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AU, A post HBP Snape travel back in time to warn a pre SS/PS Snape about his future in the hopes that things can be changed. No Slash or Pairings

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Hindsight 3
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not mine

Severus watched Harry Potter step in to his lab to return the viper to its tank. The students were due back later in the day. The boy was hissing softly to the snake and stoking it gently seeming reluctant to leave it.

"Mr. Potter, are you well?" asked Severus.

The boy looked up at him and replied, "A little confused really. I don't understand why Professor McGonagall would want to keep important things from me, I don't understand why Professor Dumbledore tried to be sneaky with his oath, did he think I wouldn't notice, that I'm some sort of stupid kid? I have questions too."

Severus sighed, "Of course you do, Mr. Potter, come along we'll have tea and I'll try to answer you're questions."

Once settled with tea and a plate of biscuits Severus said, "Professor McGonagall was not trying to keep things from you for malicious reason but to protect you."

"Protect me?" asked Harry.

"I believe she felt that the knowledge that your Godfather had caused the death of your parents would be painful for you and so wished to shelter you."

"Oh, well I don't know much about them but I think I would like to know that sort of thing. You seem to know about my parents and that Black guy, did you teach them?"

Severus sputtered his tea a little and frowned, "Mr. Potter just how old do you think I am? McGonagall and Flitwick taught then and Dumbledore was Headmaster. I was a student at the time."

Harry smiled widely and asked, "Did you know them well, and were you friends?"

Severus hesitated, here was his chance he could turn the brat against Black, and Lupin for that matter, a form of revenge. He sighed once more.

"I knew them but no we weren't friends, at least not your father and his friends. Your mother Lily and I studied together on occasion and we were partners in Potions. Just as today, Gryffindors and Slytherins did not mix well."

The smile dimmed slightly, "Oh, well what can you tell me about them or at least my Mum, was she pretty? I've never seen a picture, Aunt Petunia won't talk about her."

Severus cleared his throat and said, "She was very pretty, very smart, somewhat like Miss Granger actually. She enjoyed reading and learning, she was very good in charms and potions and she was well liked by nearly everyone she ever met."

"Thank you Professor for telling me," said Harry.

"Yes well, Harry --," he stopped and looked away, thinking, when he turned back he set his cup down and leaned forward. "You father, James and his friends Black, Lupin and Pettigrew liked to play pranks, like the Weasley twins. I seemed to be a favorite target. I'm not saying that I didn't get revenge because I did but I don't think that I am the one to tell you much about them."

Harry was aghast and cried, "My father was a bully?"

Severus sighed again and said, "Harry, James was a pureblood, he was arrogant, prideful and thoughtless. He was also a boy. It is my understanding the he grew up into a good man. My friend, Lily, your mother was a very bright girl if there wasn't something good about him, something worthwhile she would never have fallen in love with him and married him. Do you understand?"

Harry's brow furrowed in thought. Finally he said, "I think so, like Ron saying mean things to Hermione because he doesn't think first?" Severus nodded his head in agreement.

"Do you think that Black guy will want to see me?" he asked changing the subject.

"If he is at all sane I'm sure he will," said Severus.

"What do you mean 'sane'?" asked Harry.

"Azkaban prison is guarded by Dementors, evil wraith like creatures who live on positive emotions," said Severus with a shudder. "He may need sometime to recover."

"You said that Mr. Lupin was a friend of my dad's too? Why is he here?" asked Harry.

"Ah, well Professor Lupin will be taking over the DADA classes," said Severus.

"Oh, maybe I'll asked him about my dad and Black, then. Thank you for telling me, Professor," said Harry.

"You're quite welcome Mr. Potter, I have a question of my own however. How did you know that Pettigrew had the Mark?"

Harry said, "Oh uh, Hiss told me."

Severus eyed the blushing boy and asked, "I think there must be more to it that that, Mr. Potter."

"Hiss said he smelled 'bad like the dark man before'. She meant you and how you smell to her before I --," he said pointing at Severus's left arm.

"I see, perhaps you should pick a name for her," said Severus filing the information away.

"Hiss is her name, Professor," said Harry puzzled.

"All I hear is a hiss, Mr. Potter, not a name," said Severus with a raised eyebrow.

