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Chapter 3: The Encounter(s)

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Kissing and sex. Awesome.

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-Eden's POV-

"You are such a bitch!" he yells at me, throwing his hands up in the hair and walking out.
"Don't you walk away from me!" I growl, running up behind him and grabbing his shoulder, turning him to face me. "Why do we do this? What the fuck is wrong with us?"
'I....I..." he stutters, staring into my eyes.
" what? Spit it out," I urge.
"I...fuck it," he shouts before pushing me against the wall, attacking me with his lips. I resist at first, pushing him away, but he just kisses me harder. He runs his tongue along my lips and the moment I open my mouth it darts in, making me moan against his lips and grab the back of his shirt, pushing him against me. I put one leg around him, pulling him even closer, and I can feel his erection through his tight jeans.
"Oh God...Eden," he moans as he makes his way down my neck. I stretch my neck back so he has easier access and bite my lip.
"Pete...don't stop. Don't ever stop." He stops and smiles at me. "You asshole, don't stop," I whisper playfully.
"Sorry, bitch," he teases. I grab his hair and tug on it, attacking him with my lips. "God, I always thought you were sexy, but this is insane."
"I know, now shut up and kiss me." He nods and pulls me away from the wall, walking me over to the bed, never parting his lips from mine. He throws me on the bed and I scream, but he just looks down at me and laughs before jumping on top of me.
I spring up in bed, my heart pounding. Just then, Brendon walks in.
"You okay? Bad dream?"
"Yeah...nightmare." I can't believe I just dreamt that. Such a big part of me hates Pete, but an even bigger part wants what just happened to be reality.
"You look very sexy, your hair all messed up like that," Brendon whispers, leaning down and kissing my hair. I look up at him and he's giving me fuck-me-eyes. I bite my lip and run my hand down his arm. Maybe if I have sex with him and it's amazing, I will forget about Pete. Brendon smiles and climbs in next to me.
"We haven't done this in a while," I whisper, running my finger down his chest.
"I know...I miss it," he says, biting his lip, which drives me insane. He does have the most perfect lips I've ever seen. I lean in and kiss him softly, placing my hand on his neck. He mimics my movements, pulling me closer into the kiss. I run my fingers through the hair at the base of his neck as he slowly gets on top of me, laying us down. He lets out a soft moan as I kiss down his neck, running my fingers up the back of his shirt and touching his cold skin. He pulls himself up, straddling me, and pulls off his shirt. Then he pulls me up to his level and removes mine, slowly, keeping his lips attached to mine until he has to lift it over my head.
It seems like in a matter of seconds we're naked, embracing each other and exploring each other's bodies with our tongues and fingers. He really is a good lover, but the image of Pete kissing me keeps coming up in my head. Every time I think about it, I kiss Brendon harder, trying to block it. He doesn't seem to mind, but of course he doesn't know what's going on in my sick, twisted brain.
"Oh...Eden," he moans as he slides inside me. He starts to grind against me and I grind with him, pushing him in deeper.
"Ohhhh God...Pe-" I almost said it. Oh God, please tell me he didn't hear that. I tense up, but he just keeps kissing my neck. He must not have heard. Thank God. The rest of the time, I bite my lip to keep myself from saying Pete's name, or just yell "God" because that covers all my bases. He finishes rather quickly, but that can be expected since he hasn't gotten any in a while...or at least from me. Unfortunately, he fails to fully please me, but he hasn't given me an orgasm the last couple of times we've had sex so I'm not really surprised. He slides out of me and lays next to me, breathing heavily.
"That was nice," he whispers. I just nod and pull the covers over me. I feel so ashamed for thinking of Pete; so dirty. I feel like I just had sex with someone I don't care about and now I'm embarrassed. I do care about Brendon, I really do...I just don't love him anymore. There, I said it. I do not love him anymore.
"Yeah...nice," I say quietly.
"What's wrong, Eden?" he asks, laying on his side and putting his arm across me. "Did you not..." I shake my head. "Oh...I'm sorry. I thought you did. Do I suck that bad?"
"It's not you, Bren. It's mind was somewhere else." I look away from him, afraid he'll be able to see right through me. Why did I say that?
"Where? You weren't thinking about Pete, where you?"
"What?! Why would I think about that asshole?" I try to sound convincing, and I think my acting classes in high school are doing their job.
"Well, you guys got in a big fight. And I know you hate fighting with people, especially friends of mine. And I know you get pre-occupied and never let fights die."
"Yeah...right. You're probably right." I look over at him again, smiling.
"Well, you're gonna have to make nice with Pete. You'll be stuck with him this summer and we can't have all that drama." I nod turn to my side to face him, closing my eyes. "Night, Eden," he says, kissing my forehead.
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