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Sirius Matters

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AU, A post HBP Snape travel back in time to warn a pre SS/PS Snape about his future in the hopes that things can be changed. No Slash or Pairings

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AN: Sorry for the delay in this story and others I've had a bit of writers block.

Chapter 4

Several weeks later Severus sat in the staff room after lunch. He had a stack of papers in front of him that he was pretending to mark. He was actually watching McGonagall and Dumbledore playing chess and enjoying his tea. The past few weeks had been relatively stress free. His plans for the Dark Lords destruction were at a standstill. Harry had been visiting his dungeon regularly and the Malfoy brat had stopped whining somewhat.

Lupin entered the room with a smile on his face and Severus couldn't help but sneer at him.

"What are you so happy about, Lupin?"

Lupin's smile grew and he said, "I just got a note from Sirius. He's been released from Saint Mungo's. He'll be here in just a bit to see Harry."

Dumbledore looked up from the chess board and spoke, "I'm sorry Remus but I can't allow that. Sirius does not have custody of Mr. Potter and therefore cannot visit a student he is not related to."

Severus was stunned that the old man would try to keep Black from Harry.

"You can't do that. Sirius is counting on seeing Harry, and has already petitioned to regain custody. It's just a matter of time," Lupin almost shouted.

"I dare say, Remus, that Sirius Black will not gain custody of Mr. Potter. He is quite happy with his relatives and much safer as well. Sirius will need quite a bit more time to recover before trying to gain custody of a child," said Dumbledore eyes twinkling. "Now go down to the gate and bring Sirius to my office. I'll just have a little chat with him. I'm sure he'll agree that it's not in young Harry's best interest to be disturbed at this time. Especially after the trauma at Yule."

Dumbledore stood and ushered Lupin out of the room leaving McGonagall looking rather fish like and Severus fuming on the inside. He listened to Minerva grumble about overbearing old men and fools for a time then stood and went to the window. He turned from the window after catching sight of the approaching pair and sneering slightly at the thunderous look on Black's face.

"I believe I'll do my marking elsewhere, Minerva," said Severus leaving McGonagall staring after him thoughtfully.

Severus strode up the hall to the Entrance Hall just in time to see Black and Lupin turn the corner at the top of the stairs. He ducked into the small antechamber just off the entrance hall and took the hidden circular stairs to the seventh floor exiting from behind a tapestry. This hidden staircase was the quickest way to each floor and restricted to teachers though he felt sure those blasted Weasley twins had discovered it.

On the seventh floor, to his relief, he found his prey whispering with his friends just outside the Gryffindor portrait.

"Mr. Potter," he growled, "just what are you doing?"

Harry looked startled for a moment and Severus was gratified to note that Longbottom paled and looked near to collapse. He sneered at the four first years waiting for a reply.

"We were just deciding what to do, Professor, Percy kicked us out of the common room for being too noisy," said Harry.

Severus watched Granger tugging on Harry's sleeve and Weasley muttering something.

"Well, in that case I suggest that you go loiter in the Entrance Hall for the rest of the afternoon, Mr. Potter," said Severus in a menacing tone.

Harry blinked up at him and the other three looked terribly funny with their mouths hanging open.

"Er, Sir?" asked Harry.

"I'm sure you heard me, Mr. Potter, and take these miscreants with you." Severus turned to walk away, then called over his shoulder. "Now, Mr. Potter, before I take points for disobeying a teacher."

"Yes sir," called Harry.

Severus fought to glare at some third years in the corridor as he walked away hearing the furious whispering behind him. Now he just need to get back to the Entrance Hall to watch the meeting. No doubt Black would consider this a prank on the Headmaster but it really just demonstrated his most Slytherin qualities of manipulation.

Severus was back in the antechamber before Harry and his friends made it down to the Entrance Hall, he stood in the shadows of the doorway behind the illusion of a door. It was really an excellent place to keep an eye on the brats. He didn't think Black would put up with Albus's badgering and manipulations for long and would soon be storming out of the castle. If Harry was fortuitously in the way all the better.

He was right, he could hear Black's mouth running long before he saw him coming down the staircase. The students who had settled to a game of snap on the stairs looked up.

