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Chapter 1

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Eden and Brendon have been together for over two years, but their relationship is falling apart. She blames it all on Pete Wentz, but is it really his fault, or does she just like having an excuse...

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Note: Yes, I know this seems like a P!ATD story at first, but it ends up being mostly a Pete story. Enjoy:)

-Eden's POV-
I blame it all on Pete Wentz. If it wasn't for that ass, Brendon and I would be happy still. If he hadn't signed them, we would be normal. It would be like it was before, when I used to sit and watch the boys play in Ryan's basement. I liked being their only fan. Yes, I know it's selfish, but I almost can't stand the girls that constantly surround Brendon. At first he laughed it off, but I think now he really thinks he's 'a Golden God', as some girl once said to him.
I lay in our bed beside him, staring at his back which gently rises and falls with his steady, sleeping breaths. Once again he came in late last night, too tired to kiss me goodnight. I stare at the ceiling, my mind swirling with thoughts of hatred and guilt. It really isn't all Pete's fault, it's partly Brendon's and partly mine as well. Yes, for a while I felt like Pete was trying to push me away because the fact that the gorgeous lead singer had a beautiful girlfriend wasn't going to sit well with the new hoards of teenies that would be knocking at his door. Pete's really not like that though, I just think he was indifferent to me because he didn't care for me. I did give him attitude because he had this air about him that turned me off. I admit he's gorgeous, but he knows he is, too, and I can't stand that in a man. Maybe that's why I've begun to love Brendon less...the fame is getting to his head. My head stops swirling when I hear his ringtone. He stirs in bed and reaches over to the nightstand.
"Hello? He asks groggily, "Yeah Pete...yeah. Awesome." Speak of the devil. I roll my eyes when Brendon rolls over to his side and looks up at me. "Yeah, we're excited. It'll be good to do it again."
"Do what again?" I nag, pushing his shoulder. He shushes me by putting his finger to my lips.
"Good. Alright, yeah I'm meeting with the guys later to start rehearsals. Okay, see you tonight." He closes his cell and looks up at me. "Eden, why do you have to act like a child? And why, whenever I talk to Pete, do you roll your eyes? Seriously..."
"I just don't like him," I shrug. "And I'm pretty sure he hates me." Brendon sits up and gets out of bed.
"He doesn't hate you, E. The only reason he's mean to you is because he thinks you hate him," he says, walking towards the bathroom to take a shower.
"Where were you last night, B?" I ask, getting out of bed and walking over to him.
"I was out with Jon. Since he finally got a house here, he hasn't really been out on the town. So we had a guy's night out," he says defensively. "Can't I go out with friends?" He turns to me and gives me a puppy face before wrapping his arms around me.
"Yes...I just didn't know where you were and I tried calling you. I was just worried." I give him a soft kiss on the lips, but it doesn't feel right. I feel like he's pulling away from me, so I pull away. "What did Pete call about?" I ask, trying desperately to change the subject.
"Oh, you know how we were talking about touring together again? Well we are. This summer we're co-headlining. It'll be awesome."
"Oh, really? Wow, that's great." I must not sound completely convincing, because Brendon gives me a face and kisses me on the cheek.
"We need to go on tour again, Eden. And I want you to come...we need to be together. I mean...we've obviously drifted a part."
"Gee, I wonder why," I say sarcastically, pulling away from his grasp and looking at myself in the mirror.
"It's not all my fault, E. You've sheltered yourself, too. When was the last time you came out with us on the road? I mean you moved in here with me so we could try to work things out and it hasn't really gotten any better. This is our last chance."
"So you think," I can feel myself getting hot under the collar, "that me hanging out with you while you get chased by little teenies yelling 'oh Brendon, I wanna have your baby!' will fix this relationship, huh? Is that what you think?" I turn to him and he laughs and looks at himself in the mirror, brushing his eyebrow with his fingertip.
"God, jealous much? You know I think its funny and don't take any of it seriously. This has all gotten to your head too much, E."
