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Chapter 4: A concert and a party.

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Cobra Starship is now in the mix. YAY!

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-Pete's POV-

It's getting down to that time...we're about a week and a half from going out on the road. I've kept a distance from Eden since the party, only talking to her when absolutely necessary. Patrick's been talking to her a lot, mostly because of the fact that she hooked him up with the girl of his dreams. Danielle and he have really hit it off and I'm happy for him, but she's a constant reminder of Eden to me. I think they talk about her in front of me just to piss me off sometimes. I also think that Patrick has caught on to the fact that I'm pretty much obsessed with Eden. One night I woke him up screaming her name. I told him it was because she was kicking my ass, but I'm pretty sure he knew I was having a sex dream.
I'm sitting at Patrick's kitchen table (I came over for a little rehearsal with the guys), lurking on the Fall Out Boy message board when I hear a familiar voice. "Hey Petey," Danielle says, coming down the stairs from Patrick's room. "You're early."
"Yeah, I haven't been sleeping so well. Hey, there's a post about you on here."
"I don't wanna read it," she laughs.
"No, it's a positive one. They all really think you're cute."
"Really?" she says, rushing over to the laptop. "Awww, that's nice."
"Yupperz," I say, clicking away. I go into the Rockstar Wives and Girlfriends thread and there's a picture of Eden.
"Wow, she looks really hot in that picture," Danielle says over my shoulder. "Doesn't she look hot, Pete?" She must know, too. She and Patrick talk about everything.
"Um...sure," I say, trying to sound like I'm lying. "How is she doing?"
"She's alright. Things between her and B are a little better now. She's excited about tonight, she misses Gabe." Tonight we are all going to see Cobra Starship perform together. They're going to join us on tour, too, but right now they're out with Interstate North.
"I'm sure she does," I say through my teeth. Eden and Gabe love each other. They're both insane, so I guess it makes sense. They met a long time ago before Panic! and Cobra made it really big, and they bonded a lot of the first tour.
"Do I detect I hint of jealousy in your voice, Wentz?"
"No...just annoyance. Those two sicken me when they're together." She just laughs and goes over to hug Patrick as he comes down the stairs.
"Hey, baby." She gives him a hug and a kiss. I'm happy that Patrick's happy, but I wish I had that right now.
"Hello, beauty. And hello to you, too, Dani," he giggles, hugging her. "Hey Pete, where's Joe and Andy?"
"They're in the studio already, talking about that new Superman movie probably."
"Well we better go then, before they get into a heated discussion." I nod and we go into the studio and start practicing.

-Eden's POV-

I'm so excited. I get to see Gabe tonight. I haven't seen him in a couple of months, but we talk online all the time. He's become like a big, crazy brother to me. We get along really well. I think it's because we're both insane. I sign on to my laptop and an IM from him pops up.

GardenofMe: Hey Gabe! I heard this really hot girl is going to your show tonight.
BunnilovrGS: Seriously? Can you hook me up? LoL.
GardenofMe: Her boyfriend might get upset haha. I'm so excited to see you tonight, tho. Srsly.
BunnilovrGS: I second that. I'm excited to see me, too. I'm awesome.
GardenofMe: I know, right? Awesomeness is floating around you like a gigantic blimp.
BunnilovrGS: Ha ha! That's a good one. Permission to use?
GardenofMe: If you pay me royalties, sure ;)
GardenofMe: Are we partying after?
BunnilovrGS: Yeah, it's the last show so Pete's throwing a party. I think it's a night swim kinda deal.
GardenofMe: Oh goodie...Wentz.
BunnilovrGS: When are you two gonna jump each other already?
BunnilovrGS: Seriously its gettin recockulous.
GardenofMe: What the hell? The only time I would ever jump him is to beat him up.
BunnilovrGS: Sure, and I'm Abe Lincoln.
GardenofMe: I hate you.
BunnilovrGS: HA ha! Admit it, you're attracted to Pete.
GardenofMe: Nobody can deny he's good looking, not even you.
BunnilovrGS: true. He is a sexy beast.
GardenofMe: But I hate him so, no I'm not attracted to him.
BunnilovrGS: Hate? Love? Same diff. I gtg sound check tho. See you tonight.
GardenofMe: Kay.

A couple of hours later...

