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Chapter Two

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Frank stared through Mikey's glasses at his big, round, blue eyes. Frank could feel the fear coming off Mikey's body and he tensed up, he had left it too long now and had to do something. Frank clenched his sweaty palm into a ball ready to punch Mikey right in between his icy blue eyes. As Frank raised his ball of sweat he had a sudden rush of pain as he fell to the floor. Mikey was stood over him shaking his fist in pain. Frank couldn't believe it Mikey had actually hit him.

"What the fuck?!?" Shouted Darren the captain of the football team. He stormed over to where Frank lay shoving Mikey hard and giving him death glares. Mikey ran off towards the red car and it sped off within seconds. Frank found it hard to stand up he was hurting but most of all he was in shock. He was glad Mikey hit him, he totally deserved it but only wished he hadn't as he knew Darren would make it 10 times worse for him.


Frank had cleared away the blood coming from his nose before returning home to Linda.

"Hey honey, what is that?!?" Linda asked taking Franks head into her hands looking up and down his face. Frank hadn't thought about whether it would have left a bruise.

"Erm, I tripped in football and went down face first." Frank lied, he didn't want to lie to his mom but he couldn't tell her that he was ment to be beating up the kid across the street but he had managed to hit him first.

"Humm, well get cleaned up I have invited a few guests over for dinner and they should be here in a couple of minutes." Frank was about to ask who it was that his mother had invited over but she had already half pushed Frank up the stairs.
Frank took a quick shower and was just finishing dressing when he heard voices from across the street. Curious, Frank looked out of his bedroom window to see Donna Way pushing Mikey out of the door with a dark figure behind her. Frank didn't want to be caught staring and quickly shut his curtains just as his mom shouted him.

"Frankie! Our guests are here!" Linda shouted up to Frank. Frank didn't even like his mom calling him Frankie. He let out an angered sigh and headed downstairs to see Donna Way, Mikey and a person Frank had never seen before but even for a man and in a straight mans opinion was no doubt beautiful.

"Frankie, this is Gerard. He has just come back recently to live with Donna and Mikey full time." Linda said ushering Donna through to the kitchen for a coffee before the meal.

"Hi Frankie." Gerard said laughing slightly holding out his hand. Frank took his hand feeling his ghost like fingers wrap around Franks more masculine touch. Frank hadn't even cared that Gerard had called him Frankie; in fact he kind of liked it. Gerards big hazel eyes were now locked with Franks, Frank could of swore that he was about to get lost in them when Gerard spoke. "See something you like?" Gerard asked teasing letting go of Frank's hand. Frank hadn't even realized that even after Gerard had let go he still kept hold onto Gerard's soft hand.

"Sorry." Frank said blushing slightly. Frank glanced over at Mikey who was hiding behind Gerard too scared incase Frank attacked him for leaving a very visible black and purple bruise on Franks nose. Frank knew dinner would be another 20 minutes or so and didn't want to leave Gerard or Mikey just stood in his hallway. "Do you like video games?" Frank asked walking into the living area switching on the games console.

"Me and Mikey love them don't we?" Gerard said joining Frank on the floor in front of the widescreen TV.

"Ermm...y-y-yeah..." Mikey stuttered still obviously frightened.

"Good you guys can pick the game you wanna play." Frank said pointing towards a shelf filled with many different games.


After about 15 minutes of taking turns on Super Sonic Car Racing Frank slid outside into the front yard for a smoke. It was dark out side only the street lamp giving off any light, Frank was enjoying the peace and quiet when it was broken by a voice Frank strangely couldn't get enough of.

"Mind if I join you?"

"No, you smoke?"

"Yeah mind if I borrow one, I have none left?"

"No n-no not at all." Frank passed Gerard one of his newly bought cigarettes. Watching Gerard breathe in and out on the cancer stick, watching his chest raise and fall was like no other sight Frank had ever seen.

"So what happened to your face?" Gerard asked after stomping out the bud of his cigarette and now touching Franks face lightly.

"Erm fell over at football practice." Frank said not wanting to tell him about bullying Mikey.

"You're in the football team? Let me guess you're also dating the popular girl and you're a complete jerk to everyone else?" Gerard asked smiling slightly.

"Yeah I'm a quarter back, I do date the popular girl and yeah I am a jerk!" Frank said laughing at how easily he was stereotyped but it was all true. " How come I have never seen you round here before?"

"Ahh well, if you want to know you will have to come out to grab a bite to eat tomorrow around 6." Gerard said giving Frank puppy dog eyes. Frank thought he was very good at this but Frank didn't need Gerards look there was no way he would have said no.



Frank entered the boys locker room after doing lap the entire course of his gym lesson. Frank hadn't seen Mikey since that night he had stayed for dinner and it was lucky because Darren did have a plan for him but Frank didn't want to be any part of it, but did he really have a choice.

"You got it Iero, oh and if he comes to hit you kick him in his fucking balls!" Darren said after sharing his plan with the rest of the team.
Frank waited for Mikey to come into the showers after he was done with his laps. It wasn't long until the showers were filled by over 20 lads.

"Hey! Everyone, better cover up Mikey might have caught the gay disease of his brother!" Mikey looked over at Frank. Frank knew that Gerard had told Mikey about there plans for the evening.

"I'm not gay!" Mikey said back in self defense. It was now Franks turn to say the lines Darren was forcing him to say.

"I especially best stay away then seen as his brother was all over me last night!" Frank shouted as the shower filled with "EW" and people making sick noises. Mikey walked past Frank knocking into him as he left the shower room and everyone now switched to making "Ohhhhhhhh" noises.

"Gerard Way is a suicidal fag, no wonder he's gay no woman would have that mess and waste of human life form!" Shouted Darren after Mikey. This comment made Franks face all crumple up in anger. To him Gerard was beautiful and probably the least waste of space and one of Gods finest creations! Frank silently left the shower room not being able to protest against Darren knowing he would end up being kicked off the team.


That evening Frank waited outside his home for Gerard to come out so that they could go and eat just like they had arranged. As Gerard left the house he waved over to Frank and signaled for him to come over. Gerard got into the drivers seat and Frank into the passengers side and they headed off into town.

"Where do you wanna eat?" Gerard said running a free hand through his messy black hair.

"I'll eat where ever you feel like eating." Frank said wanting to know what his choice would have been.

"Humm well I think I feel like eating pizza. Let's go to pizza hut!" Gerard said licking his pink lips.

"Sure I would love pizza!"

Inside the restaurant they had talked about everyday life and just different things to get to know each other that by the end of their chat they felt like they had known each other for years. There had been a few minute silence but a comfortable one until it was suddenly broken.

"You don't care about me being gay do you?" Gerard asked looking Frank right in the eye.

"No. Why?" Frank didn't actually care that Gerard was gay, he liked it that way just that he knew no girl would ever take away his new friend.

"Just... Mikey said that all your footballer friends were making fun of me 'cos I'm gay. I just wanted to make sure it didn't bother you." Gerard said in a hurt tone. "I don't understand why people just can't accept me." He now sounded like he was going to cry and Frank hated it. "I'm really a nice guy, if they say things about me not being you won't believe them will you?" Gerard asked still looking Frank right in the eye. Frank placed his hand on top of Gerards and squeezed lightly.

"I accept you; I would still want to be your friend even if you fancied dogs. Also I wouldn't be able to believe them I know your a wonderful and beautiful person" Frank said blushing madly after realizing he had said beautiful. Gerard smiled a very large sweet smile while squeezing Franks hand back then taking it pulling Frank out of the restaurant.

"Gerard, where are we going?"

"You'll see Frankie!"
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