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The Locket

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AU, A post HBP Snape travel back in time to warn a pre SS/PS Snape about his future in the hopes that things can be changed. No Slash or Pairings

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By Loralee
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or his friends and enemies.

Chapter 5

Harry Potter poked his head into the Potions classroom.

"Professor I'm all packed and ready to go. You said I could take Hiss with me for the summer," said Harry.

"Of course Mr. Potter, I prefer it actually. She is in the lab," said Severus with a smirk at the boy's back as he passed.

"Professor, she's gone," shouted Harry.

"What do you mean?" asked Severus as he approached the empty tank.

"The lid is ajar, sir, looks like she got out. Why would she run away? I told her I come get her," said Harry.

"Not to worry, Mr. Potter I'm sure she is around here somewhere, when I find her I will bring her to you," said Severus looking about the room warily.

Harry was looking also, hissing and listening at intervals.

"But, sir, I leave in just a little while and what if someone's stolen her?"

"I'm quite sure that no one has stolen that viper, I must have left the lid slightly ajar when I fed her. I will, of course bring her to your home when she is found. I'll have the house elves look for her this afternoon after everyone is gone," said Severus.

Harry sighed, "Thank you, sir, I hope she's all right."

"You should go, Harry, the carriages will be leaving for the station soon," he said.

"Yes, sir," said Harry, giving one last look around the Professor's private lab he left dragging his feet.

Severus watched him go with a slight smirk. He went into his quarters and put away the last of the paper work he'd been doing in his classroom while waiting for Harry. On his way to the door to go to the entrance hall to make to supervise the departure, he glance up at the mantel above the fireplace.

"Tomorrow you will allow me entrance to Black's house and the final Horcrux," he told the sleeping viper in the unbreakable jar.


Finally, thought Severus, the last brat is gone. He followed Minerva down the corridor to the staff room and poured for both of them before sinking into a chair.

"I expected to see Albus this morning," he said swirling the amber fluid in his glass.

Minerva smirked slightly to his surprise and said, "I believe he's still hiding."

He lifted an eyebrow, "Hiding?"

"From Mr. Potter, I believe. I don't think he knows quite what to say to the boy and so is 'hiding'."

Severus smirked himself at the picture of Albus cowering in his office from the small child.

"We went to see them, you know," Minerva added. He looked closely at her.

"Those muggles of Potter's?" he asked.

"Yes, Albus wanted to see for himself. He refused to allow Sirius Black to accompany us, of course. They really were dreadful. Quite happy to find out that Harry wasn't returning to them and all but demanding payment for their abysmal care of the boy. I believe Albus took a look at their memories. He was quite shocked by those people."

"He should have kept a closer eye on them," Severus said forcefully.

"Perhaps, but really, Severus even though I saw they were horrid I didn't except that sort of thing either and Albus sees things differently than most anyway."

He refilled his glass and turned away, "He's been teaching for how long now? Surely he knows how people can treat their children."

"He doesn't want to see it, Severus. Did you know that Albus's mother died when he was five?"

He turned to her with a frown not following her point.

"In childbed, I believe. The midwife's husband made a portkey for Albus, his older sister and the new baby and sent them off to a cousin. Dropping them down on the doorstep of a relative they had never met. She took them in and raise them as her own. I believe that is why he had such faith in Harry's family."

"What of his father?" asked Severus intrigued despite himself.

"Killed in the goblin war, several months before," she said softly.

"Hhmm," said Severus noncommittally.

"Albus wants to see the best in people, you should be quite aware of that," she said after a moment eying him significantly. He looked away.

The door opened then and several other staff members entered chatting.

"Here now, Severus, don't hog the brandy," said Sinistra. Severus shoved the bottle toward her and sat back to listen to the discussion of the school year just passed.


Severus had enjoyed a bit of lie in that morning, then taken detailed inventory of his supplies before donning his cloak and setting off. Now he stood sneering before the a decaying hulk of a house in a dismal part of London.

He waited impatiently in front of the battered door for admittance and was surprised when Remus Lupin opened the door.

"Severus, what are you doing here?" he asked in surprise.

"I've brought Mr. Potter's viper, shall I await him out here?" he said icily from the doorstep.

"Oh, come in, of course, if you'll wait here I'll get Harry," said Lupin leaving Severus in the entry hall and heading up the stairs.

