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Chapter Ten

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We find out what Ville's secret he didn't want the hospital to find out was...did that make sense? Oh, well, just READ AND REVIEW!!!!

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` Disclaimer- I own the dead kids...nothing else. Oddly, that wasn't fun to say.

A/N- Well, sorry guys, but this is drawing to its end. As you have probably noticed, I have not the attention span to go for like thirty chapters on something. Sorry. I get bored too easily...wait, what were we talking about? laughs Anyway, I have another project coming up...I'm writing it in school. Yes, boys and girls, I am pre-writing and editing a story. My first time! I might actually write something well for once! Anyway, this is for aiIenzo, 'cause hell yeah, honey. I really did kill Frank. laughs Enjoy...

So much blood. Dripping, wet, sticky, metallic blood. On everyone and everything. It stained the room. It destroyed the white. It defiled the pure.

It stained his hands, pooled around his body. He was drowning. Dying. Gasping, suffocating.

"Gerard...," Ville sobbed. "He killed Frankie...he's dead."

Gerard let out a scream, shooting into a sitting position. Tears ran down his pale face, and he frantically looked around the room, terrified.

The room was a terrible white, so bleached and awful. It was blank. There was the buzz of several machines, and a few needles and wires stuck out of Gerard's skin.

Gerard was alone in the room. He let out another howl, and frantically tore at the wires and needles. He needed to get them out, he needed to get away. Blood had started to run down his arms, and Gerard froze.

So much blood.

He couldn't move.


Gone. Frank was gone. The boy Gerard had been raised with, the sweet, childish boy who never grew up. Gone.

Gerard had loved Frank. Not sexual kind of love. Sweet and true, friendship. Gerard would die for Frank, and vice-versa. But Frank /was /dead. What now?

He had to escape. He was obviously in a hospital, but he wasn't hurt. Both of his hands were bandaged, but that was it...then he remembered. He'd been drugged. He began ripping at the wires again.

He had to escape...get out of there.../Ville/.

Gerard stopped moving completely, his breath catching in his throat.

Where was Ville? Ville couldn't be in the hospital, what about the secret he'd been keeping from everyone?

Was he hurt? He was covered in so much blood; it couldn't have all been Frank's...

He swallowed hard, finally ripping out the last wire. It hurt like hell, but he had to escape. He had to find Ville, see if he was okay.

As he jumped from the bed, he half-wondered how many kids Bam had killed. How many teenagers' lives had he ended?

Gerard wanted with all his heart to hate Bam. Hell, the kid had said that he killed the students because Gerard had admitted to hating them. But he just couldn't hate Bam.

They had known each other since first grade. Bam had, at first, annoyed the living hell out of Gerard with his pranks and mindless antics, but then Gerard got to know Bam and realized what a great person he was.

And then, a few years ago, Bam's brother, Jess, was caught in a convenient store robbery and killed. Bam had changed, growing quiet and obsessed with the idea of revenge.

Gerard had always known Bam would snap, and do something stupid that would lead to his own death, and perhaps the death of others. He was right.

So, he couldn't hate Bam. He loved Bam almost as much as he loved Frank, and now, both were dead.

With a sigh, he pushed open the hospital room door, and peeked into the hallway. The hall was empty, just cluttered with random medical and cleaning supplies.

Gerard slipped into the hallway and stealthily tip-toed down it. He peeked into every room he passed, wincing as he saw the people...some bruised and bandaged, some bald and pale with cancer, some not even looking sick, some asleep and some watching television.

Suddenly, a loud scream tore from the room ahead of him, and Gerard froze, slamming himself against the wall. A string of Finnish curses erupted from the room soon after, and Gerard couldn't help but grin.

Walking quickly forward, he peeked into the room and saw Ville curled into a little ball on the bed, looking very frightened. He was crying and shaking, his fingers tangled in his hair as he gently rocked back and forth. Ville's room was dark, and he kept looking up and looking around wildly. He was twitching slightly.

"Gerard? What are you doing out here?"

Gerard spun around, his eyes wide.

Then, he relaxed, letting out a soft, "Mom...," as he fell into her arms.

Donna wrapped her arms around her son, whispering, "Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry."

Gerard sobbed into her shoulder, and asked, his voice muffled, "Is Frankie really dead?"

"I'm so sorry, baby. He was gone when they got there. Oh, sweetheart, I was afraid," Donna replied, tightening her grip on Gerard, kissing his head.

" Bam dead too?" his voice cracked.

"Yes, sweetie. Angel, both of them are in a better place," Donna said, her own voice cracking as she choked back tears. Gerard's fingernails were tearing into her shoulder; he was holding her so tightly.

"No," he whispered. "Bam's not. He killed all of them. many are dead?"

"Sweetie," Donna hesitated.

"Please, mama, tell me. I'm so scared."

"Seventeen, not including Bam himself," Donna answered reluctantly.

"Is Willa okay?" Gerard asked, his voice soft as he pulled away to look her in the eye.

"Do you mean Ville?" Donna sked, slightly confused. When Gerard nodded, Donna replied, "Gerard...Ville's been raped."

A/N- Ooo, cliffhanger much? Kinda short, but at least I updated. I really like this one. REVIEW!!!!!
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