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The Cold Hard Truth

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Glaring at Frank, I slapped him hard in the face, causing him to stumble back, letting go of me. He then looked at me bewildered by why I had done that, the look on his face said enough. "I hate...

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The Cold Hard Truth

I had that feeling again that I was falling, falling through the sky and heading towards the cold hard ground. I used to love this feeling; it made me feel as if I really did have a purpose and not just a waste of space. As I was falling no one could harm me, I was invincible and no matter what people said, I would prove them wrong. I was just waiting, waiting for the thud and the blood to surround me and just as I was preparing myself for it...


I jerked awake and looked up to see myself face to face with Franks hazel eyes, he was smiling and I saw Jasmine wink from over his shoulder where she was sitting in the drivers seat, this reminded me of High school.


I had my small backpack on my shoulder and did I mention I was running, I was late, very late. My brother had thought it funny to hide my books all over the house and it had taken me and my sister ages to find them again. Good thing is my mother told him off. But right now I had to concentrate on not getting killed by my mathematics teacher. Skidding down the hallway I finally reached the correct door and stopped to try and catch my breath before walking in and earning the foulest look Mr. Vaughn had given me to date.

"And what is your excuse today Miss. Meredith?" he asked me as I sat down in my usual place next to Jasmine, but I noticed a new boy sitting near the window. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes I had ever seen, but was broke out of this trance as Mr. Vaughn asked me again.

"Oh, I got lost." I said which caused the class to snigger under their breaths, even some of the popular kids laughed. You see, I wasn't really teased that much, although the Queen Bee liked to poke fun at me on the odd occasion.

"Detention again!" he shouted which caused me to jump a little, as he glared at me one last time and turned his back to the class and started to write today's work on the board; I made a rude hand gesture behind his back which caused Jasmine to have silent fits of laughter and I saw the new boy flash a smile at me.

Luckily he didn't notice and as he left us all to start the work on algebra, I wrote a note and passed it to Jasmine. She might have been right next to me, but Mr. Vaughn would make my punishment even worse if I talked. I heard her scribbling and she passed it back, we were both trying our hardest to make it look like we were working.

Pretty soon, the note started to look like this,

'Hey J, who's the new kid?'
'Oh him, that's Frank.'
'Dude, he is hot.'
'Ain't he just, Mikey is way better.'
'Ugh, no he is not.'
'Yeah well, we all know who you like.'

After she said that I glared at her and she turned her focus to me and winked before the ogre starting yelling about how we needed to stop looking at each other, or something along those lines, I hadn't been listening.

/End Flashback/

I hadn't seen Frank since graduation and at first we had completely ignored each other, we hadn't exactly been on good terms, we had a love hate relationship. Oh shit, not that again. I swore that I would never look twice at Frank Iero again, that I would move on from that little crush. Okay, I lied, I had met all the My Chemical Romance boys, expect Bob. I had gone to school with them, although I never knew Gerard or Ray since they were older than me, Jas and Frank. I never got on with Mikey and refused to go with Jas and Frank over for these band practices so I would spend most of my evenings playing snap with my mother, oh what fun.

"Frank, for future reference, shake me awake instead of trying to scare me to death!" I yelled annoyed as we all got out the car and began to head towards a large arena, obviously I was meant to start my job now.

"Sorry, but for once in your fucking life, can you be civil with me!" he said, equally sounding annoyed at me. Just remember, I can be really moody at times and now was proving to be one of those times.

"How about, no!" I said and saw Jasmine shake her head in annoyance and disgust.

"Look, you two sort out your little fight, while I go and tell Gerard you're here and ready to work!" Jasmine yelled and walked off towards the main gate, leaving me and Frank standing still in the middle of the car park.

"Tara, why won't you just talk to me?!" Frank said and grabbed my shoulders so I could avoid answering him.

I looked into his eyes, those eyes I had fallen for in the first place and sighed, I couldn't be going through this again. I had hoped when we left school and Frank disappeared with these band dreams that I would never have to see him again, but with wanting to remain friends with Jasmine, it didn't work that way.

"Because you broke my heart, that's why!" I yelled, I wasn't that type of girl that cried in front of people.

"It was your fault, you never bothered to tell me or make any signs that you liked me!"

"Oh don't do that, you knew, I know Jasmine told you!"

"Yeah, well, I didn't believe her."


I began to say but was cut off by the feeling of his lips against mine, I couldn't do this. This wasn't what I had wanted, but obviously, if I didn't want it then why was I kissing him, suddenly I heard someone speak and we broke apart and looked sideways.

"Frank" Gerard eyes widened as he saw what we were doing, "Oh, erm, never mind." he quickly said and glanced at us, before turning around and going back towards the arena, obviously thinking he had interrupted an important moment.

Glaring at Frank, I slapped him hard in the face, causing him to stumble back, letting go of me. He then looked at me bewildered by why I had done that, the look on his face said enough.

"I hate you Frank Iero!"
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