Severus gazed about him at the gas lamps casting flickering shadows over peeling wallpaper and threadbare carpet of a gloomy hall containing age-blackened portraits on one hand and crumbling plaster and lathe gaping on the other. He shook his head and drew his wand. A muttered spell later he was following the slight pull through a dark door into an abandoned sitting room. There in a glass case was the last Horcrux, Slytherin's locket. He cast a glance over his shoulder and unlocked the case, as he was about to levitate the locket to his pocket he was pulled roughly away and thrown up against the wall.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, Snivellus!" shouted Sirius Black, "I should have guessed you were a thief as well as a Death Eater, you greasy bastard." He raised his wand.

"Sirius," said Harry from behind him, "What's going on?"

"Stay back, Harry, Snape is probably here to kidnap you," said Sirius, his wand shoved against Severus's left cheek.

"Don't be silly, Professor Snape is my friend, Sirius. You wanted me to be polite to your friends at dinner last night shouldn't you be polite to mine?" Harry asked laying his hand on Sirius's wand arm and pulling.

"He's a thief, I caught him red handed in that cabinet. Go back up to your room and let me handle this, Harry," he said.

"I don't think so, let him go. You're going to hurt him," said Harry, again pulling at Sirius's arm.

"Darn right I'm going to hurt him," sputtered Sirius.

"Sirius, let him go," said Lupin from the doorway.

"Yes, Black let me go and I'll explain," said Severus with a sneer. Sirius's eye widened suddenly as he realized the Snape still had his wand and exactly where it was pointing.

He released Severus and stepped back a snarl on his face. "Alright explain, then get out, Snivellus," he said.

"Sirius," protested Lupin.

"Sirius, calling names isn't nice, don't be mean," said Harry.

"He deserves it, Harry," argued Sirius.

Harry shook his head and said, "Hermione said nobody deserves to be called names, Sirius." His eyes narrowed, "If I misbehave will you call me names?"

Severus almost chuckled at the look on Black's face as he paled and began shaking his head. "Gods no, Harry, I wouldn't ever do that to you, but you have to understand Sniv, er, Snape here is a Death Eater. He's--" said Sirius.

"No he's not," stated Harry firmly.

Severus stilled completely, Black blinked and Lupin's eyes widened.

"Harry?" asked Lupin.

"Swear," said Harry staring at Sirius.

"Er, what?" asked Sirius.

"Swear you won't tell my secrets," demanded Harry.

"I swear," said Sirius.

Harry rolled his eyes and Lupin said, "He means a magical oath, Siri, I've already sworn one, by the way."

"Oh, okay, I Sirius Orion Black swear on my magic not to reveal any secrets that Harry James Potter tells me without his permission," said Sirius. "Now what does this have to do with him?"

"I can talk to snakes so I changed Professor Snape's Mark because Voldemort hurt him and tried to kill him but I killed Quirrell instead so he isn't a Death Eater," said Harry in a rush.

Sirius blinked and collapsed on a chair. "Er, what?" he asked in confusion.

"Very astute, Black," said Severus.

"Um, Harry, maybe a little more detail would be good?" said Lupin also taking a seat.

Harry scuffed a toe on the threadbare carpet and looked at Severus, "Did you find Hiss?"

"Yes," said Severus and pulled the jar containing the viper out of the pocket of his cloak. Harry smiled and opened the lid hissing happily at the snake. Which spiraled up Harry's arm and into the top of his shirt causing an eruption of giggles from the boy.

Sirius stared stupidly causing Lupin to chuckle. "Startling isn't it?" he asked. "Harry, I can talk about this with Sirius can't I, since you've made him swear?"

Harry nodded and Lupin turned to Sirius. "Harry, obviously is a parsel mouth and can speak to and understand snakes. I learned this when we caught Peter. He understands that while people here in England and parts of Europe believe it to be an indication of darkness it hasn't always been considered as such. People who spoke parseltongue were revered in Egypt and other places long ago. It was an asset then, you understand?"

Sirius nodded still staring at Harry and finally drew a deep breath, "What about him?" he asked again flinging a hand in Severus's direction.

Harry looked up and then turned back to Severus. Severus merely nodded and removing his cloak began to roll up his left sleeve.

"At Christmas," Harry said softly, "Voldemort was in the back of Professor Quirrell's head and he hurt Professor Snape, he wanted to kill him and I stopped him. I killed, er burned up Professor Quirrell. Later I asked Professor Snape how Voldemort was hurting him and he showed me the Dark Mark."

