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The Golden Ticket.

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Bob Waters is back.

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'Hang on guys, it's Alex.' Chelsea said getting up from the table and walking outside to answer her phone.

'Chelsea, it's Alex.'

'Hey sweetie, is everything okay?'

Alex cried. Chelsea didn't understand any of it.

'Honey calm down and say that again, I didn't understand any of it.' Chelsea said as she pressed her finger to her other ear to try to hear her better.

'A woman came over a little while ago and said she was your friend. She said that you had left some stuff for her to pick up. I told her that you weren't home that you were out with Brendon. She didn't know who Brendon was so I wasn't going to let her in but she just kind of walked in and said she would only be a minute. I had set Thomas in his play chair so I could warm up his bottle. I only had my back turned for maybe ten seconds but when I turned around Thomas was gone. I freaked out and looked everywhere but the woman was gone. I looked outside and in all the rooms but couldn't find him. Then I heard a baby crying from outside your window and she and another woman were putting Thomas into a taxi in the street they left with Thomas.' Alex said as she began crying harder.

'Thomas is gone?'


'Alex, call the police Brendon and I are on our way home.' Chelsea said before hanging up and running back into the restaurant, 'Brendon we have to go.' She said while tears rolled down her cheeks, 'Thomas is gone some woman took him.'

'What?' Brendon asked. Chelsea was in the middle of putting on her coat.

'We have to go now.' Chelsea said as she grabbed her purse. Brendon looked at Jennifer and Ryan. Ryan nodded at Brendon before Brendon got up and followed his wife out to their car.

'What happened?' Brendon asked as he pushed the gas petal challenging the speed limit more then usual.

'Some woman came to the door claiming to be one of my friends. Alex was heating a bottle when she turned around Thomas was gone. Some woman kidnapped our baby Brendon.' Chelsea said as she began crying while Brendon pulled up outside their apartment building where there were three police cars.

'Mr. and Mrs. Urie?' an officer asked.

'Yes.' Chelsea cried.

'I'm Officer Rice, this is Officer Robertson.'

'Where is our baby?'

'Ma'am we need to ask you some questions first, your babysitter wasn't sure about anything.'

'What?' Chelsea asked.

'Usually, you have to wait for twenty four hours to file a missing persons report just because the person could have run away or just gone out.' One of the officer's said.

'Officer, our son is nine months old; he didn't just walk out of the apartment.'

'So he's a baby?'

'Yes he's a baby.'

'What does he look like; do you have a picture?'

'Yes; he's got dark brown straight hair that is some what longer, big brown eyes like his dad's, fat lips, he's pretty small. He crawls, he's wearing a pair of black and white pajamas with guitars on them that says future rock star.' Chelsea said as she walked over with a picture of her son.

'Do you know of anyone that would want to kidnap your son?'

'I'm in the music business there are plenty of people who want to kidnap my son.' Brendon said.

'There is a man by the name of bob Waters. When I was pregnant with Thomas, he caused some trouble. Also, the woman that lives next door to us is always over here trying to stay with Thomas or Brendon.' Chelsea said.

'What's his full name?'

'Brendon Thomas Urie, His birthday if January 18, his blood type is A negative.'

'Does he have any marks or anything that can help us to identify him?'

'No.' Chelsea said as more tears rolled down her cheeks while Brendon held her in his arms fighting back his own tears.

'Alright Mrs. Urie, we're going to go run the names and the information, we'll call you as soon as we hear or find anything.' The Officer said following the other's out the door.

'I'm so sorry.' Alex cried as Ryan and Jennifer, Spencer and Hailey walked into the house.

'Come here.' Chelsea said as Alex walked over. Chelsea pulled her into a hug, 'This is not your fault at all, I don't want you to blame yourself, you did what you could okay?' Chelsea asked sweeping tears out from under Alex's eyes.

'She kidnapped your son while I was babysitting him. It's my fault.'

'Alex, there is nothing you could have done about it okay? We'll find him, we'll find him and everything will be okay.'

'I could have kept him with me, I could have...'

'Shhh baby don't cry.' Chelsea said as she held Alex and cried just as hard, 'Go home and get some rest, I'll call you in the morning.'

Alex left with Spencer and Hailey. As soon as she walked out the door Chelsea broke down falling onto the floor at Brendon's feet. He sat down next to her and picked her up into his arms, 'She took my baby.'

'We'll find him baby.'

'What if we don't? What if they hurt him? What if they kill him? He's just a baby Brendon, he needs us we're his parents, we need him, he's our baby.'

'I know he is baby, I know.' Brendon said as more tears rolled down their cheeks.

'Guys look.' Ryan said from the hall way. Chelsea and Brendon got up and walked into the hall way to find the little girl the woman next door had sitting in the hall way crying. Brendon walked over and knocked on the open door walking into the apartment to find it almost empty with nothing but a bouncy chair the baby had been sitting in.

'Mother fucker.' Brendon said softly as he walked back out into the hall and picked up the baby.

'Where is she?'

'She's gone. She left this baby and she's gone.' Brendon said holding the baby girl against his chest while she sniffled.

'Brendon.' Chelsea cried. Brendon walked back over to his wife and pulled her into a comforting hug with the small child he was holding.

'She can come stay with us tonight, tomorrow, we'll take her to the police station and get this sorted out, you're exhausted baby.' Ryan nodded as he took Jennifer's hand leading her to the elevator while Brendon carried the small baby into his apartment followed by his wife.

Brendon laid the baby into Thomas' pack in play that sat in their bedroom where she quickly fell asleep. Chelsea sat on the bed looking at a picture of their son while Brendon talked to both their mothers.

Twenty minutes later there was a frantic knock on the front door followed by Mr. and Mrs. Reeves rushing into the door and into their daughter's bedroom enveloping her in hugs.

'Daddy, she took my baby.' Chelsea cried.

'Baby don't cry we'll find him. He'll be okay.'

'He's just a baby; he doesn't know how to get home. He needs me daddy.'

'Baby girl I know he does. I'm going to call Jarrod in the morning, I'm going to make sure he turns over every rock and finds Thomas.'

'Daddy.' Chelsea cried as she lay against her father while her mom comforted her just before Mr. and Mrs. Urie walked in followed by two of Brendon's brothers and his sister.

'Mom.' Brendon said hugging his mother.

'Are you okay?'

'Someone just kidnapped my son.'

'I know sweetie, how is Chelsea holding up?'

'She's devastated. She's broken. Mom she loves our son so much, she doesn't function with out him, I don't function with out him, I don't' know how.'

'We'll find him baby; Cole is going to call his friend Jarrod tomorrow. He's a private investigator, we'll find him.'

'Mom, I don't know what to do if we don't. Chelsea will die with out our son.'

'Don't think like that Brendon, we'll find him and it'll be okay. He'll be fine and so will Chelsea.'

'The other day we were talking about having another baby when Thomas was eighteen months old. We can't do that with out Thomas, we will never have another baby if we don't' find Thomas.'

'You will and you'll have plenty of babies.'


'Is this him?' Bob asked as the two women walked into a crying baby.

'Yes, this is Brendon's child.'

'Why is he still crying?'

'He's been crying since we left.'

'Well shut him up before I do it.' Bob scolded.

'You can't hurt him; we'll all go to jail.'

'I don't plan to kill him. I play to use him. Correct me when I'm wrong, but, Brendon and his lovely bride would do anything for their precious son.'


'Brendon would even give up his life style and his band for his little boy.'


'Well, that's what we are going to do. We're going to use him, we've got Brendon Urie right where we want him, and if we play our cards right, this little boy could be our ticket.'
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