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Chapter 5: The Tour Begins

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The guys from P!ATD, FOB, and CS go on tour with Dani and Eden in tow. It's gonna be a fun ride...

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-Eden's POV-

So today we leave on tour. I'm pretty excited to be with all my friends, goofing around all summer on a bus. Patrick's asked Dani to come along, so that's gonna be awesome. I'm even tolerating the fact that I'll be with Pete. I'm more than tolerating it - I'm happy. I haven't seen him since the party, but that night things changed between us. I don't remember much after getting hit in the head by a basketball and Dirty giving me a weird drink, but I did have fun that night.
"Breeeennnn, are you ready to go?" I yell from the bottom of the stairs. "We have to go to the bus place thingy."
"The bus place thingy?" he giggles, walking down the stairs. "Okay, let's go to the bus place thingy." We drive to the place where all the buses are for the tour and meet up with the guys from the other bands. When we get there, everyone is there except for Pete.
"Where the fuck is he?" whines Gabe. "That guy is always late."
"Maybe he should set his clocks early?" I snicker.
"Wow,," he giggles, patting my head. "You are extremely special." Just then Pete drives up in a black Lincoln. "Wow, how very mafia of you," laughs Brendon.
"Well, I never drive my own car to these places. It's not safe," he says while his driver gets his bags out. "Thanks Charlie," he smiles at him.
"Okay, can we go now?" asks Ryland. Everyone nods. All the bands have their own buses, and I'm sure we'll all be going in between them for the months to come, but today we break off into our own.
"Wow this is nice," I say as we step into the bus.
"Yeah, it's pretty sweet," says Spencer. "Look at this sweet-ass Nintendo system? Hell yes!" It doesn't take that long to get to the venue because our first show is in San Francisco. When we get off the bus, Dani and I lock arms and skip towards the venue.
"Look at them go," Patrick giggles. "Crazy chicks and their...legs."

-Pete's POV-

So here we are, the first show of our gigantic summer tour. I'm psyched. I love being on the road, especially now that all of my friends are here. I'm even okay with Eden being here. I haven't talked to her since the night of the party but something changed with us that night. I feel a lot more confident around her -more in control- and its making it more tolerable to be around her. I know she likes me and I know she wants me, but she just hasn't done anything about it yet. I want to make a move, I really do, but I've gone in on a friend's girlfriend before and it didn't turn out so good. I'll just be normal around her, maybe flirt a little, and make her fall in love with me. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.
Speak of the devil. I walk into a room and there she is, fixing her hair and make-up. All she has on is a pair of yoga pants and a white tank top, but she looks fantastic.
"Hey, Eden," I smile.
"Hi, Pete." She smiles back and I can feel my cheeks flush a little. "You okay? You look a little flush."
"Good," she says, turning to face me. "Whatcha doin?"
"Just looking for my shirt," I say, going over to my bag and digging through it. "Ah, here it is." I take off my shirt I have on slowly, knowing she's watching me, and put the other shirt on.
"That's an awesome shirt," she smiles. "Luke Skywalker. Nice."

