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Chapter One

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Frank is the popular bully, Gerard is Mikey's older gay brother... (I don't understand ratings.)

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Frank Iero. Popular. Fancieable. He was quarter back of the football team, he may be smaller than all the other jocks but he was faster. Frank had a beautiful wide smile and a misfit hair style. A black flop of hair coming over his right eye and either side was dyed red. Frank always wanted his lip and nose pierced but was to afraid to be different incase people saw him as the other loser kids who wear all black and had silly piercings all over there face. Not only were Frank popular and a football player he was a bully.

"OW!" Mikey screamed as Frank slammed his thin, fragile body against the cold locker. Mikey was very thin and wore thick rimmed glasses. Mikey Way was what people considered a Nerd because of his glasses and good grades. Mikey's long blonde hair flopped over his face as his head smashed against the edge of the locker. Frank thought Mikey was an easy target as he knew he wouldn't fight back. "Why do you do this?" Mikey asked trying to hold back his tears, sliding down the locker holding his hand over his bleeding head.

"Because I have to." Frank answered quietly so no one heard. Frank hadn't meant to make Mikey bleed, just scare him. Frank hated himself for doing this, he knew Mikey was probably a nice guy really, but he never got the chance to get to know him. Frank just waited everyday with his friends for Mikey to come out of Chemistry so he could humiliated and scare him to make his friends laugh.

"C'mon dude, we'll be late for football practice." Said the captain of the team laughing and pulling at Franks arm. Frank didn't want to leave Mikey sat there but he had no choice, he followed his friends out to the field feeling only 3ft tall.


Frank waited after practice for his hot popular girlfriend to come pick him up so that they could go to a empty car park and have mindless sex. Frank hated it; he felt nothing when they were in the back seat of her car making her moan. In fact Frank didn't even find her attractive, he was just with her 'cos of his image.
Frank stood outside the gates when a red car pulled up much like his girlfriends, only it wasn't a girl in the drivers seat, well so he thought as he couldn't see who it was, but as who ever it was, was wearing a black t-shirt so it couldn't have possibly been Stacy 'Must Wear Something Pink' Cooke. Frank stared at the mysterious man trying to get a good look. Frank didn't know why he wanted to see him so badly but he did. He was still staring when Mikey came out of the building jogging slightly towards the car. As Mikey came closer he stopped suddenly when he saw Frank at the gates. Frank hadn't even seen Mikey but when he did he saw Mikey scared stiff. Maybe Mikey thought that Frank was waiting to get him. Frank saw the man inside the car undo his seatbelt, Frank didn't want the man to get out and shout at him so he raised both hands parallel with his chest to signal that he wasn't going to hurt him. Mikey understood his gesture and proceeded to the car and climbed into the passenger's seat. Frank watched the man put his seatbelt back on and drive away from sight. About 15 minutes later Stacy showed up and they had done there nightly routine.

That evening Frank was still wondering about the man in the car. Frank knew that Mikey lived with his mom Donna Way but she was divorced and he moved to England, he knew this because the Ways only lived across the street but he never saw any other type of family member.

"Mom, you know Donna Way right?" Frank asked his mom, Linda Iero that night at dinner. It was only Frank and Linda, it always had been and he liked it that way.

"Yeah honey, why?" Linda asked.

"I want to know if she had any other children other than Mikey."

" Well Frank I won't ask you why you want to know but i will tell you the answer. Donna has a son that has graduated collage, hum... 21 i think he is but he's never around here because he does drugs and he's an alcoholic so he's out somewhere in the city getting stoned or wasted everyday. He always was weird he never seemed to wear anything other than black..."

"Really? Well i saw him today picking up Mikey, although i didn't see him properly." Frank wanted to see this weird kid that his mom spoke of he seamed so free willed and Frank liked it. That night Frank got hardly any sleep trying to imagine what the wonderful 'Gerard Way' looked like.


The next morning Frank woke earlier than normal so he decided to slip into the front yard for a smoke. His mother didn't approve of him smoking but she couldn't stop him so she only insisted that he did it outside so the house didn't smell. As Frank sat on his front porch inhaling deeply on his cancer stick, he looked at the Ways home. Only one light in the house was on and the curtains were open to. Frank looked into the room in hopes that it was Mikey's brother Gerards room so that he could see him, but no such luck as he was probably out getting wasted still.

"So what are you going to do to Mikey today? Give him a kiss and a bunch of roses?" One of the jocks asked Frank pulling kissing faces.

"What'd you mean?" Frank asked extremely puzzled.

"We saw you last night; you just let him get into that car even without saying anything nasty or EVEN a dirty look!" The jock replied to Frank. "Maybe you're not as tough as you let on Frankie Boy." Frank hated it when people called him Frankie and he hated it even more when people made fun of him. It wasn't that Frank weren't really tough because he was, he just didn't care for hurting innocent people.

"His older brother was there, what if he had gotten out of the car and beaten my ass? I have heard bad things bout him!" Frank said more so as a statement than a question.

"Gerard? He wouldn't hurt you he's a fag; he likes to suck off men!" All the room was now filled with laughter but Franks. He didn't find it so funny.

"Well, if tonight Gerard comes to pick Mikey up you got to beat the shit outta him! Also the whole school will be watching so you better do it Iero!" The captain of the team said looking Frank right in the eye. He only hoped that Gerard wouldn't come and pick Mikey up that night.


The whole school was stood in front of Frank making a part way for the fight to take place in. Gerard had come and now everyone waited for Mikey to leave the building. Frank wanted to run away but he couldn't he had too much at stake.

As soon as the crowd saw Mikey leave the building they started chanting 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT' over and over. Frank stood in front of the gates opposite Mikey. Mikey saw what was going to happen and there was no way he could avoid it so he set off down the path through chanting people and stopped when he reached Frank. Frank thought for a moment before acting upon Mikey. Maybe he could make it look worse than it was but he no longer had time to think he was just going to have to do it.
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