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The Darker Side

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AU, D/S, a classic sadistic/bad boy Danny story...* cheers * rated for Violence, Language, Themes contains my very own ghost! "jilon jrey un chocolates bisqui si vouz pleu"

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The Darker Side

AU, D/S, a sadistic/bad boy Danny story... cheers


The ghost stalked the dark streets, leering; he was the king of the night and let Them know it. They feared him; he could smell it, a delicacy wafting on the wind. He silently stalked a couple of foolish late night shoppers for the sake of it and scared the wits out of some hapless animal. The darkness was his playground; where he could be the child no one saw him as.
A relentless force consumed him, daily he would push it back, nightly he would embrace it. Never knowing which half to envelop, or which side to pursue. His obsessions amused him until he became bored with them and discarded them. Lack of obsessions drove him mad and he would mentally howl at anything and everything.
He had no friends when he was a ghost, only slaves. When he was not, he only had one... and his family was insignificant. He ignored them, what was family but a hindrance to supremacy? He craved power; he craved a supreme control over life and death. When he was dead he lusted for it, when he was alive he longed for it.
Life was meaningless to him, as was death; he needed something to occupy his time; something he could pursue. He himself was pursued; alive as a man and dead as an abnormality. He was unusual to be able to switch from state to state. Life meant nothing to him when he was dead and death meant nothing to him when he was alive; he was fearless and cold.
Very few things captured his fancy yet he hid his hunger and lust for control. He was the unknown actor that no one could crack. No one he had yet found... until he met Her.

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This is a short prologue for a classic sadistic bad boy Danny story, he falls for Sam who rejects him... contains lots of violence and evil leers
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