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You can probably tell by the title what this chapter is about so I won't say much but that Gerard get's completely pissed off in this chapter and I hope you like it!

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Hey, guys! I had some writer's block lately so I haven't updated in a while, like you might hae noticed.Sorry, I know it's been a while but this chapter is super long so hopefully it'll give me some more ideas for the next chapter!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~On the way back from the doctor's office, Gerard and Charlotte talked nonstop about the babies. Gerard would get so excited at times he would accidentally pound his fists onto the car horn from the adrenaline.

"Gerard, stop! People are flipping you off!" Charlotte laughed.

Gerard rolled down the window, "What's your problem bitches? You wanna go? 'Cause I'll go, you know why 'cause I'm having fraternal twins! Woo!"

"Holy crap, babe! It's just like when we first dated!" she laughed some more but couldn't breathe when she saw Bob driving down the street.

"Gerard's having twins! Mother fuckers, get off your asses and dance Gerard's having fuckin' twins!" Bob yelled through the bullhorn. Bob honked at their car once he recognized Gerard at the steering wheel. As they passed by, Bob and Gerard both stuck their hands out of their windows and gave each other high fives. Then, Bob continued his job as the town crier.

As they drove down their street, Charlotte let out a horrified scream that Gerard had only once, which was when she almost drowned at the beach. Gerard hit the brakes in the middle of the street and looked over at Charlotte who was then clutching her head and fighting back tears. Her anxiety was overcoming her so all she was capable of was pointing at a silver Honda parked in their driveway.

"Dear mother of god! No!! No, this day was so fucking good, no!!" Gerard hit the steering wheel once then rested his head on it.

"I'm sorry, honey," he just barely heard Charlotte whisper.

"It's okay, we'll get through this, we always do somehow," Gerard patted her hand then parked on street by their house.

Gerard walked over to her side of the door and carefully helped her out of the car since she was about the size when women need help with that kind of stuff.

"So, you ready?" he asked looking her dead in the eye. She nodded and they walked across their front lawn and looked at each other for the last time before entering hell.

Gerard turned the knob, why did he have to do this right now? Couldn't they just go back in the car and get a bite from McDonald's or something, then come back? But it was too late, Charlotte needed him more than ever and he wouldn't turn his back on her right there. Not with...THEM, inside.

"Here goes...." Gerard shut his eyes tightly as he pushed the door open, as if that was going to make anything better.

"Hello Charlotte," a woman's voice coldly greeted. If dreams really did come true the voice would be coming from a mass murderer and slaughter them all. Gerard opened his eyes, yup, life sucked, instead of Jack the Ripper it was way worse, sitting on his couch was Mr. and Mrs. Bransen.

"Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?" Charlotte tried her best to fake a smile but it really wasn't working, neither were her parents'.

"Well, you said you were having a baby, we just wanted to check to see if it was true," her father looked suspiciously at her bulging stomach.

"And it is," Charlotte dug into her purse and handed them the sonogram. "Here's the proof."

After a brief moment of examination, both of her parents looked up, "Oh twins, how lovely." Her mother gave another fake grin.

"Mother, you're right, Charlotte really does need an interior decorator, maybe I'll leave her-" a woman with long blonde hair in a ponytail, with a skirt a little above her knees and a plain white blouse came down the hall. Her face looked similar to Charlotte's but much more gaunt and her eyes were small and narrow. "Charlotte, kiss, kiss!" the woman came up to hug Charlotte and gave her an air kiss. (What the hell's with this family???)

"Oh my! What's that?" she pointed at Charlotte's stomach.

Gerard glared at her and raised a finger to say something but Charlotte moved it down slowly, "This is your niece and nephew, Alana (uh-lawn-uh)."

"Oh, isn't that.....nice," they stood there in an awkward silence for a good five minutes and would've been there for a while longer had Emma and her friends not come home.

"Hey, Mom, Dad, little bro slash sis, and who the hell's that?" she said in a hurried voice. Her grandparents gasped when Emma said hell.

"Emma, you remember Grandma and Grandpa, right? Well, the last time you saw them was at our wedding so it might be a little fuzzy," Gerard explained.

Emma turned back around, "Uh, hi?" They smiled that fucking annoying smile and Emma turned back to her parents, "I see why you moved to Jersey," she whispered, making Gerard giggle (yeah giggle like a little schoolgirl!!) "Come on, guys, we gotta start on our history project."

"We're going to Mikey and Alicia's for a little party tonight, so finish by seven 'kay?" Charlotte called after Emma.

"Can Chloe, Charlie, and Danny come?"

"If it's okay with their parents," Charlotte looked at her family who were twiddling their thumbs and looking around. "Would you like to come to the party tonight?"