Harry's brow furrowed and he hissed quietly to himself for a moment and then looked up.

"I'll have to think about it, um, Professor are you sure you want me to name her? After all she is your snake."

Severus snorted and replied, "As I had intended to use her as parts for a potion, and I doubt you would approve I believe she now belongs to you however she will have to stay in my lab for the present and now I'm sure you should be getting back to your friends. The train is due soon," said Severus and ushered Harry out of his quarters.


"Sir?" said the blonde boy from the door of the lab.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy what is it?" asked Severus. The brats hadn't been back an hour and already they were annoying him.

"My father sent a letter for Professor Quirrell but I can't find him and some other man is in his office," complained Malfoy.

"Professor Quirrell has left Hogwarts, give me the letter and I will see that he gets it," said Severus breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Father said to give it directly to Professor Quirrell and no one else, sir," whined Malfoy.

"Then return it to your father and tell him you failed," said Severus with a sneer.

"Oh uh, I'm sure he won't mind if you pass it on. Thank you Professor," he said handing the letter to Severus and walking quickly out of the lab.

Severus gazed down at the letter 'this could complicate things' he thought.

He pulled his wand and closed the door and sealed it, then ran several detection spells on the letter. He smirked to himself Lucius was so predictable sometimes. He sealed the letter with a spell they'd learned from the Dark Lord he could open it easily by laying his Dark Mark-his thoughts broke off and the smirk faded as he looked from the letter to his left arm where new Mark Potter had made hid under his sleeve. The only other way to open it if you didn't have the Dark Mark was Parseltongue. He'd have to get Potter to open the blasted letter. He'd have to hope that this was the first such Lucius had sent. He shivered and placed the letter in an inner pocket. He needed to destroy the Horcruxes sooner rather than later and unfortunately he'd need Potter's help for that too.


Three days later at the end of a particularly difficult potions class where Malfoy had once again attempted to sabotage Potter's potion and Longbottom had melted another cauldron; just how he continued to do that escaped Severus.

"Mr. Potter, stay after, I wish to discuss this last paper you turned in," said Severus.

Potter nodded and walked up to the desk, Malfoy smirked at him and loitered near the doorway jostling for position with Potter's friends, Granger and Weasley.

"Out," roared Snape and slammed the door behind the irritants.

"Did I do something wrong, sir?" asked Harry.

"Not at all, although perhaps more detail and smaller writing next time wouldn't be amiss. I wanted to ask a favor of you, Mr. Potter," said Severus removing the letter from an inside pocket.

Harry nodded agreeably, "Of course, sir."

"Would you tell this parchment to open in Parseltongue?" requested Severus indicating the letter now lying on the desk.

Harry blinked at him and then looked at the letter opened his mouth and hissed. Shivers ran down Severus spine as they always did and the letter unsealed itself.

"Thank you Mr. Potter, you may go," said Severus.

Harry looked at him for a long moment and asked, "Is this one of your secrets?"

"Yes, and if you come down to my quarters one evening I will explain," offered Severus.

Harry nodded and gathered his books. In the corridor Severus could hear Harry telling his friends, "He said more detail and smaller writing," and Granger replying, "I told you that wouldn't work."

He looked down at the open letter in front of him.

My Lord

I have sent this missive with my son for added security, and he will forward any response to me, as no one will think it amiss for a son to write his father.

I beseech you Master send me instructions; I am, as always, yours to command.

Your obedient servant,
Lucius Malfoy

Severus sagged slightly with relief, a first contact attempt then. He would have to consider a response.


Severus decided on a response that evening.


As you may or may not have heard, Quirrell is dead, however our Lord lives and my cover is still intact. Our Lord believes it was Pettigrew's unmasking that made Dumbledore take notice of Quirrell. He commands that Pettigrew be left in Ministry hands for now and that you bring your talents to use by insuring Black be exonerated of all charges. He believes his plan for the Potter boy can still come to fruition if he can be rid of Dumbledore's chosen guardians. Black's freedom will muddy the waters and Our Lord intends to make use of that.

