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Making Changes

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AU, A post HBP Snape travel back in time to warn a pre SS/PS Snape about his future in the hopes that things can be changed. No Slash or Pairings

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Hindsight 2
Making Changes
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not Mine

Severus Snape sat under glamor at the furthest study carrel in the London Branch of the Greater Britannia Wizarding Library and silently cursed himself yet again. Why anyone would go to the trouble of sending himself back in time and not give all the pertinent information needed to change things was beyond him. He hadn't told himself when Riddle was in Hogwarts, where the orphanage was or most importantly how to destroy the bloody Horcruxes when he found them only that Potter had destroyed one with basilisk venom.

He'd considered going to Albus and mentioning the Horcrux but he had warned himself not to do that. He shook his head, he sounded like a bloody idiot.

He had already taken care of the bones in the cemetery at Little Hangleton; he could now add grave robbing to his list of sins.

With the date of death of Tom Riddle Sr. as a starting point he'd found when the Dark Lord started Hogwarts, which gave him the proper time frame to begin searching the muggle records. Finally he'd found the long abandoned building and the Horcrux in the basement, concealed behind the boiler, a muggle repelling charm its only protection.

He'd found reference to the Gaunt house here in the library and had acquired the ring with little difficulty, easily disabling the wards surrounding it.

Ravenclaw's Brooch however had given him pause. The wards blocking the niche behind the statue of Shakespeare had reacted to his Dark Mark, allowing him access but also, he feared, recording his magical signature. If the Dark Lord checked this hideaway he would know who had stolen his artifact.

He would know soon enough he supposed, when the Dark Lord came to Hogwarts within Quirrell, he would just have to be cautious.

He had not yet found a way past the wards on Black's house at Grimmauld Place. Black's house was sealed up tighter than a high security vault at Gringotts. He would need Narcissa's aid at the very least to get in or Black himself, if he were out of Azkaban. He frowned he would need to deal with Pettigrew first, the idea of helping Black turned his stomach but it had to be done. Perhaps, he mused, he should befriend the Potter boy first before Black was released and poison the boy against him. Yes, that would be best.

So here he sat researching how to destroy magical objects while four of the Dark Lord's evil artifacts sat in his home. Snape knew he didn't dare take them to Hogwarts with him, he couldn't afford Dumbledore sensing that much dark magic in his chambers and he certainly didn't want it in close proximity to himself for an extended period either. He had hoped to be able to deal with the thrice-damned things before returning to Hogwarts but his research had yet to bear fruit.

With a sigh he closed the book and banished it back to its shelf. He turned to leave the library nearly tripping over a small, bushy haired brat with a book nearly as large as she was. He snarled slightly and stomped away ignoring her disapproving look.

Snape lounged in his chair in the Great Hall considering a second helping of treacle tart, he would never indulge in front of students but now during the summer he occasionally allowed himself the treat.

"Hagrid, over here," cried Minerva, startling him somewhat.

"Perfessor, summat I kin do for you?" asked Hagrid.

"You did see him didn't you? How was he?" she asked, as Hagrid settled into his seat.

"O'course I saw him, had to fetch him off a big rock in the middle of the ocean, didn't I. 'arry's just the p'litest little boy, looks jest like James only with Lily's eyes. Got him his books and s'pplies jest like you said ter."

Snape's ears pricked up but he allowed a sneer to cross his face.

"You didn't have any problems then, they were just on holiday?" Minerva asked.

"Oh, that Dursleys one o' the nastiest muggle yer ever like to meet. They tol' 'arry that James and Lily were killed in a car crash, I had to tell him he was a wizard, an' why he were famous."

Minerva looked shocked and Snape's sneer deepened.

"I told Albus they were the worst kind of muggles when he placed little Harry there," said Minerva shaking her head.

"You're speaking of the Potter boy?" asked Snape.

"Yup, took him to Diagon Alley shopping terday," said Hagrid.

"If he truly were raised ignorant of his heritage by these muggles I trust you left the Muggleborn Orientation Materials for the boy so that he won't be completely in the dark when he arrives," said Snape.

Hagrid looked blank and replied, "Why would I do that Perfessor, 'arry's Wizard born."

Snape pinched the bridge of his nose and then glared at Minerva who sighed.

"Quite right, Severus, I will owl young Potter the materials, I hadn't given it a thought that he should be treated as muggleborn because he is muggle raised. I would have thought that Petunia would have -" she broke off, sighed again and left the table.