"I guess, there's not much to do in New Jersey," Alana replied.

"So, do you need help bringing your things inside or is that all taken care of?" Gerard offered.

"Actually, we decided to stay at a hotel since things are so....hectic here," Mr. Bransen explained.

"Oh, great, so, umm, maybe we should get ready, babe, uh make yourself at home," Gerard helped Charlotte up the stairs and into their bedroom. "Oh my god that was pure hell!" Gerard leaned against the bedroom door.

"Yeah, and hopefully on a couple more hours to go," Charlotte collapsed onto the King sized bed.

"Psshaw, your parents hate us they wouldn't stay for a couple of hours of course they're gonna be here for like a week! Ah crap!"

"Let's just try and take it hour by hour for now."


Four Hours Later...

"Mik-Ay! Open up!" Gerard knocked on the apartment door.

The door flew open and Gerard was face to face with his mother, "Ma!"

"Gerard, I'm so happy, where's- Charlotte!"

Donna rushed over to give Charlotte a tight hug, "I can't believe it! Twins! I haven't seen twins in so long, I'm just happy it was you two, you both deserve it so much! I'm going to have twin grandchildren!" with that she gave Charlotte another squeeze. "And who is this?" she asked while gesturing towards the group of people behind them.

"Oh, these are Emma's friends you know Charlie, Chloe, and Danny and these are," Charlotte held her hands out in front of her family and let them drop. "My parents and my sister, Alana."

"Nice to meet you," Donna shook all of their hands with a warm smile while they had the same smiles they had on all day.

"Well come in, it's the middle of March, I'm surprised it's not raining!" Donna followed the last of them in and announced. "Everyone look who's here!"

The room was filled with old friends and close family members. They all cheered when they saw Gerard and Charlotte at the door, blushing and laughing at how many friends of theirs turned up. It was a real confidence booster after spending four hours with relatives of Satan.

"Congratulations, you two!" Jamia and Frank, as well as everyone else swarmed them for the next hour.

"So, twins, Char, you think it'll be much of a difference?" Alicia nudged Charlotte's arm.

"Nah, just twice the work is all!" they laughed and Jamia joined them.

"Hey, Char, so what's up with you, besides the twin thing, you're probably tired of talking about it."

"Yeah, but I'm still excited, even though my family kinda brought down the happiness level."

"Well you shouldn't let them! I mean everyone else is happy, just look at Emma she's ecstatic!" It was true! Emma was across the room, talking with her friends, Samantha, and all three of Jamia and Frank's kids, Charlie's arm was draped around her shoulder. Bob was right, they were the cutest couple....ever. Charlotte got so excited when all the kids clinked the glasses with their forks and spoons to get them to start kissing. They went with it and had a quick kiss, they even looked into each other's eyes for a moment after they pulled apart, kind of like how she and Gerard used to.

"Yeah, she is happy, but she doesn't know about the twin thing yet!" Jamia and Alicia's eyes bulged.

"What? How come?"

"I thought it would be better to tell everyone tonight, you know just get it out in the clear and not have any awkward silence or anything, at least I hope not," she instinctively looked down at her huge stomach.

"Hey, Char, I've been looking all over for you! I think congratulations are in order!" Charlotte got up and gave Ray a warm, friendly hug.

"Thanks, Ray, yeah I haven't seen you where've you been all night?" Ray nodded his head towards a girl in the corner of the room.

"Oh," Charlotte raised an eyebrow. "Then, what the hell are you doing here, work it honey!"

Ray let out a laugh and gave her another hug before going back to the girl, "Thanks, Char. I'll see ya in a bit!"

A couple minutes passed by and Alana came up to Charlotte, "Charlotte, I think its time for me to take back mother and father to the hotel."

"No! You can't! We haven't told everyone about the twins yet, that's the whole point of the party!"

"But these people are-" Bob, with his perfect timing, entered the room.

"Charlotte!" Bob ran over and picked up Alana and spun her around like he normally did whenever Bob was happy, which was basically every moment of his life (Bob's so awesome)

"Oh my god, put me down, you pervert!" Bob laughed.

"Ha ha, nice try, Char, okay I'll put you down," so Bob set her down, still not seeing her face.

"Uh, Bob," Charlotte tapped Bob's back. He froze when he saw who it was.

"How the-"

"My sister," Charlotte shut her eyes tightly with frustration at bob's predictable next question. "No, she's not my twin, we both just take after our mom, a lot."

"What's she doin' here? I thought you completely hated your family," Bob said in a hushed tone, trying to make sure Alana couldn't hear.

