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Holy Hell

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Jamia calls Frank after her doctor's appointment.

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It was during the second signing of the day that Frank got a call from Jamia. She had a doctor's appointment and he had left his phone on telling her to call as soon as she had talked to the doctor. He excused himself and went into the backroom of the record store to talk.
Her voice was shaky and he was concerned, "Honey, what did the doctor say"
She sounded ready to cry, "I'm further along than I thought."
"OK, but is everything alright?" His fingers tightened on the phone, his stress level rising.
"She was concerned because I thought I was only a month pregnant and she thought something was out of the ordinary. Shit, that's what she said and I freaked." Before he could get a word in her voice changed and she sounded excited, "I heard a heartbeat, Frank. It was so cool"
He allowed himself to relax slightly, "So why are you upset, honey?"
"Doctor Hayes sent me for an sonogram. I was so glad Monica was with me. I was scared, the doctor was so vague about why I need to go right away."
"So you went for the sonogram and found out what?"
She took a deep breath," I'm almost four months pregnant. You know how weird my periods always are, I should have realized something was up."
He found a chair and sat down. "OK, Jamia you are further along but what about the baby? Did you see the baby?"
Once more her voice was shaky, "Yeah, I saw a blurry little shape that's the baby" she paused, "and then I saw the other blurry little shape."
It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did Frank was glad he was sitting down. "Holy shit, twins?"
"Yes" her voice was so small and she sounded so scared. She was crying.
He knew he needed to say something but words failed him. Frank closed his eyes and finally spoke, "Jamia, instead on giving me one gift you have given me two. Please don't cry, this is great news."
Jerry stuck his head in the door, "Everything OK?"
Frank nodded and he went back out to let the others know.
"Honey, is Monica with you now?"
"Yeah, she and I are driving home." She sounded a bit better, at least she wasn't sobbing.
"Can I talk to her a minute?"
The phone was passed to Monica who was behind the wheel. "Hey, Frank."
"Monica, is she really alright? Shit, I wish I was there."
Monica smiled, "She is fine Frank just weepy cause she is pregnant and just found out she is going to have two babies instead of one. Don't worry, we are going to stop for a carton of ice cream, take it back to your apartment and pig out. Believe me I remember how much ice cream helps a pregnant woman."
He laughed, "I'm glad you are with her Monica, thanks" Before she handed the phone back to Jamia he added, "Gerard is so lucky he has you."
Monica concentrated on the traffic while Jamia finished her conversation with Frank. She was so excited for her friend and tried to push down the sadness she was feeling. Being pregnant had been wonderful for her, she had loved it. Her pregnancies had been easy with no morning sickness, no problems at all. It made her sad knowing she would never be able to feel a baby grow insider her. Feel a life grow strong, then feel the joy of holding that new life in her arms for the first time. Holding a child that was Gerard's.
Back at the record store Frank walked out looking dazed. "Hey man, is Jamia OK?"
Ray asked. The others strained to hear his answer.
Frank nodded. He couldn't share his news right now. "Yeah, things are fine." He picked up his sharpie and signed his name on a picture a young girl sat before him. He smiled at her and forced his mind to concentrate on what she was saying.
Gerard looked over at him and wondered what was going on. Frank looked shell-shocked. He wished he could talk to him but with several hindered fans to go it would be awhile. Mikey looked over at him "Frank looks like he is in shock." he whispered to his brother.
"Yeah, I noticed. I hope Jamia is really OK"
They didn't finish the signing until just a few minutes before they were due at the sound check. Back in the van they all stared at Frank waiting for him to tell them about Jamia. The idea of twins had begun to sink in and he was feeling pretty good about it.
He looked at his friends and laughed, "So I guess you are all wondering how Jamia's appointment went?"
"Fuck no Frank we are all just staring at your pretty face cause we love you." Bob said from the back of the van.
"Well, thank you" he said with a laugh.
