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The Emergency Cabin

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Justin was pretty sure the bacin was located on the lowest floor. I hope it's not located outside. He thought as he carried Rachel past numerous rooms, searching for the stairs that led down. Rachel had not said a word since she had been taken from the dark cold room.

After what had seemed like hours, Justin found the stairs. Carefully, he felt the stairs beneath him and desended. He might as well not have had eyes, for all the good they were doing him.


Rachel said in almost a whisper.

"Yes baby? We're almost there."

A few minutes went by.

"Do you think we'll make it through this?"

Rachel asked, her boice turned shaky again.

"What happened to the brave gal who argued with me because of animal rights and briging 'sexy back'?"

Justin tried to cheer her up. Rachel smiled faintly.

"I have your C.D"

Justin laughed.

When they finally got to the door, Justin was sure they'd circled the entire lodge two times. The door was unlocked and when Justin pushed it, it had opened easily.

"We're here Rachel, we're here."

Rachel did not answer. Justin had not known how long she had stayed in the damp room before calling him as a last resort. If he did, maybe he would have hurried and done a little more to keep her alive. Maybe.
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