"Hey E, ready to go?" Brendon calls from the bedroom. "I'm sure you look beautiful. We wanna say hi to the guys before the show starts so we have to leave"
"Fine! I'm coming!" I yell. I come out of the bathroom and there's Brendon.
"You look hot, E. Really, really hot," he says, almost sounding surprised.
"Yeah...and?" I giggle.
"Cocky are we?"
"I don't have one, but sure," I smile. We make our way to the venue and go backstage without anyone noticing us. When we get back there we see Travis from Gym Class and Patrick sitting on the floor playing Nintendo. Pete's sulking in the corner, thumbing away at his sidekick. Joe, Ryan, Jon and Danielle are deep in conversation with Gabe but then Danielle sees me.
"EDEN!" she yells, running over to me. "You look awesome." Everyone looks over at Brendon and I, but my eye goes to Pete. We catch each other's glance for a second and I get a shiver down my spine. I haven't seen him much since I had that dream, but every time I see him I get like this. I quickly turn away and see Gabe running towards me.
"AHHH," I scream, running away from him.
"Come here, woman!" he yells grabbing me around the waist and pulling me up in the air. He's freakishly strong for being so tiny. "I gotchu!"
"Hi Gabe," I giggle as he puts me down. I turn around and give him a gigantic hug.
"Cobra Starship you guys are on in 5 minutes," a dude calls from the hall.
"I think Dani and I wanna go watch the show from the crowd. Is that okay?" I ask, turning to Brendon. He nods and kisses my cheek. "Look out for us, G-baby." I kinda feel bad for the other guys. It's not easy for them to just sit out and enjoy concerts anymore. They either watch from a room in the back, if the venue has a sound booth room, or they watch from backstage. Dani and I have it lucky, we aren't famous so we can enjoy the true concert experience still.
We run out and try to get as close as possible. Just then, a Biggie song comes through the speakers and band takes the stage. Then Gabe jumps out and the crowd goes carazyyyyy. Gabe puts his Cobra up and everyone in the audience follows, including me. He goes into one of their new songs and rocks out, dancing like a crazy person. After the song he starts to talk.
"WAZZUP L fuckin A!" The crowd goes crazy. "It's soooo good to be back here. Did everyone enjoy Interstate North?" Again ,the crowd goes crazy. "Yeah, those guys are fuckin rad. I'm happy tonight you guys, not cuz this is our last show or anything, but because I have like 30 of my friends here." He looks out in the audience and sees me "Hey E!" I wave shyly. Why did he have to point me out? Now all these girls are staring at me with dagger eyes. "Give it up tonight for my good friends of Panic! At the Disco." The crowd goes insane.
"Oh my God! Panic's here? We have to meet Brendon," I hear a girl scream to her friend. I laugh and look over at Dani."
"And my guys from FALL OUT BOY are here, too. Give it up for them." The crowd goes even crazier.
"Oh my GOD! Pete Wentz!" I scream like a teenie.
"Oh my God! I wanna do Patrick," Dani laughs. She gets close to me and whispers in my ear, "I will later." I stick my tongue out and make a funny face.
"Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this next song. It's about a hate/love relationship." He looks right at me and smiles as the band goes into it. After they finish their set, Dani and I make our way backstage.
"Awesome job tonight, guys," I say, giving Ryland a hug.
"Thank you, mi lady," he replies. I walk over to Gabe and punch him in the arm.
"Don't call out my name, dufus," I joke.
"I said 'E'. It could have been anyone."
"You looked right at me!" I laugh. He smiles and pulls me in for a big hug. He gives the best hugs, besides Patrick.
"Everyone ready to go party?" asks Pete as he enters the room.
"We're gonna do a meet and greet thing but we'll be there," Gabe says as he lets go of me. Brendon seems to be indifferent to my relationship with Gabe, but Pete is obviously annoyed by our closeness. I can tell by the faces he makes.
"Alright, well everyone just meet at my house okay?" We all nod and start leaving one by one. Brendon and I get into our car and drive over there.
"Good show tonight."
"Yeah," I smile. "They know how to throw a party on stage."
"Do you have your bikini, E?" he asks. I nod. "Good, cuz I really want to go swimming."
We pull up to Pete's and knock on the door. Pete answers and smiles at Brendon, but barely looks at me.
"Hey guys. Everyone's out back." We make out way to the back and there are tons of people - some I don't even know. I go to change into my bikini in the pool house, but walk in on Patrick and Dani making out hard core.
"WHOA!" I laugh, shielding my eyes. "I will leave you two to whatever you're doing."
"No, it's fine," Patrick says shyly, his face bright red. "We were just..."
"You don't have to explain it to me," I giggle. "It's really okay, I'll go change in the house." I walk out and go into the house and see a couple of people sitting on the couch talking. I make my way towards the bathroom and see Pete standing in the kitchen talking to a girl. He catches my eye and stops talking to her.
"Hey, where are you going?"
"To change," I say with attitude. "Is that okay with you?"
"There's a pool house for that, you know," he snaps back.
"Yes, I know. But two of our friends are mackin in there so I thought I would be nice and not disturb them. I'm just going into the bathroom, you go ahead and continue your conversation with..."
"Amy," the girl says. Wow, she sounds as ditsy as she looks. "Who are you?"
"I'm Eden..."
"She's Brendon's girlfriend."
"'re lucky. He looks like a good kisser."
"Umm...yeah," I answer. I give Pete a look and then go up into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later I walk back down and he's alone.
"Where'd Amy go?" I say, mocking her ditsy tone. He stares at me for a moment and I swear he looks me up and down really quickly. "Pete?"
"Oh yeah...she's gone to get a beer. I think she's talking to Joe now, though."
"Aww pity. I really saw a connection between you two."
"Ha ha...very funny. I'm going to go get in my trunks." He walks past me, brushing his shoulder against mine. I shake it off and walk outside and see Brendon talking to Amy. I stand behind him and clear my throat, trying to get his attention.
"Oh, hi babe," he says. "Ready to swim." I nod, giving him an angry look. "What?" he whispers to me as we walk away from Amy.
"Oh nothing...just you talking to the ditsy blonde. Had fun?"
"She was just telling me how much she loved the band, that's all."
"Do you really still need to hear how hot you are on a daily basis?"
"Eden...not now."
"Sorry," I pout. He smiles at me and then pushes me in the water. "YOU ASS!" He laughs and them jumps in after me. "I hate you," I exclaim, jumping on his back and pushing him under the water.
"Hey, no roughhousing," I hear someone yell. I look up and see Gabe.
"GABE!" I yell, getting up out of the pool and running over to him, hugging him with my soaked body.
"Ah Jeez, Eden you got me all moist," he giggles. I hug him and look behind him and whisper to Jon and Joe to come over and help me push him in. They sneak behind him and then grab his arms and drag him over to the pool. "AHH!" he yells as we push him in.
"Taste it, biatch!" yells Joe. "That's for pushing me in the fountain on the last tour." I jump in after him and grab a basketball.
"Who wants to play?" I ask.
"I do!" exclaims Brendon.
"Me as well," says Gabe.
"Gabe, you go get changed then you can play." Gabe shrugs and walks out and into the house.

