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Yep, when you though this story couldn't get any stranger. Here are some unicorns to make your day.

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Chapter 11

Laurance, James and the three girls made their way through the dense forest full of ever green trees. Baby bluebells sprouted from the pools of slimy mud which they kept slipping into. The rain poured down on them which did nothing to help their spirits. There damp cloths sticking to them, they walked on. Finally, after Summer had tripped over another sharp stick for the up tenth time, she moaned.
"I'm fed up. I'm soaking wet and muddy. This forest is really annoying me. I'm freezing cold and my voice has gone croaky!"
James who was in front of her turned around sharply and said with annoyance.
"We are all cold and muddy Summer. But moaning about it doesn't help anything does it?"
Summer looked offended and Laurance saw tears in her eyes. He drew back from the front and gave her a hug.
"Don't worry Summer. It's just James being a girl bitch per usual." Summer nodded and wiped her eyes on her sodden jumper. Soon, Melissa and Jess, who were quite a long way in front of the others turned around.
"Oh my god! Quick you two, come here!" Jess shouted,
"Shhh," replied Melissa,
"They will run off if you shout like that."
"No they won't. Look! They are tied up to the trees."
"What are?" Shouted the other three who ran to catch up. They came to a grassy clearing in the forest. Opposite was a beautiful green orchard d tied up to the trees in front of them were five magnificent winged creatures. Their radiant snowy white coats sparkled and their long stunning silvery feathered wings gleamed. Each had a different colour mane and tail and they all had a pointy, glittering horn on their foreheads.
"There unicorns!" Whispered Summer.
"But unicorns don't really exist," replied Laurance, not taking his eyes of the creatures stood before him. Jess grinned.
"Well obviously they do," she said, walking up and patting the unicorn with the bright lime green mane.
"Well this one's mine," she announced.
"What?" Replied Laurance captiously.
"It's not yours! You can't steal it. Imbecile!"
Jess just stared at him with one furry eyebrow raised.
"Come on Laurance," said James staring at the unicorn with the shocking pink mane and matching tail.
"It's not every day you come across five unicorns tied up and ready for use is it?"
"Mmmm, no it's not every day," laughed Melissa sarcastically. Laurance looked like he wanted to argue but then decided against it, as he walked up gently to the proud majestic looking unicorn with the electric sapphire mane. He rubbed noses with him,
"You are a beauty now aren't you? Yer, I'm going to name you Prince Laurance junior," he cooed at the unicorn.
Summer, Jess and Mel looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"Honestly you are so up yourself Laurance," Jess announced.
Laurance just looked at them, pretending not to have heard.
"Well I'm going to name my lovely pink mane darling Candyfloss," announced James. He calmed Candyfloss and mounted her, she snorted approvingly as if agreeing to let James ride her.
"Well come on everyone! Let's go!"
Jess mounted the green haired unicorn which she named Marilyn Splipsnot. Summer chose the ruby eyed, fiery, red haired unicorn named Bricougalle. And finally Melissa mounted the unicorn whose mane was a mixture of beautiful purples and shades of violet. She didn't want to name hers but the unicorn looked upset when she said that, so she settled on Gertrude. They untied them and all sprang onto their tall backs with ease.
"So where exactly shall we go?" asked James. They all paused, where did they want to go?
"I know!" Answered Jess after a minute.
"We all want to be famous don't we?...Well Mel, Summer and I do anyway. So where do you go to get famous?"
"Hollywood!" Shouted summer excitedly.
"Yes, let's go to Hollywood!" The two boys agreed so everyone whispered into their unicorns ears.
"Please fly me to Hollywood you kind lovely unicorn." And with that the unicorns leapt into the air gracefully.
To the five children who had never ever been on an aeroplane before, this was the most exhilarating experience they had ever felt.
The wind whipped through their hair as the five unicorns galloped through the clouds at a wild fleeting pace. The warm sun shone down and dried their damp cloths quickly.
That was it! The five children had truly escaped. And they were off to America!
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