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Will they beable to make it out alive?

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Chapter 10

The piercing alarm went of suddenly. Laurance sat up abruptly, bashed his head on the wall, rolled out of bed, and crashed into the hard floor like a sausage. He groaned and smacked the awful screaming alarm clock. He had put it under his pillow so that no one apart from him and James could hear it. James woke up,
"What the hell are you doing on the floor? Just make as much noise as possible why don't you?" He whispered angrily. Laurance sniffed and rose from the floor. It was 3am; they had slept about four hours, not enough in Laurence's case.
"Never mind," said James getting out from his warm bed in a more civilised manner then his friend.
"Quick! Hurry up and get dressed!" He whispered putting on his baggy black trousers; zip up hoodie and velvet waistcoat. Laurance got changed into his skinny drainpipe jeans, boots, oversized t-shirt and fingerless gloves.
James reached into the top shelf of his wardrobe and brought out two blue cloaks he had made in sewing club at school.
"Put these on!" He snapped. They weren't identical replicas to those worn by the little blue people but they would have to do. They crept out the room, down the dusty staircase and tiptoed across the front hallway, Laurance walking with his feet sticking out side wards as usual, he had always walked strangely since doing ballet when he was 3.
It was dark and silent and spooky, and the building had a strange, musty, night smell to it. They got to the front door and managed to unbolt it. Mr Splinter never even bothered turning the alarm on!
"Now for the hard bit," said James. They got onto their knees and covered themselves with the cloaks so they were the same height as the little blue people. Then they pulled the hoods far over their faces, and wobbled out.
The full moons shone down on them and luckily there was no one in sight. They made their way over to the high, sharp, barbed fence where the gate was. The gate they were let out of every morning of to go to school, but now it was locked. An odd chattering noise made them jump; they turned around to see the leader of the little blue people coming towards them. You could tell it was the leader as it was slightly taller then the rest and all the keys to the building flashed on the big leather belt it was wearing. It made a strange chattering sound before doing something no child from the Splinter Orphanage had ever heard it do before. It spoke! And in a posh, high pitched feminine voice as well!
"What are you doing out here two? It's not your turn for the night watch." Laurance swallowed,
"Ermmm Mrs Splinter wanted us to go and buy some tea bags for her from the shop. We need the key to the fence. There was a pause, a horrible deathly pause.
"Fine, here you go then." Said the little blue leader, it handed Laurance the big golden key, encrusted with sapphires and marshmallows.
"And don't take too long." It reminded him. Laurance fumbled with the lock, finally he opened it. Surely it wasn't that easy? He thought to himself.
"Wait, what are your names again?" Said the blue cloaked thing. Laurance and James slowly turned around, James spoke up,
"Laurance and James," he answered. There was another few seconds of silence before the little blue person started making strange growling noises that sounded like a machine going into overdrive mixed with an angry dog.
"There are no Laurance or James in our work force. You are not registered workers.
You must be trespassers.
We do not like trespassers."
"Oh no," gulped Laurance, "Run!" And in a split second they were out the fence running at the speed of light down to the moat, some five hundred meters away. But the muddy grass slowed them down, and the muddy grass grew into massive puddles of oozing, smelly mud which they kept slipping and falling into.
"Don't look back James!" Cried Laurance.
"Why not?" Panted James, mud flicked up over his face.
"Because there are about twenty little blue people running after us! And they are catching up fast. And guess what? They don't look too happy!" He yelled.
They ran faster, the dark moat grew closer and closer, but so did the cries of the little people.
Fifteen meters...Ten meters...Five meters...And Laurance slipped!
"No!" James grabbed his hand and pulled him up, out of breath. But their followers were near, so near. One of the little blue people reached out to grab Laurance but in the same second James got Laurance and chucked him into the moat, before jumping in himself like a ninja. Straight down into the dark, inky blue depths just in time.
James opened his eyes. It was a blur, but a beautiful blur. He was floating in the icy water, a shoal of rainbow fish swam past in front of his face. Emerald green water weed floated too and fro around him and for those few seconds, he wished he lived under water. But soon he had to float back up and join Laurance on the surface. The little blue people were stood on the edge shooting menacing glares at the two boys, but they weren't going to come in, maybe they couldn't swim. Maybe they hated water, but Laurance and James still swam as if their life depended on it. The moat wasn't that wide but the water was so icy, it slowed them down. They climbed out like drowned rats and lay on the bank for a few moments to catch their breath. Their skin numb and their heads aching, they started to shiver so they jumped up and jogged off into the distance.
Soon they heard the sound of shouts. It was Summer, Melissa and Jess stood on the outskirts of the forest, dressed in green and black with war paint on their faces. They hugged each other in sheer joy that they had made it this far.
"Come on let's get going," said Laurance.
"I'm freezing!"
So as the birds started singing and the sun started making its journey into the sky, the five children stumbled on into the forest, tired and insure of where to go. But at least they knew they were free.
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