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Chapter 2: The Party

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Pete's party...yeah.

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-Pete's POV-
I look up from the turntables and freeze; there she is. Eden, the girl whose been driving me insane for the last year and a half. I just don't like her, but I want her more than I've wanted anyone. She's incredibly gorgeous: short, dark brown hair, bright green eyes, bright, smooth skin, and she's shorter than me. I don't know why I don't like her, I guess it's because she doesn't like me. I think she thinks I don't want her around, and there is some truth to that. Every time she's around I feel like an idiot, stuttering and never being able to pull together a full sentence. My palms sweat and I get goosebumps. It pisses me the hell off. I hate that a girl makes me feel that way - so out of control. Also, the fact that she's with Brendon Urie and has been for the last two years causes a bit of a problem.
"Hey, Pete!" Jon says as he approaches the tables. I've been spinning records for my guests for about an hour and the guys coming in is a good excuse for me to take a break.
"Hey," I smile as I come out from behind the table. "How goes it?"
"It goes swell," says Ryan, taking my hand and shaking it. Brendon's behind him, Eden clutching tightly onto his hand.
"Hi, Pete," he says, waving. I give a little wave then look away and see Patrick talking to some people, so I use it as an excuse to leave before I start to get jittery again.

-Eden's POV-
There he goes again, without even saying hello to me. "See, Bren? He hates me..." He pats my back and smiles down at me.
"Yeah...I don't know what that's about really. He used to be kinda mean to you but now he just ignores you. Want me to talk to him?"
"No...I don't care about him enough to worry about it," I say, trying to sound as convincing as I can. The truth is, it bugs me to death. I want him to like me. No, I want him to want me. Wow, that was a cheesy line...I think it's in a song.
"Want to dance?" Brendon asks. I nod and he pulls me out in the middle of the "dance floor" in Pete's living room. Jon has taken over spinning the beats and he decides to play "Clothes Off" by Gym Class Heroes. I start to dance with Brendon, grinding against him seductively. I'm going through the motions, but I really don't feel anything. I look over at Pete and see him staring at me, so I quickly turn away from him and kiss Brendon passionately on the lips.

-Pete's POV-
"Pete..Pete you okay?" Patrick asks, shaking my shoulder. I can't help but stare at Eden, she's so damn entrancing. God, I wish I was Brendon right now. Don't think that. Bad. Bad Pete.
"Oh yeah...I'm good. I wanna dance. Andrea, wanna dance with me?" Andrea was a good friend of ours who used to date Joe, but they were on good enough terms now that she hung out with us from time to time. She nods and I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor, making sure to get close enough to Eden so she notices me. I start to dance with Andrea, placing my hands on her hips and moving to the beat with her.

-Eden's POV-
I swear Pete is giving me bedroom eyes. It makes my blood boil and I don't know if its anger or...lust. I turn away from him and see Danielle standing in the door way.
"Dani!" I yell. "Brendon, Dani's here!" I run over to her and give her a hug. "I'm so glad you're here, the night is...not going so well."
"Oh yeah? What's wrong?" I give her a look. "Oh...Wentz?" I nod. "Don't let him bother you, he's just an asshole."
"Let's go meet Trick," I smile, grabbing her hand and leading her over to Patrick. "Hey Patrick! This is Dani." He gives a very cute little wave and cracks a smile.
"Hi, nice to meet you Dani."
"Dani's 19, she just moved back to L.A. She loves photography and chicken." I look at both of them and they crack up with laughter.
"What is this? A dating service?" she giggles.
"Yeah, seriously. My name is Patrick and I love Star Wars and singing Nat King Cole. I also love chicken." They look at each other and I think I see a spark. Yay, I rule.
"Why don't you two dance?" I ask. Patrick shakes his head.
"You know I don't dance, E," says Dani.
"Me neither," says Patrick. "Do you wanna go talk about chicken?" She nods and they go off and talk. Just then I hear a familiar voice behind me.
"Way to go, Eden. You finally found someone that's...sane," Pete says behind me. I turn around and put my hand on my hip, shifting my weight and giving him an angry look.
"No seriously. It's a good thing. He really needs to get laid."
"Wow think all my friends are that easy? I can only guess what you think of me."
"What I think of you? You don't wanna know..."
"No, I don't think I do," I say, walking passed him to go sit with Brendon and Joe. "Hey guys."
"Hey, talking to Pete?" asks Brendon.
"Yeah...he basically just called me a slut," I say as I sit next to him.
"No he didn't," he says nonchalantly before going back and talking to Joe.
"Wow...that's for supporting me," I say, walking up and outside on the deck. I sit there alone, looking out on the city below. Or at least I thought I was alone.
"What are you doing out here?" I hear someone whisper in the dark.
"Enjoying the view. Sorry, I'll leave you be," I say, walking towards the door. Just then the figure comes out from the shadows - its Pete.
"No, you don't have to go. The view is amazing. We can just sit here and stare at it."
"Ooookkk," I say, going back over to the railing, putting my elbows on it and resting my chin in my hands. I feel Pete come stand next to me and mimic my movements.
"Look, I'm sorry about what I said. It came out wrong."
"You don't have to apologize, I know you're an ass," I say, looking away.
"Wow, you know how to cut straight to the bone, dontcha?" he giggles. "That hurts."
"Are you going to deny that you are an ass to me, Pete?" I say, catching his gaze with mine. God, his eyes are gorgeous. I swear I feel his face getting closer to mine, so I scoot down the railing a little more.
"I guess I am...but you're a bitch."
"What?!" I yell, standing up and staring at him.
"What? You are...don't deny it."
"God, I'm so done with you, Wentz. I am so glad we'll have our own bus on the tour so I don't have to tolerate your idiocy." I don't even let him respond; I just stomp out back into the house. I walk over to Brendon, the anger visible on my face.
"Brendon. I want to go," I say, pouting.
"Eden....we just got here. Don't be a baby. Just go talk to Dani or something."
"Why don't YOU try talking to me? I am your girlfriend, remember?" I cross my arms and look down at him. He just sits there.
"God, fine. Ryan, we're going." He gets up and grabs my hand and takes me out the door.

-Pete's POV-
After steaming out on the deck for a couple of minutes after the argument I just had with Eden, I finally decide to go inside. When I walk in, Danielle comes up to me.
"Hey, have you seen Eden?"
"What? Eden? Why would I see Eden? What would I want with Eden?" I spit out defensively.
"Okayyyy, crazy dude. I just wanted to say goodnight to her before I left."
"Eden? She left," says Ryan. I made her so mad she left...God, I really am an asshole.
"Oh..." I say quietly, putting my hands in my hoodie pockets and looking down.
"Did you and her get into an argument?" he asks.
"Words were said..." I say between my teeth. "She really hates me."
'She really doesn't, actually," says Ryan.
"Hey, Dani! You forgot this," Patrick yells from the hallway, running towards her with a hat in his hand. "You forgot your hat," he smiles at her, blushing a bit. She blushes and reaches for the hat, her hand grazing Patrick's.
"Thanks, Trick," she replies. "Well, I'm out. It's really late. I'll see you tomorrow, Trick?" He nods and gives her a hug and she leaves.
"Thank God for Eden," he says, looking at Danielle as she walks away.
"God, Eden..." I say, rolling my eyes. "That girl just won't go away." Patrick just laughs.
"Well, it really is getting late and people are starting to file out. I think I'll get going back to my house."
"Yeah me too," says Ryan. After everyone leaves I go up to my room and write a journal entry, pouring all my rage and heartbreak onto the computer screen. I watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy in my bed before drifting off to sleep, thinking of Eden.

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