"Professor?" said Harry glancing from Lupin to Black.

"Harry, you aren't supposed to--," Lupin trailed off and Black halted staring at Harry.

"Harry?" he said. Severus sneered at the emotion in Black's voice, had the man no control he wondered.

"Mr. Black?" questioned Harry. Black winced and looked pained. Severus almost felt sorry for him for the tiniest second.

"It's Sirius, Harry, I-I, Merlin you look like James," he said. He came the rest of the way down the stairs and stood in front of Harry. "I can't believe you're here."

Harry grinned slightly, "I go to school here."

Severus smirked but Black only nodded and said, "I didn't think I'd get to see you though. I was, I--" he stuttered to a halt.

Harry frowned and asked, "But didn't you come to see me? You said you would."

"Yes I did but the Headmaster, well he said, that--" he broke off.

"What's going on here?" interrupted Minerva McGonagall.

Professor, my godfather came to visit me," exclaimed Harry with a wide grin. "Can I show him the common room and my dorm?"

Severus smirked again and thought that Harry should have been in his house.

Black blinked rather stupidly and then nodded hard enough that Severus thought his head would come off.

"I hardly think Mr. Black needs to see the common room, he spent seven years in it when he was younger but I will let you visit in my office. Do you want your friends to come too, Mr. Potter?" she asked.

Harry looked at the three standing behind him and Black said, "I'd like to meet your friends, Harry."

"You two should spent time together," said Granger.

"Er, Sirius, this are my friends, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom. Guys this is my Godfather, Sirius Black," said Harry.

"Longbottom? I'm glad the two of you are friends. Your mums were good friends in school." He grinned, "I seem to remember the two of you playing together as babies."

Both boys looked interested and Snape snorted quietly.

"Very well, come along then," said McGonagall as she led the group up the stairs toward her office on the second floor.

Severus sighed, exited the antechamber and retreated down to his dungeon to finish his marking hoping he hadn't made a mistake exposing the boy to Black.


That evening Severus had just dismissed his detention students and finished marking the last essay when Harry bolted into his class room and assaulted him with a vicious hug.

"Thank you, Professor, thank you," Harry mumbled into the startled Severus's robes.

Snape eyed the still open door with suspicion, cast a small spell to seal the door and then allowed himself to hug the boy back.

"I'm sure I don't know what you are on about, Mr. Potter," he said softly.

Harry released him and smiled slyly up at him.

"My Godfather was here this afternoon, didn't you know?"

"Was he?" asked Severus.

"Professor, is the headmaster insane?" asked Harry.

Snape raised an eyebrow and led Harry through the passage to his quarters.

"Why would you think something like that?"

"He told Sirius that I would be upset to see him. That wouldn't want to live with him because I'd miss my muggle relatives. He never even asked me. I told Sirius I'd rather live with him than the Dursleys he thinks he can get custody of me. Do you think I should tell the headmaster that I don't want to go back to the Dursleys? Why would it even matter to the Headmaster what I do?" Harry rushed out without taking a breath.

Severus shook his head at the boy. "I don't know Harry. Is there a reason you would rather live with Black than your family? After all you've only just met him."

Harry paused his mouth still open and then frowned. "I don't like them," he said in a small voice. "They aren't very nice."

Harry's little shoulders had hunched as he spoke and a wave of icy anger broke over Severus. He clamped down on the emotion and took a deep breathe.

"You don't have to to tell me if you do not wish too, Harry. However I believe it would be in your best interest to inform the Headmaster if they have behaved inappropriately."

"But why is it any of his business where I live?" Harry cried out in frustration.

"He has chosen to involve himself in your life, Harry. He placed you with the muggles. I believe he worried the the Dark Lord's servants were a danger. Once a man has decided a course of action it can be daunting to dissuade him. The Headmaster believe in his course of action is the safest for you. You must be the one to explain why it is not. You are the only one who can tell him if he was wrong to leave you there."

Harry crossed his arms and curled tighter to himself and mumbled, "He won't listen. No one ever listens."

Severus laid a hand on the boys shoulder, ignoring the slight flinch. "I will listen, Harry. Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, Lupin, Black, all of us will listen and we will force the Headmaster to listen as well."