-Eden's POV-

Holy Lord in heaven he has a nice body. He knows what he's doing to me, right? He has to. He's being so nice and...not mean. Maybe something happened that night after I had that drink Dirty gave me. I don't want to ask, but my stupid mouth spits it out before I can think.
"Hey Pete, what happened Sunday night? I vaguely remember anything after having that drink Dirty gave me." He walks over to me, smiling.
"You mean you don't remember?" he says with a somewhat sexy tone to his voice. I shake my head. He gets close to me and puts his hand on the table, leaning in to me. I lean back. What the hell did I do with him that night?
"What happened? Did I do something bad? Or say something?"
"What would you have said?"
"I much I hate you?"
He giggles. "That was said, along with other things." He leans in more and I put my hand to his chest and push him back.
"Uh huh," I mumble. "So what else did I say?"
"You mean besides from you saying I was sexy?" My eyes widen - I remember now. Oh my God. I remember. I told him that I liked his penis...that it was bigger than Brendon's.
"Ha ha. Yeah right," I laugh. "Maybe you were drunk and you thought I said that.."
"I don't drink much, you know that."
"Well, that's just crazy talk," I say, turning back around to the mirror and fiddling with whatever is in front of me to keep my eyes off of him. I look up and see him smiling at me in the mirror.
"You're so cute when you're flustered," he giggles. Just then Brendon walks in.
"Hey babe," he says, coming up behind me and kissing me on the neck. I cock my eyebrow and look in Pete's direction in the mirror. He frowns and looks away. Good...temptation thwarted by the boyfriend. "Do you want to go grab some dinner before the show?" I nod and take his hand.
"Where are we going?" I ask. We were kinda in the city so we decided to go to a cute little café. Dinner was nice, a few fangirls came up and bothered him for autographs, but besides that it was nice. When we get back into the venue, everyone's gearing up for the show. Patrick's doing his usual pre-show ritual, singing along with his iTunes. He's sitting down tonight though, with Dani on his lap singing along with him.
"God, they're cute, aren't they?" Pete says, coming up behind me and scaring me.
"Jesus!" I yell.
"Yes?" Andy laughs.
"Ha ha...funny!" I giggle.
"Doesn't it make you wanna gag?" jokes Pete.
"I think it's cute," I say, nudging him with my hip. He nudges me back. "Don't start a nudge war with me, you'll go down."
"Is that so?" he says, raising an eyebrow and giving me a cute face. I just nod. "So be it. I will not start one. You're hips are too powerful for me."
"Are you calling me fat?" I grumble, crossing my arms.
"What?" he laughs. "No..that's not what I meant."
"Sure." I stomp away and go sit on the couch and talk to Gabe.
"What's wrong?" he asks.
"Pete's being a jerk."
"No he's not. I saw what happened. He likes your hips," he says, nudging me with his shoulder. "You know that boy and hips...they turn him on." He winks at me.
"You are a nerd. It's not like that. He just likes to insult me. He knows he gets to me and it gives him an insane amount of joy."
"You get to him too, but in a different way."
"You really shouldn't talk like this to me, I'm in a serious relationship," I say, looking over at him with a scowl on my face.
"Serious...right." He just rolls his eyes at me.
"Gabe, we are serious. It's just hard now..."
"You mean now that he thinks he's prettier than you?" he laughs.
"Yeah...that's part of it."
"What are you guys talking about?" Brendon asks, walking over and sitting on the armrest.
"Just fashion," smiles Gabe.
"Ah...okay," he says, putting his arm around me and pulling me into him, kissing my hair. "You smell like candy," he smiles. Gabe leans in and smells me.
"Wow, you do smell like candy. Holy crap that's nice," he sniffs me more.
"Why is everyone sniffing you?" laughs Jon.
"Apparently I smell like candy," I giggle. He comes over and sniffs my head.
"Wow, you do smell like candy. That's scrumptrulecent."
"Thanks guys, now can you all back away? I'm about to have an asthma attack from all the dude surrounding me."

A couple weeks later....

The tour is going great and everyone's mostly getting along. I've gotten into a couple scuffles with Pete, but it's mostly just flirtatious stuff. I hate how much I enjoy flirting with him. It's really driving me insane...

-Pete's POV-

I love driving Eden insane. I think my naturally flirtatious nature is getting her - bad. She seems to go out of her way to be mean to me. Everyone is noticing it, even Brendon I think, but he really doesn't seem to mind. I wish they would just end it already so I can have her all to myself. I walk onto their bus while Panic! is doing their set and see Dani and Eden playing Mario Kart together.
"Oooo old school. Kick her ass, Dani!"
"Shut up," Eden laughs from the floor. She looks so cute, concentrating on winning the game.
"Wow, you're suckin," I laugh, sitting down next to her on the floor so our knees touch. "Why don't you let me win for you?" I reach over for the controller but she slaps my hand.
"No, dick!" she giggles. "My game."
"Fine then...if you wanna lose."
"I hatechu," she scowls, squinting her eyes.
"You're so sexy when you're mad." Dani's eyes open wide. I know she knows I like Eden, but she probably didn't expect me to say that. Honestly, I didn't either. It just came out. Damn me and my stupid flappy mouth.
"You're sexy when you shut the hell up," Eden laughs.
"See? I knew you thought I was sexy!" I throw my hands in the air. "Victory!"
"Hey Dani," Patrick says, poking his head through the door of the bus. "Time to go."
"Where are you going?" Eden asks.
"Over to their bus something," she says really quickly, getting up and leaving.
"Something...a.k.a. hot pre-show sex," I laugh, picking up Dani's controller. "Let's get it on," I yell.
"Oh, we're gonna get it on and you're gonna get the smack down," Eden says, smiling over at me. She is actually really good and she does bring the smack down. "Boo and Ya" she says, throwing her controller down and getting up on her feet. "That is how the masters do it."
"Oh yeah?" I say, pulling her leg and making her fall on the couch. "Boo and ya," I say, getting up, "THAT is how the masters do it."
"I hate you, Wentz," she growls.
"Mmmm yes. I know you do," I wink. "I 'hate' you, too."
"No, I really do."
"That's why you called me sexy and said you thought my penis was nice? Cuz you hate me?" Her eyes get wide and her jaw drops to the floor.
"That's what you said. The night of the party. I know you have feelings for me."
"You are so full of shit!" she says, getting up from the couch and walking towards the door. She turns and looks at me. "Pete, I am with Brendon. You can't say things like that to me!"
"Why? Because you like it? You're scared of your feelings for me but you're sick of your feelings for Brendon. Admit it."
"I'm not talking about this with you," she says, walking out of the door.
"That's what I thought!" I yell after her. I could tell by the way she looked at me that what I just said was true. I lean back in the chair, putting my arms behind my head, smiling.
"You look happy, Pete," says Spencer, getting on the bus. "You have to go on soon."
"I am happy, Spenc. I am."
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