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Chapter Sixteen

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One more and then the end.

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"Eat this before we go on stage." Rocko pushed a banana in my direction.
"Ew no. My tummy hurts. I don't want to." I rubbed my stomach then stuck out my tongue and chucked the banana at Whitey's head.
"Damnit!" He rubbed the spot it hit and slammed the banana down on the table. When he smushed it, it exploded and banana poo got all over Snake's arm.
"Aahaha! Ew you have banana poo on your arm!"
"Porcelain, why are you talking like a 7 year old?"
"Because I can?"
"You scare me."
"You give me nightmares." I flicked a small piece of banana that sat in front of me. It landed on his nose. He flipped out and wiped it off quickly. Quinn busted the door open and ran in singing Kelly Clarkson songs.
"Since you been gooooone!" I jumped out of my seat.
"I cant breathe for the first time!"
"Da da da da da!"
"Yeah yeah!" We didn't quite know the rest of the song so we stopped and sat down.
"How's it going Porcelain?"
"Good. You Quinny?"
"Great! Today is the big day kiddo." He pushed my arm and grinned.
"Yes. Big, big day." Just then Jeph and Bert ran in also singing. Sounded like Shania Twain. Bert stopped but Jeph kept going.
"Man! I feel like a woman!" We all stared at Jeph. He stared back blushing at the line he just yelled at the top of his lungs. We all burst out laughing for a good five minutes. Rocko even fell out of his chair which made us laugh even harder.
"So you feeling nervous ALAINA?" Everyone fake gasped. a bunch of "oh em gee" and "oh no he didn't" s were heard around the bus. I rolled my eyes at them.
"Yes ROBERT!" Bert's eyes became wide and everyone laughed. Only Quinn, Jeph and I knew his full name. Rocko Whitey and Snake were cracking up.
"Shut up! Porcelain I hate you."
"You loved me." He folded his arms and turned away from me. Jeph continued the conversation.
"So are you really going through with this?"
"Yeah I am. I think the world needs to know the real me."
"I don't think the world is READY for the real you."
"Maybe not. But that's a chance I'm willing to take." Jessie came running on the bus.
"Ten minutes! lets go!"
"Don't have a baby Jessica!" Bert yelled.
"Shut up ROBERT!"
"Oh MY GOD!" Bert threw his hands up and ran off the bus in a huff. We all laughed and quickly walked to the stage. It was Thursday. The last show of Warped Tour. Before getting on stage I took the bat necklace from my jacket pocket and tossed the jacket aside. As I walked on stage the crowd screamed loudly. I set the necklace on one of the amps and grabbed the mic. I glance at the faces of the people who cheered for me. In the very front I saw a very sweaty boy with ebony hair. It was wet and covered his face. I looked closer as he swept the hair aside. Gerard was there, just like I asked. He smiled and I grinned back. I went through my set and stopped right before the last song. I turned my back to audience and put on the long necklace. With my back still to the crowd I spoke into the microphone.
"To you, i am Porcelain. To the world I am Porcelain. The world isn't ready to know the real me but today it will anyway. My fucking name is," I turned to audience letting the sun make my necklace glisten, "Alaina Marie Beaton..." The drums and guitar started, then the bass, then me. The last song to be played was 'You Want'. I gave the performance everything I had. I didn't even glance towards Gerard. I was afraid of his reaction. I cried, I screamed, I exploded on stage. My emotions were all let go. At that moment I realized drugs wouldn't help me. Neither would alcohol. The only thing that could save me is music. And quite possibly love....
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