"Frank do you want me to wring your little tiny neck?" Gerard, who was sitting next to him asked. He placed his hands around the guitarist neck.
"Not now, Gee. We can play rough later." He gave him wink causing the others to roll their eyes.
"Out with it Frank" Ray said.
He was about to tell them when Mikey who was texting on his Sidekick screamed "Fucking Hell, twins?"
Frank's mouth dropped open. "Who are you texting?"
Mikey looked up at him, "Twins?"
Frank laughed, "Yeah, twins. Guess I should have told you my news sooner. Who told you?" He nodded to the Sidekick.
Mikey smiled "Monica. I thought I would text her just to check on Jamia. They are together watching TV after their big ice cream pig out. Jamia told her it was OK to tell me."
Gerard looked over at his brother, "You are texting my fiancée?"
Mikey laughed, "Yeah, I knew she was going with Jamia to the doctors"
"Give me that" he grabbed the Sidekick out of Mikeys hand and began a text
Hey Monica you know I've been thinking
you and I should hook up
Her reply was quick
Hey sounds good. You're brother is such a
Gerard laughed out loud
How did you know it was me?
Mikey was looking over his shoulder and smiled.
Cause Mikey already asked me and I turned him
Both the Way brothers laughed.
Gotta go. We are late for sound check Call
you after concert love ya
Her text was simple
Love ya too.
Jamia looked at Monica, "So did you tell Mikey?"
"Yeah, they are on their way to the sound check and are late." She studied her friends face. "So are you getting used to the idea?"
"I think I'm still in shock. How will I handle all this? Frank will be gone so much and I know our families will help but still." She shook her head.
"Hey and you know you got me. I'm an old pro at babies."
"Monica thank you for going with me today. I was so scared when the doctor wanted me to go right way for the sonogram but you were so calm."
Monica smiled, "I kind of had an idea what was going on. Having been through two pregnancies, I thought you were further along too. You already got that little baby bump."
Jamia rolled her eyes, "Not exactly little. I just thought I had gained a little weight cause I had been eating too much. It wasn't until we were coming home from Vegas that I felt sick."
They talked a few more minutes before Monica stood and said it was time for her to head home .She hugged Jamia and told her to call her if she needed anything and that included just talking.
She was almost back to Donna's when she got a call. It was Gerard.
"Just had a minute and wanted to hear your voice," he said in greeting.
Monica kept her eyes on the dark street in front of her headlight." I like hearing your voice too."
"Are you home?"
"Almost, I stayed with Jamia longer than I had planned. She is excited, scared, and just freaked out."
"I hate you being out after dark," he told her his tone serious.
Monica didn't want him to worry, "Honey I'm a big girl I can be out after dark."
"Until I know that crazy woman isn't in Jersey I will worry. Please be careful." The voices in the background were calling to him.
"I promise," she said.
"And when I get home we are going to get you a car that is dependable. That one you drive is a piece."
Monica laughed, "You just called my car a piece, that isn't nice"
"Hey I'm just being honest." He laughed.
"I need to get Kara a car so the girls can drive to school" She didn't tell him about the bus stop incident but he could hear by her voice there was a reason.
"You can tell me tomorrow why, OK?"
She smiled, "I love you, Gee."
"Yeah, I'm pretty lovable. So we'll get two new cars"
"Gerard, not new. I've never owned a new car in my life. All Kara and I need are newer used cars." He was silent which meant he wasn't agreeing, "Gerard, I'm serious."
"We will talk about that too."
She sighed. "Hurry home. I will be at the airport waiting." Jerry had called her earlier with the flight information. He had also called Kara to tell her that Bob would be flying directly to Chicago and not stopping in Jersey. He had some important business that couldn't be put off. Kara was trying to understand but until she talked to Bob was still upset.
"Gotta go, I'll call you after the concert." Gerard said
"Love you Gee."
He laughed, "Love you too Monica Veronica"
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