Snape stalked from the table treacle tart forgotten.


Snape was growing furious; the first day of class and Potter couldn't even be bothered to pay attention. He stalked down the aisle to look at the doodles the boy was drawing as he continued his speech.

He gazed over the boys shoulder to find the blasted boy had been taking notes, writing down every word. The boy tilted his head and peered up at him with those blazing green eyes of Lily's and Snape couldn't help himself. Almost unconsciously he reached out with his Legilimency and found a burning curiosity about potions. A desire to learn that surprised and humbled him.

He glared around, "Why aren't the rest of you taking notes?" and continued the class. Potter, he thought didn't resemble his father nearly as much as he had first thought.


Only two weeks into the term and already he wanted to strangle the little chit.

"Miss Granger, stay after, I wish to speak with you," he said.

He glared the rest of the brats out of the room and turned to the girl. She was biting her lip in worry.

"Miss Granger do you believe that you are smarter than everyone else, that you are better than the rest of the students in this class?" he asked.

"No, Professor," she whispered, looking as if she wanted to cry.

"Then why do you persist to act that way?"

"I-I don't," she insisted.

"You do when you sit there waving your hand in the air as if you believe that I am blind, you do when you answer a question with more information than requested, when you turn in two feet of parchment when the assignment was one," he said with a sigh.

"I-I," she stuttered one tear running down her face.

"My intent is not to diminish you Miss Granger but to help you understand that your actions are perceived by your peers as you trying to show them up,"

"What can I do?" she asked a look of determination crossing her face.

"You are very well read, you do not have to raise your hand and wave it about, if I wish the correct answer I will call on you. I wish others in the class to try to answer occasionally," he said.

She nodded but asked, "What about a participation grade?"

He looked blank for a moment, "Elucidate?"

"In muggle school a part of the grade was participation, raising your hand, answering questions and the like."

"I see, that does explain some things but your participation grade in this class would be based on the practical portions of the course work. You have no worries there, Miss Granger; I believe that you have the making of an excellent potions brewer. However I do not know if you could ever become a potions master."

Her brow furrowed, "I don't understand. What is the difference?"

"You can take a recipe and instructions and turn out an almost flawless potion every time you brew it, that is what this class teaches. However there are a small percentage of magical people who don't need the recipe, who intuitively know what is right and wrong with a potion, who can vary a potion in ways to customize it to the person who is to use it. It is not something that can be learned in books, it is something that just is."

"Why are you telling me this?" she asked again almost on the verge of tears.

"Because Miss Granger, I see how hard you strive to be the best and if we are lucky enough to find one of those few who create potions rather than brew them I wish you to be forewarned of the danger of competing with them and you will only suffer heart break. Find your talent Miss Granger and excel at that. If you attempt perfection at everything then you may only be mediocre at many things.


Of course it would be Draco Malfoy, thought Severus, the brat had no self-control. He would continue to molest Potter and his friends until Potter bloodied his nose and then he would whine about it.

"Potter, Malfoy," he barked. "What is the meaning of this?" He already knew, of course what Malfoy's answer would be.

"Potter started it Sir, he tried to curse me." And as usual Potter did not deny it only looked shocked that Malfoy would lie that boldly to a teacher.

"Mr. Malfoy I saw you trip Miss Granger from the doorway. Ten points from Slytherin for lying, detention with Mr. Filch tonight for getting caught, Mr. Potter you will be having detention with me for attempting to hex a fellow student. Eight o'clock, Mr. Potter do not be late. Now help Miss Granger to the hospital wing."


It was easier just buying the snake ingredients. The shopkeeper had looked askance when he bought the snake. Now it sat on the workbench in it's tank waiting. He hoped to catch the boy talking to it. That would bring up the subject nicely.

Leave it to Potter to ruin his carefully laid out plan. Not five minutes into the detention and Potter had wrestled off the lid of the tank and released the horribly poisonous snake. Just thinking of the possible repercussions of allowing the Boy Who Lived to be killed in his dungeon forced him to sit down again.

"Mr. Potter, can you please tell me just what you were thinking to release that viper, you were thinking weren't you?" snarled Severus, fear making him angry.

"She was cold, she was going to die, and it's way to cold here in the dungeon. She wouldn't bite me, sssss" said Harry, beginning to hiss, as his attention turned to the viper once more.

