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Answering the questions.

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Looking for thomas.

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so I probably won't be updating this for a few days, I'm leaving today for San Antonio and won't be back until next Sunday. I'm going to try to write because I'm sick but I'm not sure if I'll be updating! Have a good day.

Brendon sat on his bed, lap top in front of him while Chelsea slept restlessly with her head resting on his chest.

He couldn't sleep; the only thing he could think of was his small, infant son, who was God knows where having God knows what done with him.

He had plans of posting something about his missing son everywhere and anywhere that some one could possibly recognize him. He had already posted a journal entry on the website; he had started a message board, and updated their myspace just to make sure everyone knew his son was missing.

'I guess it's been a while since I've posted on one of these, usually it's Ryan or Jon posting useless information for you guy to occupy minutes of your day just to keep up with what we've been doing. Recording is going well, we've got about a quarter of the new record out, we're very excited to be writing and recording again. It's strange how much you miss touring when you're recording and how much you miss recording when you're touring but I guess it's a never ending cycle, huh?

So now I guess for the real reason I'm here posting useless information. I know you guys probably thought I just decided you needed an update, and while I did, we've had a small tragedy occur earlier tonight. As I'm sure everyone is aware I have a nine month old son (wow that feels weird to say) He was kidnapped tonight. I'm begging anyone and everyone who knows something about it or finds out anything about him or recognizes him from anyone please, please, please bring my son back me to. I need him; I don't know how to live without him. If anyone has any information on Thomas, contact the Las Vegas Police Department, they are currently investigating his kidnapping but we can't do any of it with out you guys, our amazing fans. As news surfaces I'll keep you guys updated but for now keeps us in your thoughts.

Much love

Brendon read and re-read his note while Chelsea coughed a little startling him a bit. He looked down at her and smiled a bit before leaning down and kissing the top of her head and shutting down his computer.

Brendon laid down taking Chelsea with him as he caressed her hands and arms. Brendon felt Chelsea wake up a little and kiss his hands.

'I love you.' Brendon whispered.

'Mmm baby, I love you too.' Chelsea mumbled.

'I love it when you call me baby.'

'Only because that's what I call you in bed.'

'I love you.'

'I love you Brendon.' Chelsea whispered as she rolled over on top of Brendon pressing her body against his and laying her head down on his chest.

'You know, if we weren't already married, I would ask you to marry me.' Brendon whispered only to have Chelsea not respond as she had fallen back to sleep. Brendon wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck before he fell into restless sleep thinking about his son.

'You know, I bet BT would really like you if he knew you. You're a pretty cute girl.' Brendon whispered the next morning as he fed the baby from the night before. Inside, he was broken and shattered because his son was missing, on the outside; he was trying to put on a happy face so his wife had something positive to hold on to. Everything was for Chelsea from now on.

'Poor thing.' Chelsea whispered from behind Brendon.


'The poor little girl; she was abandoned when that horrible woman took my baby.' Chelsea said as more tears ran down her tear stained cheek.

'We'll find him baby; I swear we'll find him.'

'Oh Bren, I hope you're right. I need him like I need you.'

'We will, you have to think positive about this, we'll find our son.'

'I miss him.'

'I know you do baby, I miss him too. Speaking of which, your mom and dad are on their way over with his friend Jarrod.'

'Jarrod is an FBI investigator. Dad said he was going to call him to put him on Thomas' case.'

'I know, anyway, your dad is on his way over here with Jarrod and breakfast.'

'I'm not really hungry.'

'Honey, you haven't eaten since dinner last night and even then you didn't eat much.'

'I think we need to spend more time looking for our baby then eating.'

'Chelsea, half the city is looking for our baby, you need to eat.' Brendon said as there was a knock on the door. Chelsea ran over to answer it hoping for it to be Thomas, but of course it was just her father.

'Hey baby.' Mr. Reeves said pulling his broken and shattered daughter into a hug.

'Morning daddy, any word?'

'Not yet sweetie, I've spent the morning on the phone with the chief of police. He had some questions for you he's going to meet us here with Jarrod in about an hour. I told him that you had probably just woken up and needed to be put together before you talked to them.'

'Daddy! I'm fine.' Chelsea said, 'Call him and tell him to come now.'

'Sweetie, you need to be put together before you talk to these men, I know you want your son back and we'll get him back but you need to take care of yourself as well, that means taking a shower AND eating breakfast.'

'Told ya.' Brendon said from behind his wife.

'Brendon, will you take my little girl to get a shower, we'll watch the baby while you two get ready.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Sure thing sir.' Brendon said handing the little girl over to Mrs. Reeves before taking Chelsea's hand and leading her into their room where he shut the door and took her into the bathroom.

'Jarrod Riley this is my daughter Chelsea and her husband Brendon.' Mr. Reeves said as Chelsea and Brendon stood showered and eating breakfast in the kitchen.

'Nice to meet you, how are you holding up?' he asked looking at the young couple.

'As well as we can I guess.' Brendon said as Chelsea stood close to him while she ate a muffin her mother had handed her.

'Chelsea, I want to ask you a few questions about your son and your interaction with some people before we get started with anything.'

'Alright.' Chelsea said softly as she led him to the kitchen table.

'Now you told one of the officers yesterday that when you were pregnant with your son there was a man that had caused some trouble, what was his name?'

'Bob Waters.' Chelsea said.

'How did you know him?'

'He was the manager of my band. We fired him after it was leaked out, by his reporter, that we were married. It caused a lot of drama for the band and we hadn't planned on telling anyone for a while because we had gotten married at seventeen and our families didn't know about it.'

