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Chapter Three

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Frank and Gerard's meal out but will everything go smoothly?

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"This is where i had my first kiss!" Gerard said proudly as Frank and Gerard stood on a clif side over looking a sparkling blue lake. The view was beautiful and Frank wished his first kiss would have been somewhere romantic as this. "I know you probably don't want to hear a bout my gay encounters, well, why would you you're not gay." Gerard said taking a seat at the edge. Frank didn't respond to that, how could he?

Yes Gerard I'm not gay, but i just wanna show you around my naked hot steamy body.

He was right though, Frank weren't gay. All he did was place himself next to Gerard leaning his chin on his hands and there they sat in silence.

"So what's your girlfriends name?" Gerard asked turning to face Frank.

"Erm, Stacy."

"You got a picture?"

"Sure." Frank pulled out his wallet to reveal nothing, he must of took it out earlier. He pulled out his cell phone handing it over to gerard after finding a decent picture of her.

"Wow she definatly fits the whole popular girl image." Gerard said handing the phone back. " We are going to have to give you a nice picture to put in your wallet." Gerard said smile beaming.

"I don't have any good pictures to put in."

"I can fix that, stay here." Gerard said getting up and running away. Frank did as he was told and waited for Gerards return. When Gerard came back he was holding a digital camera that he had gotten from his car.

"We need a shot with the lake in the background." Gerard said sitting back down moving right next to Frank pratically on his lap. Gerard placed his cheek on Franks. Frank could feel Gerards jawbone lifting as he smiled telling Frank to look at the camera and smile to as he clicked on the button releasing a flash of blinding light. "Oh that's a good one." Gerard said looking back at the picture. "I'll print you a copy." Gerard said taking an unpexpected picture of Frank looking out upon the shimmering lake. "Now, let's get you home."


The next morning at school Frank didn't need to wait for Mikey.

"Oi! Frank!" Mikey shouted walking over to Frank and the rest of the team.

"What do you want?" Frank asked raising an eyebrow.

"I believe this is for you." Mikey said holding out a rectangular package. Frank knew excatly what it was. "Gerard said to be careful with it." Mikey said looking at Frank expecting an answer.

"What! You're getting fucking presents off Gerard Pansy Way!" Shouted Darren now standing inbetween Mikey and Frank.

"It's... it's drugs... I brought some pot off him last night." Frank said feeling so bad it pysically hurt his insides.

"Allright! Maybe the fag is useful for something!" Darren said reaching out for the package. Frank shoved it in his bag before Darren could feel it.

"It's mine! Buy your own! Oh and Mikey tell Gerard thanks." Frank said.

"I don't know why you're thanking him, you should be using your other manners such as sorry." Mikey muttered just loud enough for them to hear.

"What's his problem?" One jock shouted from the back. Frank didn't say anything much up untill luncj. For Frank lunch ment eating then finding a poor defenseless person to mentally and pysically bully untill they have had enough and want to hang themselves using a belt. For Frank this person was Mikey, although Frank doesn't want him to harm himself.

"DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!" Was all that could be heard through out the cafiteria. Frank had Mikey pinned up against the wall while punching him as hard as he could in his stomach.

"Please don't, stop please!" Mikey begged hoping that Frank would stop but he didn't. He didn't want the other guys thinking he was a pussy now did he? "Help me, Gerard help!" Mikey yelped. Frank stopped. What did he just say? Frank thought. Frank turned to see Gerard stood behind him the crowd was now silent. Gerards face was pure white, just like he had seen a ghost. His eyes glazing over with tears that refuzed to fall. Nothing was said. Gerard walked right passed Frank picking up Mikey and leaving the cafiteria.

"Fuck!" Frank said aloud leaving in the opposite dirrection.


When Frank returned home that evening from school he ran straight up to his room, no hello to his mom even. How could I have been so stupid? The boy I am remotely interessted in and hoped would be my friend forever saw me beat up his little brother! Frank thought kicking off his shoes and pulling out the brown package from his bag. As Frank opened it something fell on his lap. Frank looked at the bigger object now in his hands ignoring the little thing that had fallen. It was just what Frank had guessed, it was a framed picture of last night. Gerard was right it was a good one! Frank placed the frame on his bedside table now focusing his attention on the little paper that had fallen out. It was a note with a wallet sized picture of him and Gerard. He read the note his heart throbbing.

Dearest little Frankie!
We should take more pictures of you. You're beautiful.

Love Gerard.

Frank blushed as Gerard has refered to him as beautiful. He just couldn't believe how stupid he was to do this, let someone as perfect as Gerard slip away.

"Honey phone, it's for you." Franks mom said from the other side of his door. Frank slowly walked over opening the door to retreieve the phone off his mom shutting the door and taking a seat on his bed.

"Hello?" Frank asked.


"Hello?" Frank asked again feeling a little anoyed.

"WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU!?!" Gerard screamed from the other end of the line.

"Ermm.... well... mmmm....-"

"AND HE ALSO TOLD ME ALL THE SHIT YOU HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT ME TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS. GOT A GOOD LAUGH AT THE GAY FAGGOT DID YOU?!?" Gerard shouted still angry, but then his voice changed into a soft but hurt tone. "You were ment to be my friend."

"I am your friend, i don't want to loose you as my friend. I am so sorry i never ment to hurt you or mikey!" Frank said finally being able to speak. "I am so sorry." Frank leaked a tear, "I love you Gee." Frank said then he heard the dial tone. Gerard had hung up on him.
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