The viper had moved so fast when the lid had come off. Launching itself at the boy and slithering up a sleeve into the boys oversized shirt. Severus frowned as he noticed the boy's clothing. The hissing continued and his arm twinged, bringing his thoughts back to the plan. Perhaps not all was lost.

"How long have you known that you have the ability to speak to snakes, Mr. Potter?" he inquired.

"Uh, I talked to a boa constrictor in the zoo on Dudley's birthday, I, uh accidentally set it loose."

Eyebrow raise he asked, "Just how does one accidentally set a snake loose?"

"Dudley made me angry and the glass vanished, if I understand now that was accidental magic?"

"Yes that does sound like it," Snape paused and eyed Harry for a moment, "come with me, I think we must talk about this."

Once settled in Severus' rooms, with a cup of tea in his hands, Potter looked at him with a hint of nervousness.

He chuckled quietly to himself, if anyone should be nervous it should be him, inviting a first year in to his quarters and a Potter at that, Minerva would have kittens.

"Mr. Potter you will need to keep this a secret as the..." he broke off as Potter dropped the teacup and pulled his wand.

"If you touch me I'll have hiss bite you, I swear I will!" Potter said, paling and shaking.

Severus's mouth opened in shock. "You think I... that I would, that I am a...?" He held up both hands and slowly moved one toward his wand pocket. "I swear I mean you no harm, Mr. Potter. Do you know what a wizards oath is?"

Potter nodded the tip of his wand trained on Severus. He drew out his wand and held it up. "I, Severus Snape, swear on my magic that I will never knowingly or willingly physically harm Harry Potter while in these quarters." There was a slight glow and the tip of Potter's wand dropped toward the floor. Severus cleaned up the spilled tea, laid his wand on the left side table conspicuously out of easy reach of his wand hand and poured a second cup of tea for Potter.

"The reason I asked you here Mr. Potter is that Parseltongue, the ability to speak to snakes is rare and considered dark." At Potter's frown he continued, "I don't believe that it will make you dark, it is just frowned upon and may make some view you with suspicion. The Dark Lord is a Parseltongue. I would recommend keeping it a secret."

Potter nodded, "I think I understand but is it right to keep secrets from my friends? Won't people be mad if they find out later?"

Snape sighed and nodded. "Yes, Mr. Potter, some people may be angry that you kept things from them but everyone has secrets. Sometimes people keep secrets to make others underestimate them, to hide skills that would help them later. Things they don't want to share with others, things they may be ashamed of or things that others just would not understand with out long explanations."

"But if they are my friends they should understand shouldn't they?" asked Potter.

Snape pinched the bridge of his nose; he was getting a headache already. "Yes Mr. Potter, they should but haven't you already seen how irrational people are around you. Do you like the fame you have, people fawning over you constantly, the whispers that follow you?"

Potter shook his head and said, "I understand, it's not my friends I need to keep secrets from but others that wouldn't understand and my friends might not be able to keep my secrets if I share them. That's what you're saying, right Professor?"

"Correct, Mr. Potter, you must decide if sharing is worth the trouble if it gets out," said Snape pleased that the boy understood.

"Will you keep my secret, Professor?" asked Potter.

"If you wish and perhaps someday I will share one of my secrets with you," said Snape.

Potter grinned and finished his tea.


Severus sat in the lavish receiving room waiting for Lucius. It was just like the preening buffoon to make him wait.

"Ah Severus how nice to see you? How have you been? I trust all is well at Hogwarts?"

As if he hasn't had a report from his little bastard already, thought Severus. He smirked though and replied with an ingratiating tone, "I'm very well, thank you, I have news."

"Oh, Draco is well, I hope."

"Yes Draco is well, settling in nicely I believe. I am here to inform you of a very interesting bit of news. Someone very surprising is at Hogwarts."

"I'm well aware that the Potter brat is there, Draco tells me you are quite smitten with the boy." Lucius said coolly, sneer firmly in place.

Severus smirked looking forward to removing the sneer. "Not him, our Lord has returned and is at Hogwarts. I am following his orders to get closer to Potter. Draco would do well to mind his manners around Potter as well. Our Lord has a plan and it involves Potter."

Severus's glee grew as Lucius paled at his words.

"The Dark Lord has returned?" he whispered and pulled back his sleeve.

