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the real aftermath

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It was sunday. The day of church, the day of blessings, the day before Monday. For Justin, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Cindy, Trace, and close relatives, it was the day of a funeral.

Justin had held Rachel close, as he tried to find blankets or a phone. Both he and Rachel's phones had been disconnected. He'd thought to himself, Why didn't I call earlier? Why? over and over again but of course, it hadn't made a difference. After it had become obvious there weren't any more blankets, Justin had given up, and had instead, choosen the warmest place in the room and held Rachel close. They had stayed there for 3 days. The snowstorm had continued. On the third day, helicopters had been able to get through the storm and had flowen in to find the remaining survivers.

It had taken 2 entire days to find the room through all the chaos. Apparently, after the men had almost given up, a girl who'd worked at the info desk informed them that there was a room called the Emergency Cabin on the lowest floor. She had been especially anticipaty after she'd learned that Justin TImberlake might be there.

Justin had been found along with Rachel, still holding her as tightly as he had 3 days ago. Justin was unconcious and they hadn't known what status Rachel had been at. Bothe their blood pressures had been dangerously low. They had been rushed to the nearest hospital where both families had been waiting.

Justin Randall Timberlake just barly survived.
Rachel Watson died that night, arms still around Justin.
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