-Pete's POV-
Gabe walks into my house, soaking wet. "Hey hey, what's all this?" I ask.
"Sorry, Jon, Joe and Eden pushed me in. They're all gonna play water basketball. I'm just changing into my trunks."
"Oh," I reply.
"Are you gonna go play?"
"Yeah, I guess so," I shrug. I walk out and see everyone in the pool, getting their teams together.
"Wanna play?" asks Jon.
"Awesome. You can be on Brendon's team. It's Brendon, Travis, Amy, and you versus Eden, Gabe, Joe and me." Good, now I have an excuse to kick Eden's ass, or at least accidently graze it while trying to get the ball. Damn it...why does she have to be so hot and why must I be driven by testosterone?
After Gabe comes out we go into the game. It gets pretty intense and soon we're neck and neck, beating Eden's team by only two points. Eden gets the ball and swims over to their side and I jump her, stopping her. I wrap my arms around her tight stomach and pull her under the water. She turns around and pushes at my stomach, but I can feel her hand linger there for a second, sending chills down my spine. I let go of her before little Petey starts to get happy and we come back to the surface.
"Good tackle," laughs Gabe. "He really got you, E. You okay?" She coughs and pushes her hair out of her face then leans back and dips her head in the water, slicking it back. God her tits look amazing in that bikini. I think almost all of us are staring at her. Amy starts to giggle, I think to draw our eyes away from Eden.
"Common guys, let's keep going!" she yells. "She's fine, she's just milking it." Gabe rolls his eyes, as do I, and we get back into the game. At one point, Amy jumps on Brendon, which makes no sense because they're on the same team.
"Ha ha, oops," she giggles.
"Hey, watch it," I hear Eden say through her teeth at her as she walks passed her. Amy gives her a look and then throws the basketball at her head.
"OUCH!" Eden yells.
"Hey, what the fuck was that for?" I yell, going over to Eden. "Are you okay?" I whisper at her, putting my hand on her back.
"What do you care?" she hisses, grabbing the back of her head.
"I'm just trying to be nice, Eden. Don't get your bikini bottoms in a bunch." She gives me a glare but softens her face when she sees that I'm really being genuine.
"Oh my God, E, are you okay?" Gabe asks, swimming over to me. "That bitch hit you hard."
"God, why do you all treat her like she's a porcelain doll?" Amy shouts. "She's nothing special."
"Hey hey...that's my girlfriend," Brendon says, trying to sound like he really cares. I saw the way he was flirting with Amy, like Eden wasn't even there. I also saw, however, that Eden didn't really mind that much. I think she said 'watch it' to Amy just to play the role of the girlfriend. Brendon comes over to us and embraces Eden in a hug. "You okay?" he asks.
"Yeah, I'm fine," she says, glaring at Amy.
"Maybe you should go," I suggest to her.
"Fine, God you are all in love with her," she yells, stomping out of the pool.
"I think I'm going to go change," Eden says, grabbing her head.
"Are you sure you're okay?" I ask. She smiles at me and nods.
"Yeah, Pete. I'm fine." Brendon and I get out of the pool and go upstairs.

