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The After Math

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Greg and Steven have left the three friends alone and left to fend for themselves. Torn, beat and hurt.

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Tyler closed her eyes and then opened them once she knew that Greg Steven and their girlfriends had left. She whimpered and looked around her, she saw Keke and Tom lying on the ground. She slowly got up and crawled to the brick wall, she sat against it and moaned in pain.
"Ty, where are you?" Tyler recognized the voice as Keke's.
Tyler coughed "By the wall" she answered, she could taste blood in her mouth and throat and spat on the grass, coating it with her blood.
Keke turned around and gasped when she saw Tylers face.
"Oh My god. Holy fuck, Ty are you ok?" Keke was crawling to her friendwhile trying to stop the blood that was rushing from her nose.
Tyler groaned "No. What about you?" Tyler couldn't see out of her eye but could see her friend coming towards her through her left eye.
"I'll manage. Ty you look like fucking shit." Keke said worried
"Where's Tom? I saw him on the ground." Ty said ignoring her friends comment.
Keke looked around "Tom? You ok?" She asked seeing him sit up and nod.
Keke slowly got up at the same time as Tom. Tom looked at Keke and then at Tyler.
"Oh fucking christ." He rushed to Tylers side "WHAT THE FUCK?" He said in almost a yell "Ty you ok?" He asked
Tyler shook her head, her eyes closed and she fell to the ground on her side, blood still coming from her mouth.
"We need to get her to a hospital." Tom said picking Tyler up and craddling her like you would a baby.

Keke began crying as Tom and her watched Tyler being rushed into surgery. The doctors had said she had six broke ribs, a broke leg, a fractured skull and one of her ribs had pierced her lung so she was struggling with breathing.
Tom comforted Keke "She's going to be fine." He said doubting his own words immediatly.
A nurse approached the two friends "Do you know her parent's numbers? We should contact them immediatly."
Tom shook his head "She doesn't live with her parents, she lives with me. Her parents live in Philly." He answered trying desperatly to hold the tears back.
The nurse nodded "There's a police officer here who would like to talk to you two. Are you able to answer a few questions?"
Tom nodded, Keke was in tears and couldn't find her voice she felt limp and useless.
The nurse nodded and waved a police officer over, he pulled up a chair and looked at them.
Tom knew that the officer was judging them. He tried not to roll his eyes or screams his feelings at the officer.
"Do you know who attacked you?" The officer asked
Tom nodded "Their names are Greg Guillet and Steve Catcher."
Tom watched the officer write the names on a notepad.
"Their girlfriends were there just watching and laughing." Keke squeeked throug her tears
"And their names?" The officer asked looking at Keke
"Sylvia Patterson and Victoria Smith." Tom answered for Keke
The officer asked them question after question, until he felt he had enough. He told Tom and Keke he would be back to ask Tyler a few questions. As the officer left a Doctor came up to Tom and Keke.
"Are you Thomas James and Chiara Angleton?" The doctor asked
Tom nodded and stood up
"Tyler is fine, she's still in surgery but she's doing great. You'll be able to see her in a few hours." The Doctor smiled "Do you have any money?" He asked
Tyler shook his head.
The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty doller bill.
"Go to the cafeteria and get something to eat, i'll send someone down for you when she's awake."
Tom thanked the Doctor and he took Keke down to the cafeteria.
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