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Chapter 6: Inebriation is a Bitch

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A fight and a kiss.

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-Eden's POV-

Pete shouldn't have said that to me - now he really knows. I'm scared because I know when he wants something, he's going to get it. I know he's going to get me.
"Hey Eden," He says, walking into the dressing room where I sit alone. Oh God, what is he going to do? "How goes it?"
" goes fine, I guess. What are you doing back here?"
"Just," he pauses, walking towards me, "taking a little walk."
"Look, Pete. I don't have feelings for you. I don't know what gave you the impression that I do, but you need to stop this. I'm sure Brendon is fuming."
"And I'm sure he doesn't even notice. He's too busy flirting with every girl that walks by him and gives him the eye. I like you," he says, sitting next to me on the couch. "I more than like you."
"No, you just think you like me. The truth is, you want what you can't have and it's become an obsession. You wanna see if you can get me."
"No, it's not like that," he pleads, reaching out for my hand. I pull away quickly, making him frown. Maybe it is more than just infatuation for him...I wonder if it's more than that for me.
"Hey guys," Brendon says, walking in. "What's up?" He looks somewhat confused.
"Hi Bren," I smile, walking over to him and kissing him on the lips.
"Eden, I need to talk to you."
"Sure, what's up?" I ask. He looks at Pete.
"Alone," he says through his teeth.
"I'll let you guys be," Pete says, patting his thighs and getting up from the chair and walking out.
"Look, E...we really need to talk about Pete."
"What about Pete?" I say, sitting down on the couch with him.
"I'm pretty sure he's in love with you..."
"I'm pretty sure he's just infatuated, Bren. He wants me because he knows I can't stand him." I look down because I know if I look Brendon in the eye, he'll know that I feel the opposite.
"We both know that's not true," he sighs. "You like the fact that he likes you. It's fresh. It's new. You like the fact that you made someone who didn't like you at all fall for you."
"That might be a little bit true," I say, putting my hand on his, "but I'm with you, Brendon. We're in a committed relationship and I won't let him get in the way of that. You shouldn't either."
"The fact that you like him liking you is completely normal. Everyone likes to be adored," he says, sounding like a psychologist.
"How do you know what I feel, Brendon? We barely talk anymore. We hardly ever make love anymore."
"Don't make this about you and me. Look, I know we're on tour with him so it's hard, but I want you to stay away from him. I don't like him around you." I must admit, the fact that he's jealous makes me feel good - he still cares even if it's just because what's his is in danger of being stolen.
"Pete's my friend, Brendon."
"Since when? Since the party?" I nod. "You were drunk, you probably don't even remember that night."
"At least he cared enough to carry me upstairs and make sure I was alright." He says nothing, just stares at the wall. "Brendon, look," I say, grabbing his neck and pulling his face towards me. "We're together. You and I. I won't let his silly games get in the way our your friendship or our friendship or cause any rifts. I mean technically, he is your boss."
"What does that have to do with it?" he says, raising his voice.
"I don't know, it just does."
"You're making excuses to try and get yourself to stop caring for him."
"No Bren," I plead, starting to cry. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to come out like that," I say, kissing his face. I don't know why I'm fighting this. I don't love Brendon like I used to, but I think a part of me still does. I don't want the last two years of my life to be for nothing. I hate Pete for doing this to me.
"Right," he huffs. "Look, I don't want to talk about this anymore. I need to stay away from you for a bit. You're just making me angry." He walks out before I have a chance to defend myself, but i'm sick of defending myself, honestly. I hear someone walk in, but I'm too afraid to open my eyes and see who it is.
"E," Gabe says softly, stroking my hair. "Eden, what's wrong? Is it Brendon? Did you two fight?"
"He," I say, blubbering. "He knows."
"Knows what? What's going on?"
"He knows about how Pete feels about me and he thinks I feel the same way," I sob, sitting up.
"Well, don't you?" he asks, sitting down next to me.
"What? No...I..." I look down.
"Maybe it's just him liking you that's tearing you apart, making you doubt your relationship with Brendon." I shake my head. "No? Do you really like Pete?" I nod slightly. "Oh Eden, this is exciting!"
"What? No it's not! I am falling in love with my boyfriend's boss!"
"Love? Love, seriously? Holy make it sound bad. Maybe it is bad."
"Chea, its bad. It feels good to say it, though. You're the only person I trust this with." Gabe smiles his sneaky smile. "What?"
"I love that you trust me. It makes me feel special." He pulls me in for a hug and I giggle, wiping away my tears. "Now let's go get hammered and talk about this some more."
"That sounds...awesome." We get up and go into the other room where all the drinks and food are. There are a couple more people back there, so we decide to get some drinks and go back into the other room.
"Mmmm I heart alcohol," he laughs.
"As do I," I say, opening my beer and clinking glasses with Gabe. After we down a couple and talk about random shit, Gabe brings up Pete again.
"So this Pete thing, what are you going to do about it?"
"I really don't know. I mean I love Brendon. We've spent two years together and he's my first really serious boyfriend. I mean I'm only 20."
"You love him," Gabe says, leaning back, "but you're not IN LOVE with him. Right?"
"Exactly," I slur. "And I think I could fall in love with Pete. I mean I am...I feel it. He looks at me and I melt. It's been like that since the tour started."
"Do you want to break up with Brendon and get with Pete?"
"I don't know," I whine. "It's complicated. I can't be the cause of a rift in their friendship and I don't want to lose Brendon. And what if this is just a game for Pete?"
"Pete usually doesn't play games when it comes to girls. I mean he's not a player, even though a lot of people think he is. He falls for a girl or he doesn't and if he doesn't he won't lead her on."
"You're starting to talk funny," I giggle, poking Gabe on the nose.
"So are you, silly girl," he laughs.
"Hey guys, what are you doing in here?" asks Dani. "We're in the other room celebrating. Ya birthday?"
"Oh shit, I totally forgot," I say, getting up off my chair. "Common Gabe, let us go join the others for this festive occasion."
"Alright, mi lady," he says in a fake British accent, grabbing my hand and strolling along with me into the other room.
When I walk in I see all of my friends, talking, eating, having a great time - all except Brendon. He must not be in the mood for a party after the discussion we had earlier. Then I see Pete in the corner. I need to talk to him.
"Hey Pete," I say, stumbling over to him. "Where's Bren?"
"He's not feeling good. Are you two okay?"
"What? Us? Oh yeah," I laugh, "We're totally rad. I want to talk to you, though."
"Okay," he says. I take his hand and lead him into the other room where we can be alone.