"I knew you were a Death Eater," snarled Sirius lifting his wand. Harry moved to stand in front of Severus and frowned at Sirius.

"You aren't listening again Sirius," he said, "Professor Snape isn't a Death Eater, not anymore. He was a spy for the Headmaster but he still had the Mark and Voldemort could still hurt him so I talked to the snake in the Mark and I changed it so he belongs to me now. Professor Snape is my friend and I won't hurt him and I won't let you be mean to him either even if that means you want to send me away." Harry's voice trembled at the last.

Sirius paled and dropped out of the chair onto his knees grabbing Harry into a hug. "I would never send you away Harry, never. Nothing you could ever do would make me do that," mumbled Sirius into the top of Harry's head.

Lupin looked concerned for a moment then turned his attention to the newly exposed Mark on Severus's arm.

"Do you have any idea, Severus, how Harry did that?" inquired Lupin after several minutes.

Severus shook off his musings on the Slytherin nature of Harry Potter and answered, "No, I don't and he hasn't been able to explain it either."

"Have you told anyone?" asked Lupin.

Severus sneered and said icily, "No, I haven't told anyone, do I look stupid? Do you know what could happen if this gets out?"

Harry now seated on the floor in Sirius's lap looked up with a frown, "Professor, people knowing could get you in trouble?"

Severus sighed, "Not as much as you, Mr. Potter. You are the Boy Who Lived, they expect you to save them and I doubt that they will ever thank you for it. You are expected to be the perfect golden boy. This," he shook his arm, "could tarnish that reputation greatly. The minute it becomes known that you have a," he swallowed, "a Marked follower they will believe you to be the next Dark Lord. That you have stolen one of the Dark-- one of Voldemort's Death Eaters well I don't want to speculate." Severus noticed that Black's eyes were bulging out as he looked at the mark.

Harry bounced out of Sirius's lap and said, "You're not my follower, you're my friend." Severus couldn't help but laugh at the outrage in Harry's voice. He began to roll down his sleeve.

"Be that as it may, Mr. Potter, I doubt the Ministry or Dumbledore would see it that way."

"It still doesn't explain why you were poking about, Snape," said Sirius finally.

"Ah, well that's another matter," said Severus stiffly.

"Is it a secret?" asked Harry drifting over to the cabinet to examine the items.

All three men spoke at once.

"Don't touch anything," said Lupin.

"Get away from there, Harry," said Sirius.

"Yes, do not get to close," said Severus.

Harry hands behind his back turned to Severus, "Sirius said all the things in here are dark and he has a curse breaker coming to inspect them before being sold or thrown away. If it's something important shouldn't it be taken care of before then?"

Severus nodded at Harry and turned to Black and Lupin. He gritted his teeth, "I would prefer this information not go any further but," he sighed and glanced at Harry again then sat down, "I learned within in the last year that Voldemort created several Horcuxes and where they could be located. I believe that you have one in that cabinet."

"A what?" asked Sirius as Remus sputtered, "Several?" and Harry turned back to eye the trinkets.

"A Horcrux is something that a dark wizard would hide a portion of his soul in to attain immortality, Sirius, but I had no idea that more than one could be made," said Remus.

"How the hell did it get here and what do you intend to do with it?" asked Sirius.

"My information is that Regulus took it from it's hiding place and brought it here before he was killed for being disloyal to the Dark L-- to Voldemort. I intend to destroy it, if that meets with your approval, Black," Severus said sarcastically.

"Now see here, Snape," started Sirius, but broke off in horror as Harry stepped between them levitating a necklace onto the small table at Severus's elbow. The three men gaped at the boy for a moment.

"How do you know it's that one?" asked Remus

"What do you think you're doing," whispered Sirius.

"Mr. Potter you aren't supposed to do magic outside of school," said Severus.

As the locket touched the table Harry replied, "Sirius said I could do magic here because the wards prevent the Ministry from knowing. Hiss says this one smells bad, like the mark did. How do we get rid of it?"

"I'm still not sure, Mr. Potter," said Severus absently studying the locket.

"What do you mean, you aren't sure," shouted Sirius, "Don't you know how to destroy it? What did you think you were going to do with it, then?"

"Sirius, please, yelling isn't going to solve anything," said Remus loudly trying to calm Sirius down.

"It's enchanted with a piece of the bloody Dark Lord's soul inside, you can't just bloody well point a wand and shout finite incantatem at it," shouted Severus.