Harry looked up at Severus, indecision written on his face. "Can I think about it, sir?"

Severus nodded and said, "Perhaps you should ask your friends about their home lives, about their families."

Harry nodded and shrugged away from Severus's hand. "Did you know my mum and Neville's were friends in school?"

A slight smile crossed Severus's face as he settled into his chair. "Yes I did. Lily, Alice and I were in NEWT Arithmancy together with Lupin, Selene Osborn and Tobias Nott. It was a small class..."

Much later after Harry had been escorted back to his tower Severus sat in his chair with a tumbler of whiskey. His future self had said Potter was abused, he had observed the inappropriate clothing the boy sometimes wore. He wondered it the rest of the staff was blind or merely quiet about their suspicions. Tomorrow he would begin some discreet inquiries among the staff.


Severus found McGonagall in the Staff room marking papers and drinking tea. She nodded absently to him as he entered and sat down.

He stared at her in frustration wondering how to ask about the boy. None of the other staff had admitted seeing anything strange or odd or inappropriate about any of the students. She was his Head of House and should have noticed. But perhaps he was only seeing it because his future self had mention it. He could not believe he would have been unable to see it in the previous time. That he would have done nothing about it.

She was now returning his stare with a questioning look and he had no idea what to say or even if he should say anything.

"Is something the matter, Severus?" she asked.

He sighed, "I am at a loss, Minerva. I believe there is a student who may be in danger from his family. I am reluctant break the trust of the student but none of the other staff have noticed anything wrong. I fear to allow the child to return to his home this summer but yet he has not actually verbalized abuse or neglect. There is also a possibility that his living arrangements may change with out my interference."

She sighed and sat back in her chair. "I see," she said, "have you spoken with Poppy?"

"Not yet, the last time I spoke with the boy I did inform him that you or Poppy or I would listen if he wished to make complaint. He acted as if he had complained before and no one had listened."

She nodded her head. "Of course, but I don't believe one of your Slytherins would chose to confide in me."

A sneer crossed his face as he rose. "I never said it was a Slytherin, Minerva. Perhaps you should take a closer look at your own house," he said as he left the room leaving McGonagall sputtering behind him.


"Professor, are you here?" yelled Harry Potter bursting into Severus's lab.

"Mr. Potter," said Severus icily, "this is not the place to screech about like a rampaging hippogriff."

"Sorry, Professor, I'm just excited," said Harry contritely.

"About?" inquired Severus pushing back the thread of amusement.

"Sirius got custody of me," said Harry, eyes glowing, "I'm going to live with him. I never have to go back to the Dursley's."

Severus turned away from his cauldron. "I see," he said. "This pleases you?"

"Oh, yes. He said it will be in tomorrows paper but he wanted me to know so he came to see me this morning right after the ceremony," said Harry.

"Ceremony?" asked Severus with a frown.

"Yeah, with the goblins."

Severus cast a stasis charm on his cauldron and said, "Do you have time for tea, Harry? You can tell me about it in my quarters if you like." Then led the way.

"Well, Sirius said that there were some people who were saying he was never going to be competent," said Harry. Severus thought Black hadn't been competent in the first place but didn't say anything as Harry continued. "So he went to Gringotts and did the Ascension Rite-"

Severus stared at Harry in shock. The Ascension Rite was a seldom used ritual simply because it could kill an unworthy supplicant. If Black's mind truly had been sick or if he were viciously evil, the magic of the Rite would have killed him. The Rite would allow him to claim all the rights and privileges due him.

"so that no one could stop him from claiming me," continued Harry oblivious to his Professor's shock. "Then he told me that as soon as school was out we'd go to the Potter vaults and get some things that my mum and dad wanted me to have. I didn't know I had more than one vault but he gave me this ring too. He said my Dad wore it. Isn't it brilliant?" finished Harry holding out his hand which now sported the Potter heir ring.

Severus could only grimace at the sight of the ring that had once broken his nose.

Harry seeing the grimace frowned, "Is something wrong, sir?"

"What? No, nothing is wrong. It is just quite a lot to take in. Black did explain that your ring shows your status among the pure blood elite as the heir to House Potter didn't he?" asked Severus.

