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More than a Kiss

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During a stunt, Tre get's feelings for Billie, but does the singer? SLASH! Told by Tre's POV!

Category: Green Day - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-03-19 - Updated: 2007-03-19 - 504 words

It was just a kiss. Just a stunt in front of our fans.
At least it was a stunt to Billie. To me it was more...

He had called me to the front and in fornt of millions had our lips crushed together; our bodies pressed together perfectly.
As he broke us apart and patted my cheek, I knew that I wanted - needed - more. To grab him, press us together - do anything to his perfect body. ANYTHING! Even if it was in front of the entire world!

But all I did was slink back to my awaiting drums.

Finally our show was over, and I slunk to the dressing rooms.
I bumped into Jason White and tried to avoid his look that said, "What are you doing here and not saying goodbye to your fans with Billie and Mike?"
I only pushed past him and literally ran for our tour bus.

Once on the tour bus I ran towards my bunk and pulled the curtain close.
I scooted away from the curtain towards my wall and grabbed the nearest thing; my pillow, and clenched it tightly to my chest.

Few minutes later I heard talking outside my bunk. I noticed shadows blocking the light. But they left. I heard them whispering up by the front of the bus.
Then I heard a door shut.

I was alone and I began to cry...

I was crying for two reasons. 1 - I wanted to run after them (him) and tell them (him) I was sorry. 2 -I wanted Billie to know how I felt after his little "stunt".
I turned over so I was now facing the wall.

My body shook with my sobs, and I was alone. Or so I thought...
I heard footsteps coming and heard my curtain being pulled open.
Oh how I wish it was Mike. But it wasn't...

"Tre? What's the matter?" He asked me, climbing into my bunk and closing the bunk curtain, so we were in darkness.
"Tre?" He asked again, and all I could do was sob again.
He started rubbing my back, and I shrieked from the contact.

"Tre? It's okay." He said, still stroking my back, before pulling me towards him.
He started kissing me lightly on the back of my neck.
I turned and looked at him.
His lips brushed against my ear and whispered, "This is yours. Fovever, until we get to the hotel."

His lips - wet from his tongue - smacked upon mine.
I felt his tongue inside me; tasting and exploring as I did the same to his mouth.

We rolled a bit on my bunk, until I had him pinned underneath him.
He smiled up at me, and I smiled my trade-mark smile.
I yawned a bit and collaspe onto Billie's chest.
I closed my eyes and cuddled against him.
His response was his arms wrapping around my form.
And the little talk in my ear, "It wasn't a stunt Tre. I really do love you..."

I fell asleep that night in his embarce.
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