"Not enough to activate the bond, Lucius, he is inhabiting the back of Quirrell's head. He recognized that I was still fulfilling the tasks he set me before and approached me."

Lucius bolted to his feet; "I will go to him,"

"Don't be a fool, Lucius," Severus interrupted, "you can not be seen with Professor Quirrell, I can. He has a plan and he requires a diary he left with you. A leather-bound book with the name TM Riddle embossed on it. He said you would know what I speak of. I am to bring it to him."

Lucius glared, "I wish to speak with our Lord Severus, you will arrange it. I will give the diary only to Our Lord."

Severus laughed, "Of course, Lucius, I'll tell him what you said. I'm sure he won't mind being summoned to you." He stood to leave, still chuckling.

Lucius blanched and held out a hand, "No! I...that is not what I meant. Wait here I'll get the diary. You will give him my regards and assure Him of my loyalties won't you Severus?"

"Of course Lucius," agreed Severus with a smirk.


He should have expect Potter to show up, the boy was too smart by half, Severus vaguely wondered if the hat had considered him for Ravenclaw.

"Potter I assure you that there is nothing wrong with me," said Snape.

"Sir, I saw your leg, why were you trying to get past Fluffy?" demanded Harry.

"Fluffy?" asked Snape, horrified that; one Potter knew about the damn dog and two that Hagrid called the thing Fluffy.

"Hagrid's three headed dog that's guarding the trap door in the third floor corridor. Please sir my friends think that you tried to kill me during the quidditch game, that you jinxed my broom."

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I don't believe we should discuss this here, Mr. Potter. Come with me," and he lead the way into his quarters. "Now tell me what really happened with the troll and if you know how my robes caught fire and I will tell you about Fluffy."

Once seated with tea, Harry looked suspiciously at Snape, "You won't take points will you?"

Snape chuckled, "Very Slytherin of you to ask Mr. Potter but no what is discussed in my quarters will not leave."

"The hat wanted to put me in Slytherin, sir but Malfoy's a git and I told it anywhere but Slytherin," said Harry.

Snape's eyebrow rose that did explain much. "The troll, Mr. Potter?"

"Er, well, Ron insulted Hermione and she went to the bathroom to cry and wasn't at the feast so when Quirrell said there was a troll I knew I had to warn her and so I made Ron go with me and we found Hermione only the troll found her first," related Harry.

"What happened then?" asked Snape calmly, at least on the outside.

"Well it was swinging it's club and Hermione wouldn't move, she was scared so I jumpedonitsbackandshovedmywand upitsnose," mumbled Harry.

Snape's eyes narrowed and he asked, "You did what to its nose?"

Harry sighed, "I jumped on its back and shoved my wand up its nose, it was sort of an accident. I wasn't trying to do that. I was only trying to distract it, so then Ron used Wingardium Leviosa and levitated its club but lost control and dropped the club on its head. It was really Ron who saved Hermione but she didn't want us in trouble so she-"

"So she lied. I see you are lucky to have such a friends. She is lucky to have you as well, I believe. Although you were successful have you given any thought to how you would deal with a troll the next time you might meet one?" asked Snape.

Harry didn't seem to catch the sarcasm of the question.

"Yes sir, Hermione made us do research on trolls the next day. Ron and I could have done stunning spells at the same time to take it down, or we could have used both a blinding spell and trip jinx. I've recorded all three spells in my personal spell book to practice," said Harry cheerfully.

Snape sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Very well, if you need any help you may ask me at another time and the fire at the quidditch match?"

"Did you jinx my broom?" demanded Harry.

"Why do you suspect me?" Snape demanded back.

"Hermione said your lips were moving and you were staring at me. You swore you wouldn't hurt me."

"Mr. Potter I swore I wouldn't physically hurt you in these rooms. There is a difference but no I did not jinx your broom I was countering the jinx when my robes caught fire. I must admit that the commotion must have made the person casting the jinx lose their concentration as well," said Snape.

"Oh, well thank you for trying to save me, then. About Fluffy." Harry tried to change the subject.

Snape eyed him and said, "What kind of spell did Miss Granger use?"

Harry shrugged and then looked down, "It's some sort of blue flame, it can be put in a jam jar we use it to stay warm outside."

"Very creative."

"You weren't burned badly were you?" asked Harry hesitantly.