"Well why not, have you tried it?" shouted Sirius fingering his wand.

"Sirius, really be reasonable," yelled Remus.

"Since when has Black ever been reasonable, Lupin, the man is a raving lunatic," stormed Severus.

"You must have some idea perhaps an exorcism spell," Remus shouted at Severus.

"Basilisk venom was suggested but I can't get it without Harry," Severus yelled back.

Sirius's eyes widened and he began to turn purple, he drew his wand, "I won't let you expose Harry to something like that," he bellowed.

"I don't want to expose Harry to that, why do you think I still have the rest of the bloody things," shouted Severus red faced himself.

"There haven't even been any basilisk sighting for years," yelled Remus.


The three men looked at Harry in surprise as dust filtered down from the ceiling in the wake of his concussion hex.

"No more yelling, I can't hear," said Harry calmly and turned back to the table with a hiss.

"Harry, what are you doing?" asked Remus. Harry flapped a hand in a gesturing for quiet and continued to hiss at the locket which Severus realized with dismay was hissing back.

"Do you know a good exorcism spell, Lupin?" he whispered aiming his wand at the now glowing locket. Lupin's wand was out now too.

"Er, Exorcizo Spiritus, with a pushing corkscrew motion," said Lupin demonstrating. "You have to really want the spirit gone."

Severus glared, of course he wanted the spirit gone.

"Harry, I don't think that's a good idea," squeaked Sirius as Harry flourished his wand. Sirius raised his, prepared to cast a shield around Harry.

The locket flashed brightly and there was a pop, then a fizzling sound and the light winked out. Three wands raised in preparation and nothing happened.

Harry turned from the table and grinned, "That was easy."

Sirius collapsed back into his chair, "What did you do?" he whined.

Severus prodded the locket with several detection charms then pinched the bridge of his nose, "I need a drink."

Remus stared at Harry, "That's not possible, he shouldn't have been able to do that."

"Shouldn't have known the concussion hex either, been able to change my Mark, fry Quirrell, take on a troll or defeat Voldemort at a year old but he's Potter, live with it," snarled Severus.

"What do you mean take on troll?" asked Sirius.

Severus rolled his eyes and said, "You don't want to know, Black."

"A drink sounds good, Snape, I can't believe you had a good idea. Tizzy!" he called.

"Master be wanting something," ask the tiny elf.

"Firewhiskey," said Sirius. The elf popped away. She was back in just a moment with three tumblers and a decanter of firewhiskey along with a pot of chocolate, cup and biscuits.

They fiddled with drinks for a moment and Harry pouted slightly when Sirius wouldn't let him have any of the firewhiskey.

"All right I think it's time for answers," said Remus.

"I'm rather afraid that we will only have more questions," said Severus refilling his glass.

"I want to know about the troll," said Sirius.

"Hush, Sirius. Harry can you please explain what you did to the locket?" asked Remus.

Harry looked up from his chocolate and smirked slightly. "I ended the spell on it."

Severus smirked at the frustration on Remus's face.

"I understand that Harry but how did you end the spell?" said Remus patiently.

"And why did you do it when you'd been told not to touch it?" said Sirius.

"I didn't touch it Sirius. I talked to the snake. It was," his face wrinkled up in thought, "not alive really but sort of, er, it could talk so I talked to it. It told me that wearing it or trying to blast it would power the piece of magic inside. But that an ending spell in parseltongue would get rid of the soul fragment. It wasn't happy to have it inside. It told me that it was created to hold loved ones not a piece of an evil wizard," said Harry.

"Loved ones?" asked Sirius.

Harry reached over to the locket and squeezed the side. It opened to reveal two tiny portraits. "It's masters loved ones," said Harry with a shrug.

"Can you asked it if it knows who these people are?" asked Severus.

Harry shook his head, "I'm sorry Professor it isn't-- well the ending spell ended it too. It told me it would but said it was okay as long as the evil bits were ended as well."

"You said you have more of those, Severus?" asked Remus.

"Yes I have the rest of them," he answered then turned to Harry, "Will that work on the others, Harry?"

"You can't expect him to try it again, Snape," said Sirius.

"I think it will," said Harry, "I want to try."

"Perhaps tomorrow?" asked Remus, "I could do some research tonight, there is a very good Dark Arts library here."

"Will you stay for tea, Professor?" asked Harry.

Sirius surprised them all by saying, "Yes, Snape stay for tea. I want to hear about the Troll."
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