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Chapter Four

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Frank thought about what he had just said. Did he really love Gerard? Well he did love him lots in a friend way but....

Frank knew it was too early in their friend ship for real love but at the time it just seamed like the right thing to say. He just wanted Gerard to understand that he meant something to him and when he around him that's the real him not the person he is at school.

Frank remained on the bed staring at the phone in his hand. Then suddenly he head a large bang and then thundering up his stairs, then into his bedroom almost knocking the door of the hinges.


"I meant as in a friend, you're the first real friend I've ever had!" Frank said.

"You hurt Mikey, if you hurt Mikey then you hurt me, I can't have a friendship with someone who could do something like that, I don't know how you can live with yourself!" Gerard said now sounding more disgusted.

"I never wanted to hurt him Gerard, I just... I had to" Frank said lamely.

"No you didn't, did anyone ever come up to you and put a gun to your head and threaten to blow your brains out unless you did that to Mikey? No I don't think so! You were just being a selfish jerk" Gerard yelled and left the room before frank could even attempt to reply.

Frank knew Gerard was Right he was a selfish jerk and its no one else fault all his. If he wanted things to change then he's going to have to do it him-self.

Frank walked through the school gates, it was time to change he wasn't going to be selfish anymore. Darren and three other jocks came jogging over to frank patting him on the back.

"Oh Jesus yesterday was fucking amazing, who knew fag face would show up? The look on his face when he saw it, I swear I thought he was gonna cry!" Darren said between fits of laughter.

"Don't call him that alright, he's still the same as you and me." Frank said knowing it would have no affect on Darren but still at least he was standing up for what he believed in.

"Whoa dude, I think like Frankie fancies fag face. Aw little gay lovers." Darren shouted. Frank clenched his fist; he knew Darren was stronger so just walked away.

That morning before lessons frank decide to pull out the football team. So that he would no longer have any reason hang out with or be any where near Darren or any of the other jocks. Frank went to first lesson; this was going to be a 1st as normally now he would normally out on the field playing football.

"Ah shit chemistry!" Frank said aloud to himself. This was the class he would normally wait outside for Mikey, this mean he's gonna be in Mikey's lesson.

"Ah Mr Iero, you finally decided to broaden your knowledge without using a ball, why is that then?" the chemistry teacher asked using that annoying all knowing voice.

"I quit the football team" Frank simply said finding the teacher rather annoying. He looked around the room and saw Mikey. He also noticed the empty chair right next to him.

"Okay Frank, you go take a seat while I just go get the equipment for today's practical. I'll be a few minuets, I trust you to be good" the teacher said as he left the classroom. Frank walked over next Mikey and sat in the empty seat. From his bag he pulled out a pencil and pad and began to doodle. Frank could feel Mikey staring at his in either shock or confusion so frank decided to be brave and talk.

"Hey" Frank said turning to face an un-easy Mikey.

"Hey... Erm, why are you sat here? He replied not meaning to sound rude.

"Well it's nice to know I'm wanted but I'll take a seat somewhere else if you like?"

"No, it's okay you can stay... Why are you being nice to me?"

"Mikey I never wanted to hurt you, even before I knew Gerard existed, but now I've quit the team and im not going to be like them and do what they say anymore!"

"So you're gonna be nice to me?" Mikey asked hopefully.

"Yeah and I'm sorry about everything, I really am, I never wanted to hurt you. In fact one day you can hit me as hard as you like with a base ball bat." Mikey smiled at Franks joke even though he was only half joking.

After class both Mikey and Frank had a free lesson. Frank had been planning to go out on the bleachers and have a well earned smoke. Finally frank was sat on the bleacher relaxed as he slowly breathed in and out the smoke. Then he felt someone sit down beside him he turned to see who it was and there was Mikey smiling back at him.

"So have you lost all your friends now you quit the team?" Mikey asked looking at all the jocks over on the football field.

"Yeah I guess, but it's not like they were really my friends in the first place. It's okay though I don't need friends anyway"

"Oh so umm... I guess you don't want to be my friend." Mikey said looking down at the floor.

"I wouldn't have thought you would want to be my friend especially after everything I did to you. I don't deserve to have a friend like you Mikey"

"Frank, you have been an asshole in the past. Now know what you did wrong and your willing to learn from your mistakes and be a better person. So I've got no grudges against you. Every one deserves a second chance" Mikey said with a cute grin on his face.

"Mikey I really would love to be your friend but I'm positive Gerard won't allow it!" Mikey thought for a moment before replying,

"Gerard doesn't have to know does he...?"
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