"No, I wasn't burned only startled," Snape replied.

"I'm glad," said Harry smiling in relief.

"Now, Hagrid told you about the dog?"

"It was an accident really, he didn't mean to tell," said Harry in an attempt to defend Hagrid.

"What else did he tell you?'

"Just that whatever Fluffy's guarding is between Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel."

"And you are not willing to believe that it is something that you should not concern yourself with?" asked Snape.

Harry shook his head and looked stubborn and Snape smirked.

"Well I checked the dog because I felt that the unexpected appearance of a troll might be a ploy to draw attention away from the third floor corridor in an attempt at the stone."


"Nicholas Flamel is a famous alchemist. He created an artifact known as the Philosophers Stone. The stone can be used to create the elixir of life, to grant immortality to the drinker. The headmaster has hidden it here to protect it from the Dark Lord who he believes wants the stone to regain his body. All of the teachers have participated in designing traps for anyone trying to get to the stone," said Snape.

Harry's brow furrowed, "So Voldemort will try to get the stone and the Headmaster will stop him? And the person who tried to curse me off my broom is probably helping him. What should I do?"

"Keep alert but do nothing, if you suspect that someone is making an attempt on the stone come to me or the headmaster and do not discuss this anywhere you could be over heard."

"Yes Professor, thank you for trusting me," said Harry.

"Well Mr. Potter it's very difficult to help you when your friends are trying to kill me," said Snape dryly.


"Albus there is something wrong with that man. A years absence does not change someone that much. Quirrell is just too strange." Severus spoke quietly and rubbed his left forearm.

"He had some sort of shock on his sabbatical. I'm sure he will recover soon." Dumbledore tried to placate the Potions Master.

"I have to agree with Severus, Albus there is something not quiet right about that man." McGonagall admitted. She gave Severus and funny look, "Is something the matter with your arm?"

Severus looked down where he was rubbing his arm and snatched his hand away.

Albus looked alarmed, "The Mark pains you Severus?"

Severus shrugged, "It has been achy since the beginning of term I think. You don't suppose..." he trailed off with a look of concentration. Inwardly he snickered; he could practically see the wheels in Albus' head turning.

"Perhaps Poppy should take a discrete look at Professor Quirrell."

Yes, Severus thought, ten points to Slytherin!


Severus wondered not for the first time just how he had gotten into this mess. He'd convinced Albus that there was something wrong with Quirrell, Poppy had discreetly scanned him during Christmas dinner and now Severus was to bring him to the Great Hall to be exorcised.

Albus and the others were waiting for them there. He wished he could just tell Albus it was the Dark Lord in possession of Quirrell not just some random demon. He snorted at that.

At least most of the brats had gone home and Albus had locked down the dorms of those left.

"Ah Quirrell there you are, Albus has found something he wants your opinion on," said Severus to the turbaned man.

"Oh, wha-what is it?' he stuttered.

"That's what Albus wants you for, in the Great Hall," said Severus, "come with me."

"No I don't think so," said Quirrell.

"You have betrayed me, SSSeverus, you must pay," came an eerie voice that sent shivers up Severus's spine. Then the Mark on his left arm burst into white-hot pain and Severus collapsed to his knees griping his arm.

"Help me get the stone and shall let you live, Severus," said the voice.

"No, never," Severus gasp out.

"Then you shall die,"

"NO!" shouted a young voice and Severus was horrified to see the small form of Harry Potter rush at Quirrell. "Leave him alone!"

"Potter," said Quirrell, "Kill him," said the voice. Quirrell attempted to grab Potter by the throat but recoiled screaming, "my hands, it burns."

The pain in his arm eased as he saw Potter reach up with both hands and lay them on Quirrell's face and the man began to scream and turn to ash. The black spirit swirled out of the body and went screaming down the corridor as Potter collapsed.

Severus tried to move toward the boy but the darkness closed in and he knew to more.

Severus Snape sat brooding in the chair beside the Potter boy's bed. He wanted to scream and take a million points from the boy for being out of bed in the middle of the night, for rushing in and taking on the Dark Lord, for risking himself, for scaring Severus half to death, but the brat had saved his life. He wanted to take points for that too.

The boy stirred on the bed.

"Mr. Potter, how do you feel?" asked Severus.

"Professor? What happened?" asked the boy groping on the bedside table for his glasses.

Severus placed them in his hand.