Severus Snape

Severus sat back and regarded the letter it carried the tone of the few letters he had received from the Dark Lord during the first war. He cast the spell sealing it to all but those who carried the Dark Mark and rose to take it to the Owlery.


Severus was just finishing a batch of stomach soother for Pomfrey in his private lab when his wards alerted him to someone at the door. He waved his wand releasing the wards and unlocking the door.

"Yes, what is it?" he called.

"You said I could come see you, sir," said Harry Potter.

"Come in, Potter, I'm just finishing this, I won't be but a minute and we may talk," said Severus.

Harry drifted over to the viper's tank and settled it about his neck. Looking at the workbench Harry said, "What are you making, sir?"

"Stomach soother, Madam Pomfrey used the last on those dunderheads who insist on eating themselves stupid on the train," he grumbled.

"Ah, Seamus told me about that, he said it's the only potion that tastes good and what Madam Pomfrey gave him was better than what his Mum makes," said Harry carrying several utensils to the sink to wash as Severus wiped down his area.

"It should taste better it's my own recipe. If it tasted bad on top of a stomach ache it would just make the brats vomit and while I wouldn't feel sorry for them, Madam Pomfrey wouldn't appreciate it," said Severus with a smirk.

"Will we learn how to make our own potions? I mean our own recipes?" asked Harry.

"I may teach you how to experiment but the rest are the biggest bunch of dunder-" he broke off and turned to look at Harry with a scowl, "I expect that you won't repeat what I've said Mr. Potter."

Harry looked affronted, "Of course not Professor."

"Good, come into my rooms, we are done here," said Severus open the door and waiting for Harry.

Once settled into their chairs with chocolate and biscuits Severus asked, "I suppose you're here about the letter?"

"If you want to tell me," said Harry with a shrug, eyes firmly on his cup, "I, actually I was wondering if you knew why Professor Lupin doesn't like me?"

Severus set his cup down with a rattle, "What do you mean he doesn't like you?"

Harry shrugged again, "I wanted to asked him about my dad, you know, and I tried to talk to him but he doesn't want to talk to me, said he was busy and if it wasn't about school work well he didn't have time."

Severus ground his teeth and thought about cursing Lupin. Then his eyes narrowed and he hissed, "What exactly did he say, Harry?"

Harry looked up startled at the tone, "Uh, I think he said something like, 'I'm sorry Harry but if it's not about defense I really can't speak with you right now'."

Severus stood abruptly and stalked to the fireplace, grabbed powder from a dish and threw it into the fire and then spoke sharply, "Lupin, please come to my chambers I must discuss your potion with you."

There was a distant whooshing sound and Lupin appeared in the fireplace. Harry watched wide-eyed he'd read about flooing but had never seen it and hadn't known that the Hogwarts fireplaces could be used that way although he now realized what the dish on the mantel in the common room was for.

"Severus, what in Merlin's name is the matter, I-" he broke off seeing Harry in the armchair. He came to a halt and almost looked as if he wanted to run back into the fire.

"Sit down Lupin," snarled Severus.

"Er, you're busy I can come back later," stuttered Lupin.

"See, professor, he doesn't like me," said Harry embarrassed.

Severus bellowed, "Sit!" as Lupin's jaw dropped open and he fell into a chair.

"Now, Lupin, Harry believes you've been avoiding him because you don't like him, I would like you to explain to him just what the problem is," snarled Severus.

Lupin looked from Severus's angry black eyes to Harry's sad green ones and drop his gaze to the floor. He took a deep breath and said, "I, uh, was afraid that you'd hate me for never questioning that Sirius was guilty, Albus said not to trouble you with talk about James and Lily that it wasn't fair to you to bring up what you'll never remember and I wasn't sure that I could carry on a conversation without talking about them so I, uh, brushed you off."

"I wanted to ask you about my dad, Professor, nobody ever talks about them, only say I look like him and Professor Snape said he wasn't a good one to ask because they didn't get along but you were his friend, what makes the Headmaster think I don't want to hear?" Harry was almost yelling.

"Harry," said Severus warning in his tone.

Harry took a deep breath and said in a more normal tone of voice, "Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to yell."

"I'm sorry too, Harry, I didn't mean to make you think I didn't like you, I do very much, can we start over?" asked Lupin.