"I do, they just made a surprise visit, so try and help me make them happy so they can leave already."

"'Kay, I'll see what I can do," Bob turned back to Alana who was tapping her foot insanely and arms crossed. "How do you do? I'm Bob Bryar," Bob said in his best English accent, in exactly the same way he greeted all the kids.

"Alana," she raised an eyebrow and she smiled....wait, what the beep (yeah I'm trying not to cuss so much)

"Charlotte, hey!" Charlotte looked up to see Blaire coming towards her, a smile glued on her face.

"Hi, Blaire, I haven't seen you in so long!" Charlotte gave her a hug, then looked her up and down when she pulled away. "You look great!"

"Thanks!" Bob coughed and she spun around right into his arms. "I missed you so much, honey!" Bob pulled her face closer to his and let their lips crash into each other, forgetting about everyone around them.

"Oww, look at Bob get freaky!" Santino yelled from across the room. All the kids laughed while the adults turned their attention to Bob's side of the room.

Bob reluctantly ended the kiss, "Well, that was a great way to welcome my girlfriend back."

"I missed you, babe," Bob pulled Blaire back into his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"I missed you too, pookie," she nuzzled his chest and looked up at him. "By the way, my parents want to meet you soon, they're coming down next weekend, do you want to come for dinner?"

"Yeah, that'd be great," Bob hugged her again. "I can't wait," he mumbled sarcastically to himself.

"So, Gerard, Donna tells us you have another announcement for us!" someone asked from across the room. It turned out to be Gerard's Uncle Arthur.

Gerard took a quick glance at Charlotte and said, "Yes, we do." He then motioned for Charlotte to come to him. Once she was standing next to him he put his arm around her shoulder and said, "As most of you know me and Charlotte are pregnant," everyone made a short round of applause before Gerard continued. "But we went to the doctor's office today to find the sex of the baby and...."

"Well? Out with it, Gerard!" Arthur smack Gerard back and made him cough a little. He looked at Charlotte with happiness dancing in his eyes before went on and a smile everyone only has maybe once in a lifetime.

"We're having fraternal twins!" Gerard made jazz hands and let everyone's surprise surround him.

"Dinner's ready everyone!" Alicia announced from the dining room door. Everybody patted Gerard on the shoulder and gave Charlotte a quick hug on their way to the dinning room.

"Life's good babe," Gerard whispered into Charlotte's ear.

"So, baby names. Any ideas, yet?" Donna asked from the head of the dinning table.

"Yeah, Ma. We're gonna name the boy Logan, for sure. And I was hoping his middle name could be Donald, you know after my dad," Charlotte rested her head on Gerard's shoulder after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I think that would great, hun," Donna awed and continued eating her dinner.

Mr. Bransen spoke up, "So that covers your side of the family, but what about our side."

"Dad," Charlotte tried to intervene but Gerard took her hand in his and let him go on.

"Neither you nor your sister can carry on the family surname so we might as well get a first name."

"But it's not like it's a competition," Donna spoke up. "It's just a baby name, the important part is the child itself."

Charlotte's family snickered, but made no comment, "So, you need ideas for girl names, am I right?" Charlotte and Gerard both nodded. Donna left the table without saying anything but came back from the living room fairly soon. She had thick, blue book in her hand with the words "Names for your Bundle of Joy" boldly printed on it. The pages were a pale yellow, so Charlotte could only assume it was an old book.

"Here," Donna said, handing the book to Charlotte. "I got it when I found out I was having Gerard." Charlotte immediately started flipping through the pages, occasionally stopping and showing Gerard who would also do the same.

"How about Adrienne? It means dark one," Gerard looked down at Charlotte. She was looking up at the ceiling, tapping her chin, like she always did when she had to seriously think about something.

"I like it," she smiled.

"Hey, Ma. We might have a winner!" Gerard called to his mother, who had gone into the living room to talk to her brother.

"Really?" Donna came back from the other room. "Which one?"

"Adrienne, it means dark one," Gerard said proudly.

"If I may say something," Mrs. Bransen said from the corner of the room, which she and the rest of Charlotte's family were sitting in quietly until then. "I'm just not sure if I want my grandchild's name to mean dark one."

"Yeah, Mom, I understand, but it's not like it's a final decision, we might choose something else. Besides, it's our kid, we can name her anything we want!"

"Honey, calm down it's okay," Gerard wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her arms up and down, soothingly.

"Yes, but you already have a daughter and she's not exactly what we expected," Alana said with a glare at Gerard and Charlotte.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Gerard wanted to get up and slap Alana right there, but so did Charlotte, so she knew exactly when to hold him down.