"My head?" I yell, grabbing his shoulder and turning him to face me. "My head? You're the one who can't stop looking at yourself in the mirror." He just laughs at me and takes off his shirt.
"I'm going to shower now," he says, turning on the water. "Why don't you go write one of your stories. Maybe the fight we just had will give you some inspiration." I huff and walk out, slamming the door behind me. I walk downstairs and find Ryan, sitting and reading my notebook.
"Ryan? What are you doing here? And why are you reading my stories," I gasp, grabbing the book from his hands.
"Sorry, I let myself in. Brendon's having us practice here today." He looks at me and smiles, but it quickly turns to a frown when he sees the look on my face. "Eden, what's wrong? Is he being an asshole?" I nod and start to sob. Ryan gets up and draws me in for a close embrace. I'm skinny, but hugging him is like hugging a bag of sticks. "Don't worry about B, he's been pissy lately. It's not you, it's him."
"He's been like this since last summer. I almost can't take it anymore," I say, wiping my eyes.
"You guys care about each other. You can't throw away two years just like that. You just moved out have to try." He sits back down and pats the seat next to him for me to sit.
"I know," I shrug, sitting next to him, "it's just...blah."
"Well, if it's any conciliation I think you're latest story is amazing so far."
"You read it?"
"Yes, and it's the best you've written. Very inspiring...makes me want to write now."
"Good, I'm glad I can inspire the masses...or the Ryan," I giggle.
"Soon it WILL be the masses," he says, patting my hand. "This one is going to be a hit, I can feel it."
"Thanks, Ry."
"So...the party at Wentz's tonight...are you coming?"
"I suppose I better," I sigh. "I mean, Brendon really does want things to work out between us. Just keep me away from Pete and I think we'll be okay."
"The hatred between you two is so funny, you have no idea," he laughs.
"What?" I yell, hitting his arm playfully. "Why?"
"Because it's obvious that it's rooted in some deep, sexual attraction," Jon says behind me, causing me to jump.
"Oh my God, you scared me. You ass!" I jump off my chair and hit him.
"She's feisty today," he giggles, looking over at Ryan. "Where's B? And Spenc?"
"Spencer is on his way and Brendon's in the shower," answers Ryan. Just then we hear Spenc coming through the halls, singing at the top of his lungs.
"Meeee andddd youuuuu...setting in...oh hi guys!" he says cheerfully. "I'm sorry, I have that song stuck in my head. I'm so happy we're going to tour with them again."
"Yes, we are all overjoyed," says Jon.
"Even Eden?" Spencer asks as he draws me in for a hug. I shake my head and everyone laughs. "Bet you're excited for the party tonight, too," he says, squeezing me tighter.
"Oh, you know it." A few minutes later, Brendon comes down and the guys go into the studio and rehearse. I decide to give them space and go up to my computer to start writing some more. Right after I sign on I get an IM.
PhatOutBoy84: Helloooo E!
GardenofMe: Hi, Trick :)
PhatOutBoy84: You excited about the party tonight?
GardenofMe: Everyone keeps asking me that. Yes...sure.
PhatOutBoy84: We ask you because we know it annoys you. It's fun.
GardenofMe: I was thinking of inviting my friend to the party. Her name is Danielle. She's reallllllyyyy cute, Trick.
PhatOutBoy84: Don't set me up again, E. Remember last time?
GardenofMe: Oh, you mean the girl who cut a lock of your hair and sold it on e-bay? That wasn't my fault. She befriened me to get close to you. The girl had an obsession. This time is different.
PhatOutBoy84: Oh yeah? How?
GardenofMe: This girl is my friend and she has been for a long time. She moved out here before me and since I moved here last month we've gotten close again.
PhatOutBoy84: Okay fine. I'll meet her. But I'm really not as miserable and lonely as I seem. Pete's the one who needs lovin.
GardenofMe: Doesn't he have enough love for himself to satisfy him?
PhatOutBoy84: Ouch. That's harsh...that burns all the way over here.
GardenofMe: Seriously, doesn't his cockiness get to you sometimes?
PhatOutBoy84: This coming from the girl who's dating the king of cocky?
GardenofMe:'re right. Well I need you to stop bothering me so I can right, Trick. I'll talk to you tonight.
PhatOutBoy84: See you tonight!
I sit at my computer and try to write, but my mind seems to have shut down for the day. I go to my bed and decide to take a nap before tonight.


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