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Chapter Five

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After school Frank walked home he just couldn't wait for the weekend. As he walked through the front door he was greeted by his mum.

"Hey honey had a good day?" Linda asked from the kitchen as she made frank a warm cup of coffee.

"Yeah it was okay I guess... Mum I was just wondering how you would feel about me getting piercings."

"Why would you want to spoil your beautiful face baby? It's so sweet!" she said now walking into the room with frank passing him his coffee.

"I just something I wanted something to you know... like express my-self"

"Well then I guess its okay, your old enough to make you own decisions about things like that." She said but still sounding unsure. "What do you want exactly?

"Just my lips and nose and well my ear but I want to put flesh tunnels in them. What do you think?"

"Well okay but just leave it at that for now" Linda left the room then retuned back with her keys, purse and coat. "I'm just popping out to the bank the grocery store be good, ill be back in an hour or so!"

It was only around 15 minutes after Franks mum had left that he felt like he needed to go out and get some fresh-air. Frank wounded around not heading in any where in particular but then subconsciously he ended up at the lake that Gerard had taken him to. As he looked around he was surprised to see someone else sat there.

"Hey Mikey" Frank said as he took a seat next to him.

"Hey, what you doing here I thought only me and Gerard knew about this place?"

"Yeah Gerard brought me up here the night we went out food, it a really amazing here so beautiful." Frank said as he breathed in deeply taking in the surroundings.

"Yea I no, but its freezing so I'm heading back"

"Oh okay.... Or you could come to mine, I've just some good DVDs we can watch, but you don't have to only if you want?"

"Yea sure that sounds cool"

Both lads stood up and headed over to franks. Frank noticed his mum still wasn't back so he went and stole some chocolate from her not so 'secret' stash and headed up stairs to his bedroom. Mikey was already lay down on franks bed waiting for the film to be put on.

"Umm, sleep away camp?" Frank asked as he searched through his DVDs.

"Hell Yeah!" Mikey replied with a Grin on his face.

Frank walked over to the DVD player and put it in before joining Mikey on the bed.

The rest of the night went smoothly just talking about random thing and the topic of Gerard hadn't been mentioned or even thought about until Mikey's phone rang.

"Crap it Gerard!" Mikey said as he looked at the caller ID. The he answered, "Hey...At a friend...Yes I do...What are you doing... Me?... Okay ill be there in a min cya" Mikey put the phone back in his pocket before talking. "Hey sorry but I've got to go and pick some things up with Gerard"

"No its fine we had a good time bye" with that Mikey left.

"What do you really want Gee, I know you don't want me to go somewhere with you really?" Mikey said as he got into Gerards room.

"Mikey I saw you with frank what's that all about?" Gerard asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh... well we have to work together in chemistry so I had no choice you know?" Mikey lied shuffling uncomfortably.

"I hope so Mikey, try and keep away from him, I've met people like him before and there just bad news."

Frank was outside waiting on the bleacher for Mikey at lunch.

"Hey man" Mikey said taking a seat next to frank.

"Hey Mikey, I almost thought you weren't gonna come" Frank said sounding relived.

"Sorry but you know what them English teacher are like 'I want all the work done or no dinner'" Mikey said mocking the teachers voice as frank laughed at him.

"I got a question for you. I don't know if you've heard of them but my mum won 2 tickets to go see 'Escape the fate' at work and said they looked more like my thing, You wanna go?"

"Sure that sounds awesome!" Mikey said excitedly.

A week went by and Mikey hung out and talked about the concert and other bands they were into and Gerard had no idea.

Frank walked into his house and I was empty his mum must of still, been at work. Frank had just gotten back from the cinemas with Mikey. He looked over the Kitchen and saw the phone flashing telling him he had a new message.

He walked over and pressed the button to listen.

"Beep One new message"

"Frank.... It's Gerard...."
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