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His Family

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Kelly talks to her mom about Gerard. After the last concert before break Gerard calls and Monica has to tell him about Liv.

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Gerard took a deep breath as he was wheeled out onto the Selland Area stage. It was a sellout and the Fresno crowd was ready for the show. He began singing and the audience roared. Sometimes he wondered how they heard him but he knew somehow they did and he loved every minute of their vocal praise. When he stood and ripped off his hospital gown they screamed even louder. This was what he had dreamed of those almost six years ago when he had started the band. This was the dream the band had shared, he knew they had made a difference in so many lives he just hoped the fans understood how much of a difference they made in his life.
It was during the song "Cancer" it really hit home how much the words of the band touched so many lives. A young fan near the center of the crowd held up a sign asking him to sing the song for her mother who suffered from the disease. He pointed to her and then placed is hand over his heart. His voice gave testament to the deep emotion he was feeling for her and for everyone whose lives had been altered by cancer. He had to pause at the end of the song, the emotion had been too raw.
The concert had to move on. When he began to sing "Mama" a fan threw on stage a pink fuzzy boa on stage. He bent down, picked it up and placed it around his neck. A campy prop for a song he loved to perform. When the song ended he threw it back into the crowd.
The rest of the Black Parade set went along and he marveled at how each time he sang the songs it was like singing them for the first time. "Famous Last Words" the song of hope ended and he ran off the stage feeling the hope and the love of not only the fans but of the rest of the band, his brothers.
"Man, what a great fucking show" Ray said to him as they ran to change.
Gerard nodded, unable to speak. He wasn't sure why he was feeling so elated but he was. Maybe it was because he was going home tomorrow, going home to Monica. He knew she was his home. The words she had spoken to him today echoed in his ears, "I will always be waiting".
The "Revenge" portion of the show was as exciting as the first had been. Tonight he didn't remember the past, didn't think of who he had been when he wrote the songs. That man was gone, the man he was now thought only of the future. A future with a woman he loved, a woman who loved him.
In Jersey Monica decided to try to get some sleep before Gerard called. His call wouldn't be until around 4 am and she was tired. It had been an emotional day and she was excited he would be coming home tomorrow. His flight was due to come in around 1:45. She was so excited, she had missed him more than she thought possible.
She had only been sleeping an hour when Kelly spoke her name. "Mama, are you sleeping?"
Monica opened her eyes, "What's wrong honey?"
"I can't sleep and I just kind of wanted to talk"
Monica sat up "Lets go upstairs and get something to drink. We can talk there." She and Kelly hadn't sat and talked for what seemed like forever. When her girls had reached the teen years they never seemed to have time.
Once they were settled in the living room each with a cup of Green Tea, Monica asked Kelly if anything was bothering her.
"Kind of I guess." She said slowly. Monica waited knowing she would tell her in her own time. "I'm just sort of wondering what it's gonna be like when you and Gerard get married. I mean, well are you sure he really wants Kara and I around?"
Monica wondered where this thought had come from, "Honey, of course he wants you and Kara around. Would a man who didn't want you around worry about getting us a place to live in the same area so you didn't have to change schools? Gerard told me that he already thinks of you and Kara as his daughters."
"But mom, think about it. Gerard is, well you know, he's..."
"He's what, honey?"
"Well lots of the girls in my classes think he is hot." She looked away quickly.
Monica laughed, "Well he is"
"Mother, don't say that." Kelly rolled her eyes. "I mean I know you think so but it's sort of creepy to hear you say it."
"Kelly what is this really about?"
"I just want to make sure he really wants us to be a family. I really like Gerard, that day we went to the movies together was great. But he was just Gerard, not My Chemical Romance Gerard."
Monica understood what she was saying, "Honey Gerard loves us. He wants us to be his family. I'm not going to lie it will probably be a little hard for him at first but just remember that all of us will have to work together to make a family."
"I really do like him. When he's around I feel sort of safe. I know he will never replace daddy in my heart but I really want him to be kind of like a dad."
Monica smiled, "I'm sure you will only think like that until the first time you bring home a guy and Gerard gives him the 3rd degree."
Kelly smiled, "Maybe but I'll know deep down that he is only doing it cause he loves me."
When Gerard called Monica was still upstairs on the sofa. Kelly had gone back to bed around 2 am and she had just decided to sleep on the sofa. "Hello sweetheart" he greeted her when she answered.
Monica's voice was husky from sleep, "Hello handsome, how was the concert?'
"It was perfect. A sellout crowd." He sat back on his bed and lit a cigarette, "It's just after midnight here and our flight is a 5:45 in the morning. I just want to get on the fucking plane and get home to you."
"I can't wait to see you, I've missed you so much." She told him. "I want to feel your arms around me, lay my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat."
He moaned, "Oh man, honey being away from you is killing me. I need some Monica time so bad."
"Well I need some Gee time." She remembered her earlier talk with Kelly and told him what she had said.
"I really do want to be a dad to her you know. She is such a sweet girl," He said "but I gotta tell you it's kind of a scary thought to me. I don't know the first thing about being a dad. Hell, what if I mess up?"
She laughed, "You won't mess up. Being a dad comes from the heart."
He took another drag off is cigarette, "Then why am I so afraid of Elena?" he whispered.
"Gee, I don't really thing you are afraid of her. I think you are afraid of Liv. I think you are afraid of your feelings for her."
He didn't know that to say was Monica right? Was he afraid of his feelings for Liv? "I love you, Monica." He finally said.
She sighed, "I know that Gee. In my heart I know you do."
"I have to face her don't I?
Monica closed her eyes, why did this have to come up now? "You need to face Liv and your past so you can move on."
He snuffed out his cigarette and immediately wanted another one. "Did you go to see her?" he asked softly.
Monica sighed, "I went to see her" she spoke in a whisper, "She and Elena moved a few days before I got there. I'm sorry Gee but she is gone again."

Authors Note - The events in this story that happened during the song "Cancer" are true. The boa part is true too. Gee seems to like boa's! I will be out of town tomorrow so no update, sorry but I will be back on Wed. Love to all of you.
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