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Rachel had run off looking hurt though Justin had pleaded that he hadn't wanted to cancel. Trace had stood there dumbfounded.

"Since when did you two get so close?"

He asked, mouth slightly open. Justin had sighed and left. Now he was hurreing to find Mr. and Mrs. Watson.

"Have you seen Rachel?"

He asked, panting slightly. He knew it sounded rude but he needed to find her before she left.

"She just phoned."

Mr. Watson replied. He didn't seem to mind the abrupt question and seemed to understand.

"She said she was going to leave first."

Justin's heart sank.

"The snowstorm does seem pretty bad and going for the worse."

Mrs. Watson agreed.

"Perhaps we should go ourselves?"

She asked her husband. He nodded.

"Thanks for coming Mr. and Mrs. Watson."

Justin said, remembering his manners this time.

"Thanks for inviting us, dear. You take care now."

Mrs. Watson replied.

"Could you tell Rachel I'm sorry?"

Justin blurted out before they left. Mrs. Watson looked surprised.

"Of course dear."

Mrs. Watson replied. Mr. Watson nodded his approval.

Soon all the guests had left. The snowstorm was horrible.

"Looks like we'll have to stay in tonight."

Trace stated.

"Thank you Mr. Obvious."

Cindy replied, clearly annoyed that Trace had ruined Justin's chances with Rachel. She had really liked Rachel too.

"Messed up about the girl?"

Trace asked, turning to Justin. He nodded.

"We got along pretty well and I really liked her."

Trace sighed.

"Sorry dude."

"Don't sweat it."

Justin replied.

"At least you two hit it off tonight. Finally!"

Both Trace and Cindy blushed, but they didn't take their hands off each other.

Justin went back to his room. He switched on the T.V but didn't feel like watching the weather program about a severe snowstorm ahead. All he wanted to do was talk to Rachel. Which was about the only thing he couldn't do at the moment. He was just about to lie on the bed when suddenly with a boom, the T.V turned off, along with all the lights. Great. This just had to happen in the middle of the night. He picked up the phone and found that it was disconnected. He'd heard something about an emergency cabin in the lodge on the second floor. It was there especially for situations like these. Maybe he'd go down there later when things got chillier. The heat had gone off.

Then he got a cell phone call.




"Justin, the power just went off and I don't know this place real well and I can't find my way out and-"

"Wait, you're still here?"

"Yeah. I told mom I was gonna drive home but I kinda got through the wrong exit and then I got lost and I'm pretty sure my parents won't be able to help me. Besides, it's so cold here and since the door is glass, I can see the snow and it's taller than me! Don't laugh."

"I'm not laughing Rachel. Where are you?"

"Um....I think the back exit. Or at least near there. Justin, I'm scared."

"Don't worry, I'll be right there."

"Oh and Justin?"


"I'm sorry."

"I am too."

Justin hurried to the door and grabbed a jacket. There wouldn't be time to tell Trace or Cindy. Rachel sounded like she was really cold. He was too. They'd have to find the emergency cabin together. The hallways were completely dark. Justin felt his way to the stairs. The exit light was flickering on and off. He desended the stairs carefully. Rachel had said the back exit. That should be near the lobby. The lobby was dark too. No one was there either. He looked around, trying to adjust his eys. He saw a door to the far left. He could make out the letters E-X-I..the last letter was dark. He walked over, stubbing this toe in the process. He groped the handle and pushed.


A weak voice asked in the corner. He kneeled down, arms around her.

"Are you OK?"

She nodded, clinging on to him. Justin picked her up and opened the door.

"We're gonna be OK, alright?"

Justin said between steps.

"We're gonna find the emergency cabin and we're gonna be warm again."

Rachel smiled weakly.
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