"Quirrell was being possessed by the Dark Lord, Mr. Potter, you drove the Dark Lord out," said Severus.

"I killed Professor Quirrell," said Harry in a small voice.

"No, Mr. Potter, Harry, the Dark Lord killed Quirrell the moment he took possession of his body. If you had not jumped to my defense I would be dead, perhaps others would be also. You did the right thing, Mr. Potter."

"Thank you, Professor."

"Madam Pomfrey left a sleeping draught for you, you should try to get some more sleep," said Severus.

Potter obediently downed the potion and lay back down.

"You were very good with him, Severus," came the voice of the Headmaster from the darkness. "I am please to see you've put your animosity for James behind you."

Severus snorted, "I haven't, this boy is much more Lily's son than his. She was my friend and I owe her."

"Ah, I see, never the less, Harry's defeat of Voldemort this time gives me hope for his eventually destruction," said the Headmaster twinkle at full blast.

"Will you be giving the boy extra tuition to train him for that confrontation?" asked Severus.

"Oh I don't see the need at this time, he is much to young to be burdened so. He should enjoy his childhood. I do believe that there is plenty of time yet."

"Headmaster, he should be told," protested Severus.

"No, Severus not yet. You my boy should get some rest as well," said the Headmaster with finality.

"Of course," muttered Severus and he rose and left the infirmary.


Severus knew the boy would be knocking on his door, as soon as he was released from the infirmary. He wasn't disappointed. He allowed Harry into his lab and cleaned up his work. Harry released the viper from its now charmed confinement and sent shivers up and down his spine as he chatted with the snake.

Then Severus allowed him into his rooms for the talk he knew that Potter wanted.

"So what brings you to me today, Mr. Potter," asked Severus once they were seated with tea and biscuits.

"I have several questions, sir," said the boy.

Severus sighed, "Oh course you do, ask them I'll answer what I can."

"He hurt you and said you betrayed him. How did he hurt you he didn't use a wand?" asked Harry.

Severus set down his teacup and rolled up his left sleeve and slowly removed the bandage covering the Dark Mark.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked softly.

Harry leaned forward and regarded the Mark wrinkling up his nose as he did so.

"It looks painful sir," he said.

The viper angled its head out of the neck of the oversized shirt the boy was wearing to look at the Mark also.

"It's called the Dark Mark and it is proof that I once served the Dark Lord as a Death Eater, Mr. Potter," said Severus.

Harry's eyes widened and he leaned closer, surprising Severus who'd actually thought he might run away.

"He said you betrayed him," he said.

"I did, I switched sides and became a spy for the Headmaster," said Severus calmly.

Harry's fingers touched his wrist just below the Mark and Severus realized that the viper was hissing at the tattooed snake. He froze in shock and fear as Harry also began to hiss and the serpent tattoo stood up and hissed back.

"Potter-" began Severus fear in his voice.

"Please don't move Professor," came Harry's oddly calm voice.

Then he hissed again, the viper around his neck hissing in counterpoint and the inky serpent on Severus's arm spitting dangerously. Then with no warning the serpent struck at the fingers lying on his wrist and white-hot agony burst from the Dark Mark.

Severus closed his eyes struggling to stay conscious and then the pain abated and he looked down to find Harry Potter looking back.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get rid of it, Professor, it says I'm your Master now, but I promise I won't be mean," said Harry then his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed to the floor. Severus stared at him for a moment and then at the green lightening bolt and serpent on his arm before gathering up the boy and casting a diagnosis charm.

Harry was magically exhausted so Severus laid him out on the couch and covered him with a blanket. He'd let the boy sleep for a while and then when he woke perhaps he'd give him detention for the rest of his life.

As Harry slept Severus stared at his new Mark, the Mark of Potter, he prodded it slightly. The pain from the confrontation with the Dark Lord was gone. He couldn't help but be pleased that the Dark Mark was gone but was concerned for the boy and what it would mean if-when it got out. He really didn't like the idea of anyone finding out anytime soon. He still had too much to do.

When Harry woke up Severus gave him a pepper up potion and hoped any lingering effects would be attributed to the confrontation with Quirrell and the Dark Lord.

"Why did you do that, Mr. Potter? How did you do it?" questioned Severus.

Harry stared up at him

"I don't know, are you angry at me?" said Harry.