"Er, okay," said Harry now looking at Lupin.

The man smiled and said, "Hello Harry, I'm Remus Lupin, I was a friend of your fathers." Then he held out a hand.

Harry grinned and took the hand while Severus rolled his eyes and said, "Merlin save me from bloody Gryffindors."


Severus entered the Great Hall to find students whispering and pointing. He found the reason on the Daily Prophet's front page.

Sirius Black Found Innocent of Murder and Betrayal

Sirius Black long thought to be You-Know-Who's right hand man, mass murderer, secret keeper and betrayer of the Potter's has been released from Azkaban and finally brought to trial. Veritaserum questioning has reveled that Mr. Black was in fact not the secret keeper for the Potters and was not the one who blew up the street and killed 13 muggles.

The shocking discovery of Peter Pettigrew, rat animagus, at Hogwarts just after Yule lead to the re-examination of the case against Mr. Black who was imprisoned without trial. Pettigrew bears the Dark Mark on his left arm and was, in fact, the actual Secret Keeper. He revealed the location of the Potters to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and framed Mr. Black for his own murder and that of 13 innocent muggles..

Sirius Black has been released to Saint Mungos where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Mr. Black is the last direct Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black and Godfather to Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Due to the death of his grandfather, Arcturus Black last year it is expected that he will claim his title and sue for custody of his godson, Harry Potter, upon his recovery.

Pettigrew has been sentenced to the Dementor's kiss.

Severus looked toward the Gryffindor table where Potter sat with his friends, heads bent over the paper. Potter hadn't come to his lab since he'd intervened with Lupin. He supposed he was spending time with Lupin. He wondered if Lupin would abandon Harry once again now that Black had been released.


Severus was cleaning his lab after delivering the Potion to Lupin. He enjoyed the clean up process almost as much as the brewing as it allowed him to go over the process in his mind and think about alternatives. The Wolfsbane could stand to be improved but it was a very tricky potion.

A knock on the door derailed his train of thought and he grumpily threw open the door.

"Hello, Professor," said Harry slipping past him into the room and making a beeline to the viper tank.

"Mr. Potter, do come in," said Severus sarcastically. He observed the boy for a moment as Harry allowed the serpent to coil about his arm and then slither into the neck of the overly large shirt he was wearing, hissing and giggling madly. "I believe your snake has missed you."

Harry hissed for another moment and then turned to Severus, "I missed you too, Professor."

Severus grunted slightly and returned to his clean up. Harry watched for a moment and then asked, "Is Professor Lupin going to be alright?"

Severus stilled and turned to face Harry, "What makes you think something is wrong with him?"

Harry rolled his eyes and said, "Professor Lupin said he wasn't feeling well. He had one of your potion dose cups on his desk just a little while ago." He inclined his head toward the shelf where seven, out of the set of eight, potion goblets sat. "And the other night you got him to come to your rooms by saying you wanted to discuss his potion."

Severus blinked and nodded, "I see, would you like tea?"

Harry shrugged slightly then nodded and Severus led the way into his rooms and rang for tea and biscuits.

Once they were served he eyed Harry, "Professor Lupin should be fine."

"What's wrong with him?" asked Harry.

Severus sighed and looked at the fire. "It is not my secret to tell, Harry," he said finally looking Harry in the eye.

Harry nodded, "All right, I understand."

"Has Professor Lupin told you about your godfather?" asked Severus trying to change the subject.

"Yes, he's in Saint Mungos and Professor Lupin went to see him. He sent me a letter. I wrote back," said Harry with a grin.

"Ah, well that's good then," said Snape. "Will he be coming to see you when he is released?"

"He said so, but Professor Lupin isn't sure how soon that might be," said Harry with a shrug. He hesitated a bit and then said, "I'm a little scared he might not like me once he meets me."

Severus frowned and said, "I'm sure he will, Harry." He glanced at the clock on the mantle and continued, "You should put your viper back in her tank and head back to your tower it's getting late."

Harry smiled and said, "Thanks, Professor I really like spending time with you."

As Harry left Severus thought to himself, 'I like spending time with you too, Harry but I imagine Black will attempt to put and end to it.' He scowled at the closed door, 'Well he can try.'
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