'What kind of trouble did he cause?'

'He had me sign a fake waver then copied my signature to divorce papers and served them to Chelsea while I was in New York, he had people break into our apartment and steal Chelsea's papers from the prenatal doctor along with our sonogram when she was pregnant. The leaked the pictures and the papers to a tabloid. He also hired a woman to seduce me which in turn caused Chelsea to go into premature labor and have Thomas six weeks early.' Brendon explained.

'Do you remember the name of the woman he hired?'

'Melissa White.' Chelsea replied.

'What did she look like?'

'She was blonde with brown eyes I think. She was some what heavy set, bigger then me but taller then me. She was about Brendon's height. She had the squeakiest voice I'd ever heard. After I had Thomas, she came to my hospital room and told me that Brendon and Thomas could be in danger but she wouldn't tell me how or by whom.'

'Have you two received anymore of these threats since you had your baby?'

'No, after we had Thomas they all seemed to stop. We left on tour six weeks after Thomas was born and Chelsea and Thomas came with me. We hadn't had anything happen until last night.'

'Who is this baby?' he asked referring to the sleeping child Chelsea's mother was holding.

'We found her last night in the apartment next door. The woman that lives there is insane, she comes over asking for milk for her daughter all the time while she leaves the baby alone in the apartment, she's walked into our house before. She's always talking about how cute Thomas is and how much he looks like me but not in the normal way in almost a seductive way.'

'When did she walk into your house?'

'Uh...about three weeks ago next Saturday.' Brendon began, 'Chelsea had taken Thomas over to my parent's house so we could do some cleaning. We were in the middle of an uh...activity when she just walked into the house and then wouldn't leave.'

'Did she leave?'

'Finally, Chelsea threatened to call the police and have her arrested for breaking and entering if she didn't.'

'Cole, you're a pretty influential person in this town, do you think someone would have kidnapped your grandson to get back at you for something?'

'Of course there is always that possibility, I hope it was because of me and not something having to do with these two.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Chelsea, do you have a few pictures of your son we could take with us?'

'Of course.' Chelsea said getting up and walking off into Thomas' nursery.

'She's pretty broken up about this huh?' Jarrod asked Brendon.

'Yes sir; we've been together since we were ten years old. The only thing Chelsea has ever wanted is a normal life, to get married and raise a family together. Thomas was her dream come true and someone took him right out from under her. She's barely functioning with out him.' Brendon said as Chelsea walked back in with a stack of pictures.

'Alright Chelsea, what we are going to do is run these pictures on our national database and put him on high alert that way if anyone recognizes him, we'll have a number set up just for him so they can call that number and we can process their information. We're also going to run a picture in our missing children's database which will alert every police force in the country to keep their eyes open for this child. If someone had kidnapped your son then they will have to go out in public at some point and when they do someone is bound to recognize him.'


'I'm also going to run the name you gave me earlier, Melissa White and Bob Waters and see what I can come up with. I hope we'll be able to tell you something later today. If we can find out who had taken your child then the only thing left to do is find out where he is.'

'Baby, in some cases like these, the child is held for ransom, Bob Waters could have Thomas for something and if he does, you'll be receiving some sort of something on him soon. It could be a phone call, a video tape, an e-mail, as soon as that happens I want you to call Jarrod and tell him, then I want to know about it. Got it?'

'Yes daddy.'

'Mr. Riley, do you think that this baby could also be a kidnapped child?' Brendon asked.

'It's very possible Brendon.'

'What should we do?'

'Well you should take her down to the police station and get her prints run. Then we'll be able to find out. Speaking of which, do you have a copy of his finger and foot prints?'

'Yes.' Chelsea said getting up once again and walking into her son's nursery.

'Alright, I will let you know something as soon as I find something.' Jarrod said as he stood up along with everyone else.

'I'll walk you out.' Mr. Reeves said following Jarrod out the front door.

'Jarrod, can I have a word before you leave.' Mr. Reeves said as they stood outside the elevator.

'Of course Cole.'

'I know that you're going to treat this case like any other but this is my only daughter, she my baby and her son is missing.'

'Cole, I'm going to do everything I can. I won't rest until I find this child; I know you would do the same for me.'

'Thank you Jarrod.'

'You're welcome Cole; I'll let you know as soon as I know anything.'

'Good luck.' Mr. Reeves said as Jarrod stepped onto the elevator. Mr. Reeves walked back into the house to find Chelsea sitting alone at the kitchen table looking out the window.

'Baby girl.' Mr. Reeves said sitting down next to her daughter.

'Hi daddy.' Chelsea cried as he sat down next to her.

'Baby I know you're upset about this but you have to be strong, Brendon can't be the only strong one. He's trying for you but you have to help him along, he can't do it on his own.'

'I know daddy, There are only a few people that I can't live with out, and Thomas is probably number one on that list. I miss him so much, I don't even remember what it's like to not have him around.'

'I know honey but you have to try, you have to love Brendon just as much or your relationship is going to suffer because of it. Give Brendon the attention he needs right now and leave Thomas to us, we'll bring him back to you but don't lose Brendon in the process.'

'Okay daddy.'

'Now take this baby down to the police station so that who ever is missing their little girl can have her back, we'll have dinner tonight in the mean time bring Brendon home and spend the day with him okay?'

'Alright.' Chelsea smiled.

'And baby, I love you.'

'I love you too daddy.' Chelsea smiled a teary eyed smile and gave her father a hug as Brendon walked in.

'Ready to go?' he asked.
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