"No I'm not angry just worried at the energy it took from you, it was very dangerous. I did not think that the Dark Mark could ever be removed," said Severus with a frown.

"I'm not sure it can be but I could change it. The snake on the Mark was angry but when it bit me I could change it so it will listen to me instead of Voldemort," said Harry.

"It actually did bite you? Show me," demanded Severus.

Harry held up his left hand there were two small scars the resembled a snake bite on the side of his middle finger. Severus's scan showed no sign of poison.

"But why would you do something like that for me?" Severus finally asked.

Harry looked bland for a moment and then smiled, "You're my friend Professor, I like you."

In his shock Severus allowed Harry to return to the his dorm with the viper that evening when he realized that he shrugged he'd have to remember to tell Harry to bring the snake back to his lab before the rest of the brats returned from Christmas break.


Severus was trying to ignore the man next to him. He didn't want Lupin in the school he was dangerous, well maybe not as dangerous as the newly deceased Quirrell and his parasitical Dark Lord but still, he was a werewolf and Severus didn't like it.

He'd have to learn to brew the new Wolfsbane Potion for Lupin, and he'd have to share Potter. That brought his swirling thoughts to a halt.

"Severus, is everything all right?" asked Lupin.

"I don't want you here," snarled Severus.

"I'm quite aware of that but Albus hired me to replace Quirrell. Can't you leave the past in the past?" said Lupin mildly.

Severus opened his mouth to retort as they rounded the corner and came face to face with Potter and Weasley.

"Potter Weasley, what are you doing here?" snarled Severus. He did not want to introduce Lupin to the Potter boy.

"There's something wrong with Ron's rat Scabbers, Professor, could you look at him?" said Harry.

Ron looked unsure but hauled the rat out of his pocket. It blinked around in sleepy surprise.

Lupin shouted, "Wormtail," and drew his wand.

The rat bit down on the hand holding it and tried to scurry away. Severus drew his wand as Lupin's shouted stupefy missed it mark.

Weasley dove after the rat and intercepted Severus's Incarcerous spell and fell bound to the floor screaming invectives at the Potions Master.

Potter's shouted stupefy stunned the rat and Lupin conjured a cage for it as Dumbledore and McGonagall appeared at the far end of the corridor.

'Bugger' thought Severus.

They had reconvened in the Headmasters office. The caged rat sitting in the middle of the Headmasters desk, Lupin's dazed gaze shooting from the rat to Harry and Ron Weasley shooting death glares at Harry and concerned looks at the rat.

"Now can someone please explain what this is about?" asked Dumbledore twinkle in his eye.

"That's Peter Pettigrew there," Lupin said, indicating the rat. "He's an animagus."

"Pettigrew was killed, Remus," said McGonagall softly.

"That's Scabbers, he's been in my family for years," complained Ron.

"There's something wrong about him," said Harry.

Dumbledore looked intrigued and cast a spell on the rat, which glowed briefly.

"This rat is indeed an human in animal form," he said, "Mr. Potter what make you think that there is something wrong with him?"

"About him Headmaster not with him," corrected Harry, "and I can't tell you how I know."

"Why has he been hiding all this time?" asked Remus. "He had to have know that Sirius was arrested and thrown into Azkaban."

"Who is Sirius?" asked Harry.

"Perhaps Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley should be dismissed, Albus," suggested McGonagall.

"Sirius Black is your godfather, Mr. Potter, he is in Azkaban for betraying your parents to the Dark Lord and murdering the wizard who apparently has been hiding as a rat all these year. Lupin here is was also a friend of both your father and Black," said Severus.

"Severus really-" said McGonagall.

Harry scowled at his head of house, "You don't think I have a right to know about this?" He turned to Lupin, "If you were friends with both of them why did he betray my parents and try to kill him?"

"Lupin looked down at his hands, "I don't know Harry? I never found out?"

Harry's scowl deepened, "Didn't any one ask him at his trial why he did it?"

"He didn't have a trial," said Severus. Dumbledore's mouth opened but Harry beat him to it.

"Then I think someone needs to ask that guy some questions don't you," Harry asked the Headmaster.

"I believe you may be right, Mr. Potter."

They opened the cage and forced the transformation then restrained Pettigrew and enervated him.

"Hello Lupin," said Pettigrew.

"Peter," said Lupin.

"Harry you look just like your father," simpered Peter.

Harry scowled at him.