-Pete's POV-

I don't know if this is such a good idea. Eden's obviously inebriated, but maybe she really just wants to talk.
"Pete," she says, plopping on the couch. "Come sit." I come sit by her and look over at her bloodshot eyes. "You," she growls, pushing at my chest, "are being a meany."
"You know how, you and your...face. You're making me want you. You know you can't do that."
"Eden, you're drunk. I think you're only saying this because you're drunk and if that's the only way you're going to say it," I say, getting up to leave, "then I don't want to hear it." She wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me back down.
"I think you do," she whispers, leaning in and kissing me on the lips. I try to resist, I don't want it to happen like this, but she's such an amazing kisser and I feel so strongly for her that I can't help but kiss her back. I grab her and pull her tight against my chest, slipping my tongue through her soft, full, moist lips and exploring the inside of her mouth; it tastes like booze. This isn't right...I can't do this. I pull away and she lingers there for a moment, her eyes shut and her lips slightly open, the moistness from my tongue glistening on her lips.
"I'm sorry," I say, backing away towards the side of the couch. "I can't do this. I can't take advantage of you and sleep with you and then have you hate me in the morning and have two less friends. It will kill me to have you and then lose know that."
"Pete..." she mumbles. "I'm so torn. I want you..." she says, crawling over to me and kissing my neck. God that feels good. I push her back and look deep into her eyes.
"I am falling in love with you, but we can't do it like this. We just can't, Eden. It's not right."
"You're the one who wants me so badly. You're the one who flirts with me constantly and tells me you like me," she yells. I'm sure everyone would be able to hear her if the music wasn't so loud. "Now you're saying you don't want me? You need to either kiss me now or I swear I will never kiss you again."
"Eden," I say softly, rubbing her arm with my hand. "You won't remember this tomorrow. I kissed you, it was amazing..." I say, looking down.
"Really? amazing?"
"Yes...but you're drunk. You're soooo drunk. You're not going to remember this or you'll wake up and blame me and never talk to me again. Either way, it's not a good situation." I get up and walk out of the room and on to my bus. I'm actually really proud of myself right now. She looked so sexy and her kisses were even sexier, but I won't do it like that. She has to want me when she's sober.
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