-Eden's POV-

Why the hell is Pete being nice to me? I don't get all. Maybe he sees how Gabe and I are together and he wants to be close to me? I dunno, but its creeping me out. Brendon and I change into our clothes and go back downstairs.
"Hey, E. I heard what happened. You okay?" asks Patrick, pulling me in for a hug.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I think I would like a beverage, though."
"What kind?" asks Dirty, who has proudly taken the role of bartender this evening.
"Something strong to get rid of my headache," I answer. He nods and hands me something. I don't know what is but I down it really quickly.
"Whoa!" he laughs. "Want another?"
"Are you trying to get me drunk, Dirty?" I giggle. He nods and hands me another. "Alright then." Brendon comes over and asks for a Shirley Temple.
"Wimp. You're ladie's already downed two of Dirty's conCOCKtion," Dirty giggles.
"Dude. Dirty, are you already wasted?"
"Are you surprised? Eden's catching up." Brendon looks down at me and sees me holding on to the table.
"You okay?" he asks, putting his hand on my shoulder. I nod. "Okay. I'm gonna go hang out with Ryan for a bit, alright?" I nod again.
I walk around a little bit later, after having a few more drinks, and then plop down on an empty couch. Pete comes over and sits next to me.
"HI PETE!" I yell. He laughs and waves at me.
"Hi, Eden. You okay?"
"I'm peachy keen, jelly bean!" I say poking at him. "You're soft."
"Thank you?" he giggles. He looks soooo good.
"Pete, has anyone ever told you that you're extremely annoying?"
"Yes. Several times."
"How aboot this," I lean in close to him and smile, "has anyone ever told you that you're sexay?" He laughs and blushes a little.
"Yes. Several times."
"You're cocky! Pete's a cocky!" I yell. I feel soooooooo happy and soooo free right now. "I've seen your cocky! Did you know this? I SAW IT!" I whisper.
"I'm sure you did. Everyone's seen it, it seems."
"I liked it. It's bigger than Brendon's. Shhhhh," I giggle, putting my finger to my lips. Pete leans back and laughs at me.
"What's so funny?"
"Dirty got to you, didn't he? How many did you have?"
"Ummm," I start to count in my fingers, "this many!" I hold up 4 fingers.
"Jesus...that's really strong stuff. You should probably lie down."
"I am getting really sleepy," I yawn, putting my head on his shoulder.
"Okay okay. Let me take you up the spare bedroom. You can rest until you and Brendon leave."
"Okay Pete," I sigh, putting my hands around his neck as he pulls me up. I stare at his beautiful hazel eyes and smile. "IIIIII hate you," I slur.
"I'm sure you do. Now shhhh," he says, putting his finger to my lips. I bit his finger. "Damnit! That hurt!" he laughs. He picks me up and starts to carry me upstairs. "Bren, I'm taking your woman upstairs. She's wasted."
"Thanks, Pete," I hear Brendon call from the corner. Why doesn't Brendon care enough to help me when I'm drunk? Pete must really care about me...I care about him.
"Thanks, Petey. Petey...haha. That's the name of the Little Rascals dog. You're a dog!" I laugh as he opens the door to the bedroom and walks me over to the bed.
"Very nice, E. Now you just lay down here and sleep." He lays me down and puts me on my side. He takes a blanket and lays it over me, tucking me in. "There you go." I smile at him and wave as he walks out.

-Pete's POV-

I walk out into the hall and see Gabe come out of the bathroom. "Who were you in their with?" he asks.
"No, not like that. She is wasted so I went to lay her down."
"Awwww, you love her."
"What? Are you insane? We hate each other. Everyone knows that."
"Yes but I know something you don't," he slurs. He's obviously wasted.
"I can't tell you that."
"Yes you can. What is it? Is it about Eden?"
"I dunnoooo," he giggles, walking away from me.
"Gabe, not cool dude. Tell me."
"She thinks..."
"What?" What does she think?"
"You're hot." I kinda already knew that, but hearing it still makes me smile.
"I know, she told me tonight."
"She did? Wow...she must be tanked. I should go check on her."
"No," I say, putting my hand on his chest. "She needs to sleep. You can talk to her later."
"You love her so much!"
"Shut up. I don't. I just...blah."
"Blah? Alright. You blah her. That's good," he laughs. "I'm gonna go hit on that chick downstairs."
"You go do that," I say as we walk down the steps together.
A couple of hours later everyone leaves, including Brendon and Eden. I look around at the mess. Thank God the maid is coming tomorrow. I make my way upstairs and drift of to sleep with a smile on my face.


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