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Chapter Twenty-Seven.

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Road rage and disappearing Gerards....:)

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

"What about Ray and Bob?" I asked breaking the heavy silence of the car, staring out of the window as Candy drove. Gerard grunted a little in his sleep and my eyes flicked up to the rear-view mirror and I watched as he rolled over almost falling over the edge of the seats. Nodding lightly when I confirmed he was safe, well as safe as you could be in a car with a stranger...a rapist, I turned my head to look at said rapist questionably, awaiting an answer to my plaguing question.

There was silence.

"What about Ray and Bob?" I repeated, this time more forcefully than the last, after the long quiet. There was yet more silence as she gazed out ahead of her, eyes boring into the strange road ahead of us, ignoring me. "Why won't you answer me?" I was fighting back anger, the effort straining my head, which began to pound in agony.

"Let's just not talk about them." She replied still staring fixedly at the road.

"Let's just not talk about them." I mocked not really believing I had heard her right. "Actually wait, lets!" I added folding my arms across my chest, my nostrils flaring in irritation allowing the strong stench of the acidic vomit at my feet waft up and fill them. I fought the rising bile off and stared pointedly at her silhouetted features, noticing the dried blood in her hair. I looked down at my slightly blood-tinged palms and once again had to resist the urge to heave up whatever was left in my stomach.

"The truth is, I don't know what will happen to them." She sighed, "but I know what my Richard's capable of, so let's not talk about them."

"No," I shook my head, enhancing the ache, "let's" I said again. "What does Bob know that's such a big secret he has to be killed?" she shook her head.

"I'm not entirely sure, the reason they gave me seemed a bit pathetic, I think there's something they're not telling me." She answered, still concentrating fully on driving, and biting her lip in thought.

"So what was the reason they gave you?" I smiled and danced inwardly as I thought about how close I could be to answers.

"Well, like I told you, Marley deals in drugs. Date rape drugs to be precise. I'm sure you'll know all about them by now...their effects anyway." She laughed a little at the end, turning and smiling at me weirdly. She goes from normal to insane in seconds.

"That's not funny!" I spat quickly, glancing at the door and noticing, with a gulp, that the lock was down. No way out...

"God lighten up!" she laughed again and moved her hand across to 'playfully' whack me in the arm. It fucking hurt, my skin being unnaturally tender and sore from the excessive cold and rain I had carelessly subjected it to since we'd come to Britain. God I missed America...
"Fine, don't lighten up." She returned both hands to the steering wheel when I refused to waste my short wheezy difficult breaths by shouting "you raped me!" yet again. "Like I was saying, Marley deals in date rape drugs, there's a wide market for them in Vegas...well, anywhere actually."

"Vegas?" I asked softly, more to myself than to her. Why did it sound so familiar hearing Vegas and Marley in the same sentence? "Mikey you're a fucking idiot!" I said loudly and suddenly, causing Candy to jump in surprise resulting in the car swerving dangerously. Luckily there were no other cars on the road.

"Yeah, you are a fucking idiot! We could have crashed and died!" she said angrily, holding her chest as she calmed her shocked breaths.

"No, I'm a fucking idiot because I thought I didn't know who Marley was when Stan told me about him when I was at the police station with Gee. He's the guy Sara attacked...well, one of them." I explained, again more to myself, and ignoring her anger.

"And crashed into what exactly? We're in the middle of fucking nowhere!" I added sarcastically.

"Yeah, you're right, so we are." Her insane voice was back, oh the joys of life! I thought as she slowed the car and turned to look at me seductively, sickeningly. "Anything could happen..." her voice got quieter and quieter as she leaned toward me, the car still moving.

I couldn't hold the sick any longer; it spilled out of my lips smoothly and heavily. The watery fluid slipped down my front and a vast amount covered her hand, which had been resting very high up on my thigh. The smell filtered into the already pungent vomit drenched air, mixing in a suffocating way. Her hand retracted instantly and she screeched in disgust, slamming the breaks on and bringing the car to a sharp halt in the middle of the deserted road.

"We need fresh air." She said, unlocking the doors with a loud click and swinging the door open. "It fucking reeks in here!"

"Yeah, not very sexy." I sneered at her, thinking back on what my vomit had just stopped.

"Fuck you!" she retorted, pulling a pack of cigarettes from a space in her door.

"You keep telling me you already have...twice." I said, forgetting to put the frostiness to my tone as my eyes stared intently, desperately at the cigarette pack. She caught my gaze and smirked ignoring my retaliation.

"You want one Mikey?" she dangled the pack in front of my face teasingly as she lifted one to her own lips and searched around with her eyes for a lighter.

"Yes." I answered honestly. I'd never wanted anything more in my life.

"Well, you can't-" she stopped talking, her mouth dropped open, the cigarette falling instantly from between her lips and to the ground abandoned. She was looking past me into the distance, her eyes watering a little. "Fuck!" she cursed and slammed the door closed, and fumbled to turn the engine on quickly. I watched, puzzled, as she sped away still cursing under her breath.

Her face was panic stricken and terrified as the lights of the oncoming car illuminated her skin. I tried to make out what car it was but the lights were too bright. "Who is it?" I asked, also becoming alarmed as she increased the speed yet more. The vomit at my feet splashed and moved freely as the car struggled to keep up with the demanding driver.

"Marley." She screeched, flicking her eyes up into the rear view to look at the car behind. "He can't know I'm helping you...." Her face was so white with alarm.

"That's not Marley driving." I said peering closely as I switched my focus from the rear-view to the back window of the car to try and work out who was, in fact, driving. I smiled instantly as I realised who was behind the steering wheel of the car. It was Frank.

My smile was short lived and vanished immediately when a strong gush of wind hit me in the face painfully as the back door crashed open. I noticed Gerard wasn't on the back seats anymore, but he didn't fall out the open door either.

He couldn't have...

Disappearing Gerard? ...he does look kinda magic and mysterious...... :)
Yay! Frank finally makes an appearance! dances, of that fact? And then hugs all the nice people that make life so much better [I don't sound dramatic-lol]

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