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Welcome Home You're Beautiful

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Gerard, Mikey and Frank arrive at the airport. Gerard and Monica spend time together.

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The airport was crowed so the three women standing together didn't cause anyone give them a second glance. They were just three women standing amongst hundreds of others waiting impatiently for the passengers to deplane.
"I have never been this nervous waiting for Frank" Jamia said, "This is ridiculous." She was rocking back and forth trying to look over the people standing in front of her.
Alicia laughed, "I wonder if he realized he actually has three people waiting for him and I don't me you, me and Monica."
Jamia smiled and placed her hand over her abdomen. "Do I look different?" she asked them.
Monica smiled, "You are positively glowing."
Passengers started to pass through the door leading into the waiting area. "I see Mikey" Alicia yelled. She ran up to him and he crushed her to his chest.
Monica and Jamia moved foreword knowing Gerard and Frank couldn't be far behind. Frank walked out next his eyes scanning the crowd for Jamia. He spotted her and she ran to him. The hug they shared was tender. "Baby I missed you" he told her.
"I'm so glad you're home," she whispered.
Monica was watching their loving encounter and didn't see Gerard until he was standing right in beside her. He didn't say a word just pulled her to him and held her tightly.
A few people had noticed the band members so they started to move towards the doors. Jerry would get their luggage and send it on to their homes. Monica started to follow the other two couples when Gerard pulled her off of the side. "I already told Mikey we wouldn't be riding with them," he explained. He led her to the Avis desk where a car had been reserved for him. Within minutes they were on a shuttle, which took them to the parking lot where their rental car was parked. Gerard never let go of Monica's hand.
Once settled in the rental Gerard stated the car and for a few minutes they drove in silence just enjoying the comfort of being near one another. He drove with one hand the other tightly entwined with Monica's. Finally the silence was broken by Gerard's soft sigh, "I'm so fucking glad to be home."
Monica smiled, "I've missed you so much, Gee. I was beginning to think you would never get home. I swear I was counting the minutes. At least I was counting in my head, Jamia was counting out loud."
"Frank was a nervous wreck on the plane. He just keeps muttering "twins". Man, I can't imagine two baby Ireo's. I hope they have a boy and a girl."
"As long as they are healthy any combo is fine." Monica said reaching over with her other hand and stroking his black hair. "I just love your hair like this."
"I can tell you I don't miss the blond. That was getting too painful keeping it up. Besides it's not true that blonds have more fun. I couldn't be your bad boy with it."
Gerard had to signal to turn so he released her hand, "You look beautiful," he said quietly.
Monica looked over at him, "You look beautiful"
He laughed, "Men do not look beautiful."
She lightly stroked is cheek, "Gerard you are beautiful inside and out." He smiled over at her, that adorable lop-sided grin and she added, "Oh and hot. I don't want to forget that. Kelly was just telling me last night that her friends at school think you are hot. When I told her that was true she rolled her eyes at me and said that she knew I thought that but it was creepy hearing me say it."
Gerard laughed, "Oh my God. Poor Kelly" He paused a minute then asked, "Monica I really hope she will accept me."
"And she hopes you will accept her. This will work Gee. We are going to be a family."
She looked out the window and saw that they were pulling in front of The Omni Berkshire Place. The door was opened for her by one of the valets and she stepped out. Gerard handed the keys to a second valet and they walked hand in hand through the ornate front doors.
At the reservation desk everything was ready for their visit. The clerk looked surprised when he was told they had no luggage. Once in the elevator Monica began to giggle. "Did you see his look when you said we had no luggage. Oh, my I can just imagine what was going through his mind."
"Probably the same thing that's going through mine" he leaned down and kissed her lips just as the elevator doors slid open. An older man and woman stood waiting to board. Monica turned and smiled at them. The woman returned the smile and said "Ah, young love, so sweet." Her husband just frowned.
They arrived at their room, which Gerard quickly used the card key to open. Monica noticed is hands shook slightly. When the door closed behind them he swiftly took her in his arms. He covered her face and neck with soft urgent kisses. Suddenly he pulled away and Monica wondered what had just happened. He crossed the room and took a seat in one of the large wing-backed chairs.
"Gee, what is it?" she crossed to stand in front of him.
He smiled slightly. Just didn't want that to get out of hand. I told you on the phone that I was just going to hold you in my arms, nothing else. We are more than just sex, Monica."
