me like that..." her voice lowered a little as she pulled out of the parking space she had been in.

"How did I insult you?" I asked still not really believing I was part of this conversation. All I could think about as she talked was Ray and the gasps of pain I had heard down the line of the phone.

"Mikey, you called me a stripper..." I watched her profile as she drove, she looked disgusted and turned her nose up as she said 'stripper'.

"I actually said that Candy sounded like a stripper's name." I corrected her.

"Well either way, it insulted me." She sniffed.

"How?" I asked.

"Because I'm more important than the strippers." She said simply, not taking her eyes off the road. That was when I properly realised that we were moving and my mind snapped back into sharper focus, "Where are we going?" I asked staring out of the window.

"We're going to see Gerard." She flicked the indicators on and turned left on a small roundabout. I continued to stare out the window looking for road signs or some sort of explanation of where we were.

"And where would Gee be?" I asked, folding my arms across my chest for extra heat.

"Gee would be here." The car stopped as she answered and I looked out the window.

"We are in a field." I looked at her anxiously wondering about whether she looked capable of murder.

"And so is Gerard." She tapped on the window and I leaned across her to look out her window at where she was pointing; in the middle of the field was a fire and the shadow of a collapsed figure.


DAMN, this is getter more and more difficult to write...I have ideas but I'm not sure how to put them sorry if this was too sucky, ya know? I've already admitted it-lol :)

Just thought I'd better try to get something up because it's been two days cries DAMN! :) Thank you so much for your comments, I went and read them each time I got stuck [which was often] on this chapter! hugs everyone

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