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Chapter Twenty-Six.

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Chapter Twenty-Six

My breath stopped forming clouds of moisture on the cool surface of the car's window as soon as my eyes locked on the motionless body of my brother. My throat had gone dry and I was aware of the fact that I had started opening and then closing and then opening my mouth like a fish in an attempt to breath properly, to breath at all.

"He looks beautiful when he's dreaming." Candy's voice sounded a million miles away and yet still chilled me to the core; the dreamy insane trills digging through the thick wall of my skull and melting sickeningly into my scattered thoughts.

"What have you done to him?" I asked instinctively, my lips moving without consideration, and breathlessly, gulping to moisten my parched throat. I pulled at the door handle but it was locked firmly, I felt Candy smile from beside me.

"Nothing. He did this to himself." She said and I pulled back from where I had been leaning over her to look at her questionably.

"What do you mean 'he did this to himself'?" I asked, my mind screaming pleadingly for this to be a sick joke. Hey, wait, Frank hasn't been so involved with all of this mess...maybe, maybe he got bored of childish pranks and has moved on to complete mind fucks? "Frank wouldn't do that!" I muttered, fighting back at the paranoid voices swimming freely inside my head.

"Frank wouldn't do that?" she turned to face me, smiling brightly as her whole face lit up in amusement. "Tell me what else you're thinking Mikey, I bet you have interesting thoughts."

"I need to see my brother!" I snapped, my eyes resting on his shadowed form again.

"Tell me what Frank wouldn't do!" she retaliated once again, childishly.

"I was thinking that this couldn't be a sick joke because Frank would never, that." I answered struggling to put my exact thoughts clearly into words, my eyes never leaving Gee as I thought about how much easier it would be to just do as she said; she was the one that could unlock the door at any moment.

"If you ask me, I think this is actually a bit of a joke." She spoke, following my gaze out of the window and onto Gerard's upturned back.

"My brother is lying, dying in a field and you're telling me you think this is a joke!" I practically screamed in her infuriatingly calm face, my neck stretching painfully with each movement. My jaw fell open in shock when she laughed. She laughed. She fucking laughed!

"Mikey..." she held her stomach in crazy, uncalled-for fits of hysteria, "He's not dying!" she kept laughing, "He's just drunk."

Just? Just drunk? How could she say that, she clearly knew a bit about us? Gerard Way, drink -the two just don't mix.

"Why is my brother drunk in the middle of a field?" I asked, my voice softened in volume, and trying not to cry.

"Well, he's drunk presumably because he drank some alcohol." She started and I snapped, angry at her sarcastic, composed acting. I lunged forward grabbing her by the hair and smacking her head against the glass of the window.

"Fucking tell me the truth you whore!" I screamed, inches away from her face. At first, she was surprised by my sudden splurge of rage, but then, nauseatingly, she composed herself and once again became completely calm. I could feel the anger pulse through my veins demandingly.

"I'm not a whore Mikey. That's Sara's job." She smiled sweetly at me. I tried to blank any emotion from leaking onto my expression, but still continued to hold her head forcefully trying desperately to evoke some kind of pained expression from her...anything to wipe that smirk off her face.

"Don't you dare talk about Sara!" I once again confused myself as I defended a woman I used to hate but now loved?

"Aww, Mikey's in love?" she smiled and I pulled her head away from the glass only to bring it back to hit the surface harshly. She just kept fucking smiling. "It is actually nice that she's got someone normal. It's just a shame she's going to prison for a very very long time. Unlike all of, Marley, Stan, Richard...the clever people." Her voice was making me sick.

I moved to crash her head against the window again but instead, my body fell into a fit of racking coughs and I had to pull my hands away from her head to hold my sides; they felt as if they were set to explode. Tears streamed down my face as I coughed harshly over and over again for a good ten minutes. When I finally stopped, I collapsed back against my seat and tried to steady my breathing. She was watching me, concerned. My hands felt strange, odd, I glanced down at my pale skin and then back up immediately, trying to forget what I had seen covering them and trying to ignore the swirling feeling in my gut that made me visualize the contents of my stomach swimming up my throat.

I vomited fiercely and uncontrollably at my feet, rubbing my hands on the coarse material of the coffee shop apron tied loosely around my waist frantically in a desperate attempt to rid my skin of the thick red blood -Candy's red blood- that adorned them. I was absolutely disgusted with myself; how could I hurt someone like that? How could I of enjoyed it so much?

Her hand reached out and trailed circles across the covered skin of my back as she talked in a soothing voice, "From what I know of him, Gerard's too good a human being; he doesn't like to see people go through tough times in their lives without help." I nodded as she continued, "He couldn't let Sara be alone, but he couldn't help her either. That is why he's out there lying in the dirt passed out cold; he can't stand the fact that he failed to protect her."

"What? What does she need protected from?" I asked, still leaning over my knees staring into the puddle of vomit, the fumes wafting up through my nose disgustingly, in case more travelled up my neck suddenly.

She sighed, "I'm gonna go get Gerard and then we're gonna go on a little drive to get some answers." She moved her hand to the door's handle, resting her fingers on it delicately, as she looked at me biting her lip slightly, "Mikey, you're really ill; don't try to run away, please?" I made a gurgling noise that was intended to be a "yes" before more vomit spilled from between my lips. When I looked up she wasn't in the car anymore.

So not much happened, but there was a wee bit of info bout Gerard and Sara's relationship wasn't there? (when I say 'wee bit' I do actually mean 'wee bit'...cos there wasn't much was there?-lol :)
Anyways, just had to update cause everyone's been so nice and you all made me want to continue! hugs everyone...again...[I do that quite a lot-lol], everyone knows that you can't dance without cupcakes! :)

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