Harry wrinkled his nose. "Um, sort of. He said I'd have to learn about my place in society this summer but I don't think that sort of stuff should make a difference in a person. After all while it's nice to have things from my parents and to know that they provided for me I'd still much rather have them back."

"I understand but you must still try to understand how others view your place in our society," said Severus.

"I know, like that stupid boy who lived title," said Harry with a roll of the eyes.

Severus smirked at that, "Yes, well fame isn't everything is it?"

They spent a little more time together before Harry went to tell his friends about Sirius's visit.


It was nearly time for final examinations and Harry was in Severus's quarters visiting with his viper when Minerva McGonagall called through the floo, "Severus do you know where Mr. Potter might be?"

Harry looked up guiltily as Severus answered, "I may, Minerva. Is there a problem?"

"The Headmaster would like to see him in his office as soon as possible," she replied.

"I'll bring him," said Severus.

"Thank you, I will see you both there, then."

"What have you done, Mr. Potter?" asked Severus motioning to the door.

"I haven't done anything, nothing at all," exclaimed Harry.

"Shall we see what the Headmaster wants then?"

"How do you think she knew I was here?" asked Harry.

"Did you inform your friends where you would be?" asked Snape as he stalked along the corridor.

"Oh, yes, I told Hermione so she wouldn't worry," said Harry trailing after.

"Then you have your answer," said Severus with a smirk.

They met McGonagall at the gargoyle guarding the Headmaster's office and rode up the stair together.

"I didn't do anything Professor," Harry told his Head of House.

She smiled down at him. "I'm aware of that Mr. Potter."

Inside the office they found Dumbledore and Sirius Black.

"Sirius," said Harry running to the man and hugging him.

"Hi, Harry, how are you?"

"I'm good, Sirius, why are you here? I didn't do anything. I swear," said Harry.

Severus stepped into the shadows beyond the door and sneered at Black. Minerva stepped up to the desk and took a seat. "What is this about, Albus?"

"I asked for Harry to be here," said Sirius. "Dumbledore is trying to convince me to let Harry visit the Dursleys for part of the summer and I thought we should ask him how he feels about that."

Harry immediately began to shake his head, "I don't want to go there."

"Harry, my boy, surely you don't mean that? They are your family, don't you miss them. Don't you owe them at least the courtesy of letting them know where you will be?" said Dumbledore eyes twinkling.

"I don't want to go there. I don't want to ever see them again. They're mean and I don't like them," said Harry defiantly.

"That's good enough for me," said Sirius with smile, "you don't have to go to the Dursleys.

"Sirius, I find I must insist that Harry return to the Dursley home for at least a part of the summer regardless of this childish petulance. There are special wards there to protect Harry from Voldemort that must be renewed with his presence. It is part of what protected him this Christmas," said Dumbledore forcefully.

Sirius's brow furrowed and Harry said, "I don't care, I don't want to go there!"

"Harry maybe," began Sirius.

Harry who had been leaning against Sirius shoulder where he sat in his chair pulled away and turned to Severus.

"Professor, you said you would listen, that you'd make him listen," he cried.

Severus stepped out of the shadows and knelt before Harry.

"I am listening, Harry, but all you've said is that they are mean. Tell me how they have been mean," he said, raising a hand to stop Black's protest.

"I-I, my letter came to the cupboard under the stairs. That's where I slept before Hogwarts. I-- my friends -- Hermione says that's not the way it should be. Uncle Vernon yells and hits or pulls me around by the ear or hair. Aunt Petunia tries to get me with the skillet but I can dodge pretty good. Hermione says that calling names is bad but I've always been called a freak, and worthless, and Aunt Petunia said my parents were killed in a car accident because my dad was a no good drunken bum and my mum was a whore." Tears were streaming down Harry's face now. "I know it's a lie now but I don't want to go there any more. I don't-- please professor make him listen," then he threw himself into Severus's arms.

Severus looked up into the outraged faces of Sirius Black and Minerva McGonagall and then to the pasty face of Albus Dumbledore. He stood, drawing Harry up into his arms.

"I will bring Mr. Potter to Poppy for a calming draft while you discuss this information," he said. He turned and started out the door smirking at the raised voices besieging the aged Headmaster behind him.

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