"It means she's an outcast! She's weird and has weird little friends! Especially her freakish boyfriend!" Alana threw her arm carelessly towards the door as to point towards the living room Emma was sitting in.

Gerard swatted Charlotte's hand away from him and abruptly stood up from the table, "Leave Charlie out of this he's a good kid and he's perfect for Emma!" Charlotte stared at him with wide wondering eyes, did he seriously just admit that? she asked herself. Or was she just daydreaming again? She looked over at Donna, apparently she was thinking the same thing.

"No, he's not!" Mr. Bransen put in. "He's a punk and needs to keep his hands off of my granddaughter, whether she's adopted or not!"

Gerard's eyes narrowed. Charlotte's father had just touched something deep inside Gerard that nobody dared go near, "Don't a you ever talk about my daughter or her boyfriend in that way ever again."

"Is that a threat?"

"I'll tell you what's a threat!" Gerard made an attempt to go around the table to get to Charlotte's dad, but Charlotte was able to grab his hand in time.

"Honey, please, you know how they are," Emma walked in, attached to Charlie by their laced hands.

"What's going on?" Charlotte noticed how Emma grasped Charlie's hand tighter and he put both of his hands comfortingly on it.

"We're leaving, honey, let's go," Charlotte tugged at Gerard's hand but he didn't budge. "Gerard?"

"I'm not moving," his voice was flat and raspy. "Why should I? It's my brother's apartment. Why should we be the one's to leave?"

"It's fine, Charlotte. We'll leave, good bye," her mother said and turned to go into the living room.

"But before we do, I'd just like to say that the name Donald doesn't sound all that great," Mr. Bransen said with smug grin.

That tore it, Gerard jumped on top of the table and onto Charlotte's dad with a loud slam that could be heard throughout the complex. Everybody screamed and Charlotte started to cry. Could you blame her? Donna went to console her and Charlie sacrificed being by Emma's side to pry Gerard off of Mr. Bransen. Mikey and Frank popped their heads into the dinning room out of pure curiosity and started freaking out when they saw what was happening. After the shock went over them they helped Charlie get Gerard off of Charlotte's dad. Once they dragged him into the corner of the small dinning room, Mikey wacked the side of Gerard's head.

"What the hell were you thinking? That guy's like three times as old as you and you pounce him? What the hell?" Gerard looked down at the floor, the same face filled with anger he had on when he attacked Charlotte's dad was still spread on his face.

"Mikey, we should go-" Mikey raised an open hand at her.

"No, Char," he looked at her straight into her sky blue eyes that resembled her mother's. "He totally crossed the line this time, look what he did to your father!" Charlotte glanced at her dad that was now standing up, rubbing his back and groaning loudly enough so Charlotte could hear him.

"Now tell me, Gerard," Mikey asked in a loud, as-a-matter-of-factly tone. "Why the hell you jumped that old dude over there?"

"'Cause he said Dad's name 'didn't sound all that great'!!" Gerard moved his head slightly closer so his nose pressed up against Mikey's. Mikey looked back at Charlotte's dad, glared at him a little, then went back to Gerard.

"That bastard might have said that, but," Mikey poked Gerard's chest. "That's no fucking reason to beat up an old guy. Especially an old guy that's related to your wife. If you want people to respect of dad's name, you fucking give 'em a reason to respect it and pass on his morals and not beat people up instead. Got it?" Gerard laughed a bit, usually he was the one telling Mikey what to do, but lately, it had been turned around.

"Sorry, Mikey, your right. What would Dad be thinking if he were here right now?" Mikey looked down at the laminate wood floors, not saying a word while he remembered his father, his poor father.

"Just think before you try and kill your in-laws next time."

"Mr. Bransen?" Gerard asked as he walked towards his father-in-law. "I'm sorry, but that little comment really ticked me off."

"I forgive you," was all he said before exiting the apartment, his family following him.

Frank had alreaady left the room and Mikey patted his back before doing the same as him. Gerard looked at Emma and Charlie, she was crying in his arms and sat there, telling her it was gonna be okay, crap it was like seeing a reflection of him and Charlotte. Which reminded him, he just realized how terrified she must be. He heard his mother shushing someone but didn't actually realize until he saw Charlotte sitting at the table. His heart sank, he always hated when he lost his temper because Charlotte was always around, and she did the same thing every time. There she was, sulking in his mother's arms, letting her heart bleed while he was acting like a complete jackass.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," Charlotte bled more tears when Gerard wrapped his arms around her in his mother's place, but she let him hold her though.

"Never do that while I'm pregnant ever again you fucking dumbass!" her words were muffled by his chest as she hit his forearm and wept for the rest of that terrible night.
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