Monica looked at him in wonder. "Gee, honey, when you said that on the phone I was touched by your words. But Gee, I can't be near you like this and not want to touch you." She knelt down in front of him. "Gerard, making love with you is part of our love." She had given him permission to release the pent up passion that had been building since she had left him in Vegas.
He moaned as his hands reached out to lift her onto his lap. He pulled her against his chest. "Woman, I love you so much sometimes I don't think I can breathe without you." He kissed her passionately, deeply, his tongue demanding entrance. Finally he broke the kiss. "Honey, I'm sorry but this is sort of uncomfortable." She noticed that his jeans were significantly tighter than before. She slipped off his lap and took his hands.
"Gee, let me undress you." she said in a husky voice her eyes clouded with desire. He simply nodded. She pulled him out of the chair and as he stood before her. Monica lifted the hoodie over his head and let it fall to the ground. She wanted to take her time and not rush this. It seemed like it had been forever. Her palms ran over the contours of his chest. The feel of his skin under her fingers was warm which only added to her heat. Slowly her fingers reached the zipper of his jeans lowering it with a soft hiss. Her fingers snaked between his skin and the denim and she slowly lowered his jeans and he stepped out of them. His eyes were closed, his breathing becoming ragged. His boxers soon followed. He stood naked before her. Her eyes drank in the sight of him. His need was not hidden any longer.
Monica stepped away from him and he opened his eyes to gaze at her. She had crossed over to the bed and was sitting cross-legged in the center of the mattress. Her hands slid to the hem of her shirt and she pulled it over her head. She hadn't worn a bra. Gerard took a step towards her put she held out her hand to stop him. "Not yet" Her grin was so sexy he moaned.
Coming to her knees she released the knot on her sweats, letting the pants fall below her waist. She wiggled out of them and she gave them a toss to the floor. She returned to her original position giving him a clear view of what she had worn beneath them. A very sheer scrap of material covered her feminine mound.
This time it was a tortured groan he released. She was making him wait, to increase the desire. "You are gonna kill me" he said honestly.
Monica giggled, "I hope not cause then you would miss all fun." She smiled one of the innocent smiles he had ever seen.
"I wasn't serious, I'm up for whatever you got for me." He was trying his best not to simply move to the bed and take her.
"I can see that" she looked at his body and felt desire course through her. She wanted him so badly but still she wanted him to know that this was for him. She would do anything for him, or with him because of their love.
Slowly she pulled her legs out from under her and while he watched through hooded eyes she slid off her panties and threw them over the side of the bed. Like a cat she stretched her body and lay back on the pillows. "Come to me, Gee."
He was there in a heartbeat. His body pressed against her in the most intimate way. His groin pressed against her flesh, now warm and moist. He welcomed her damp heat. "Monica it's been too long, I don't know how long I can hold out.," he whispered into her ear.
"It's been to long for me too. I want you Gee. Please." Her voice in his ear pushed him to the brink of insanity.
He covered her mouth with his and at the same time thrust deeply inside her. Monica inhaled and took all of him inside her. He pulled back slightly only to thrust again. She arched her back to meet each thrust. The sensation that rocked through her moved her closer and closer to climax. She could feel that he was already close and trying to hold back for her.
"Gee, I love you" she moaned into his ear. "Don't hold back, honey. I'm already there." He once more covered her mouth and thrust deeper. As his seed filled her he said her name over and over. Just hearing her name on his lips pushed her over the edge, the waves of pleasure washing over her.
Gerard lowered his body and rolled slightly off her. She rolled with him so she could look into his eyes. The love she saw deep within them caused her own eyes to fill with tears. He saw but didn't understand. "God, did I hurt you?"
Monica kissed his soft lips before answering, "The love I see in your eyes is more than I can take. I never thought anyone would love me like you do." She looked down feeling embarrassed.
He titled her face to his. "Monica, look at me. The love you see in my eyes is the same love I see in yours. Sometimes I feel so sad cause I don' t think I deserve the love you give me."
"Gerard please never stop loving me" she hadn't wanted to say the words but they had spilled out.
He knew his past actions involving Liv had caused her doubts. "Honey, I could never stop loving you. I would die inside without my love for you. I would die if you stopped loving me."
She gently pushed him onto his back and snuggled her body to his. She laid her head on his chest. This was what she had missed so much. He had given her his heart. She needed to hear it beat for her.
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