"Mr. Pettigrew," began Dumbledore, "why have you been hiding all these years?"

"I was afraid," said Pettigrew.

"Afraid of what? Black is in prison and the Dark Lord is gone," said Severus with a sneer.

"How did you escape Sirius?" asked Lupin at the same time.

"I -I" stuttered Pettigrew.

"Perhaps Veritaserum would loosen your tongue," mused Severus.

Pettigrew began shaking his head in fright.

"Now Severus, I don't think," began Dumbledore.

Harry who'd been studying Pettigrew unobtrusively suddenly jumped to his feet and pushed up the sleeve on Pettigrew's left arm exposing the Dark Mark.

"You traitor!" roared Lupin.

Bloody Hell, Harry!" whispered Ron.

"Mr. Weasley," yelled McGonagall.

"On the other hand perhaps we should call the Aurors," stated Dumbledore.

'Oh bugger,' thought Severus and he slumped further down in his seat.

The Aurors were called and McGonagall hustled Ron from the office leaving Harry to the questions of Dumbledore.

"Harry how did you know that Mr. Pettigrew had the Dark Mark?" he asked.

"It's a secret, sir. I don't want a lot of people to know," said the boy quietly.

Dumbledore chuckled and said, "I think we can be trusted to keep your secrets Harry."

Harry looked incredulously at the Headmaster.

"What about him?" he asked gesturing at Pettigrew.

"Ah, I see, you are correct." The headmaster cast a deafening hex on Pettigrew. "Now then if you will?"

"May I have an oath, sir, that you and Mr. Lupin won't tell my secrets?" asked Harry.

Severus smirked inwardly at the expression of shock on the Headmasters face.

"Mr. Potter I assure you that I don't reveal things that I am told in confidence," said Dumbledore.

Lupin smirked slightly and held up his wand, "I, Remus Lupin agree not to reveal Harry Potter's secrets to anyone else with out the express permission of Harry Potter." The brief glow from his wand confirmed the oath.

Harry's eyes rested on Dumbledore.

"Very well, Mr. Potter, I, Albus Dumbledore swear not to reveal what Harry Potter tells me today without his permission." His wand glowed briefly.

Severus made a mental note to discuss with Potter the limitations inherent in the Headmasters oath.

"Do you wish Professor Snape to leave or swear an oath?" asked the Headmaster.

"I trust the Professor," said Harry looking at Severus for a moment.

Dumbledore frowned and then sighed, "Please tell us how you knew about the Dark Mark, Harry."

"Hiss told me he smelled bad," said Harry.

Severus could barely restrain the laughter at the pained expression of the Headmaster.

"I'm afraid that is don't understand, ahhh is that a snake?" Dumbledore asked as the viper's head poked up from the collar of Harry's shirt.

Harry grinned and nodded his head, "Yes sir, this is Hisss, and she is Professor Snape's snake. She told me that the food smelled bad. She was lying on top of Scabber's cage at the time. He was pretty scared, though she would have had a hard time eating him he's so fat."

Dumbledore eyed Severus for a moment then asked, "Why do you have her if she belongs to Professor Snape?"

"Oh well um-" said Harry.

"Eloquent as always, Mr. Potter. He had my permission to have the snake with him today as long as she was returned before the other students returned to the castle," said Severus smoothly. Harry grinned at him.

"I believe that is a poisonous viper Severus, I don't think that-" began Dumbledore.

"I can talk to her and understand what she is saying. She promised she wouldn't bite anyone. She's perfectly safe," interrupted Harry.

"You're a Parselmouth?" asked Lupin in shock.

"Yes, just because it's a talent associated with Dark Wizards doesn't make it bad, sir, I did some research. Parsel ability has only been associated with Dark Wizards here in Britain in the last five hundred years or so. In ancient Egypt, and the Mesoamerican cultures it was a revered and honored skill. Parselwizards were known as Warrior Protectors in those societies," said Harry.

"I see," said Dumbledore in some confusion, "How long have you know that you could speak to snakes?" He shot a look of suspicion at Severus.

Harry shrugged, "Since before Hogwarts."

The fire flared to life and Amelia Bones and several Aurors stepped through ending the conversation.

When all was said and done, both Pettigrew and Black were on their way to trial.

Severus knew that Black would be cleared and freed. Now he would have to figure a way to get Black to let him in to his manor to find the last Horcrux.
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