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Chpt 22: Bad ideas abound

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Sorry its short. And late. Love me anyway?

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Chpt 22: Bad ideas abound.

"A tour?" That's not how the conversation started, but that's where it became important.

"Next week." He says pacing the space between the couch and the entrance to the hallway. Occasionally pulling at the hem of his hoodie or the bill of his hat. I frown slightly rubbing the ever growing bump on my abdomen.

"How long?"

His pace slows until he stops at the foot of the couch, resting his hands on my feet, "Three weeks." He says finally, taking a seat resting my feet across his lap.

"And Pete?" I ask after a moment.

Patrick's head bows slightly toward his lap, "He stays."

"In Chicago?"

He nods. A tour. Without Pete. It almost seems impossible, but leave it to Island to have the worst timing known to man.


"T. Jay is going to play bass. We'll just improvise the rest I guess." He says turning his body on the couch so that his rests on the bump, "I'm going to miss you guys."

Pushing the cap off his head I run my fingers through his hair, "We're," I gulp a little at that though, "going to miss you too."

Later I find myself across the room from Pete. Sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair with my knees tucked under my chin. He's pacing the small area between the already made hospital bed and the wall.

"I can't go home." We've been having this argument for the past ten minutes.

"Of Course you can Pete. You should be around your family right now." I try pleading for the third time, but I think its getting les convincing every time.

He's shaking his head, "No, Ane. I can't. Its too much to be there. I'll be a prisoner."

"Then where will you go?" I ask, standing up to face him.

His eyes catch mine, " I want to stay with you." I can't quite bear the look in his eyes. That one of desperation and impending disappointment.

"Pete...I...I'm not so sure that's a good idea." Meaning it's a horrible idea. Worst ever probably.

"Come on Ane, I need this." Its his turn to plead, and damn is he good at it too. I can't break my eyes away from his, and slowly I feel my gut giving in. When did I get this soft?

"Alright," I sigh. "You can stay."

Evie has been wearing a tread in my carpet since she heard about Pete's newest place of residence. Otherwise known as my old room and the soon to be nursery.

"He's staying here?" She asks for the eighth time in the last twelve minutes.

I nod slowly, "Yes Evie. He's staying here. Will you stop asking me that."

"Its just that..." She stops short of her usual turn around, "It kicked."

I giggle a little, "They tend to do that."

"Abusive parasite." She mumbles resuming her pace, "As I was saying...does Patrick know where Pete is staying for the duration of the tour?"

" I might have forgotten to mention it." I let out biting my lip. Its amazing the guilt trip this woman was capable of with just a look.

" You're going to regret this Ane." She says taking a seat, her words aren't threatening though they carry more a tone of pity.

I shake my head and stand, " What I'm more afraid of Ev," my voice catches in my throat " is that I won't."
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