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Coming Clean

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Snape, Black, Lupin and Potter is getting along even an option? NO DH.

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Chapter 6
Coming Clean

It was late before Severus left 12 Grimmauld. He took a sober up potion while standing before the floo and idly watched Lupin levitating the drunken Black from the room. He grinned evilly as Black's head bashed the door frame and Lupin muttered an apology. Then he floo'd home and gone to bed.

Severus had explained what he knew of the troll incident during tea, with Harry adding details. Black had been alternately thrilled at the rule breaking and horrified at the danger.

Much later, after Harry had been sent to bed, the three men talked and drank late into the night. Mostly about Harry. Of course 'The Incident' had come up toward the end of their often loud discussion.

"By the Gods, Snape," Sirius roared, "you need to let it go. I wasn't trying to bloody kill you. If I really wanted you dead I would have just cursed you. We tried for years to lure you into bloody embarrassing situations. What made you pick that one time to do something I told you to do, anyway?"

"You claim that now but you weren't even punished for it, you could have gotten Lupin put down as well," snarled Severus trying to get the werewolf angry at Black again.

"Was your own bloody fault for potioning me," muttered Sirius staring into his cup.

"I didn't potion you Black," said Severus with a sneer, "you've never accepted blame for it."

"I had a date with Roberta Periwinkle and you slipped me an impotence potion, Snape. I know it was you," Sirius said with a snarl of his own.

Remus choked on his firewhiskey and asked, "That's why she laughed every time she saw you for the next year?"

Severus stared at the two men for a moment, then pinched the bridge of his nose, "Potter, it really was all Potter's fault. I knew it."

"Leave off, Snape, James didn't know anything about it," said Remus. "He swore an oath to me."

"Yes, yes, Evans brewed the bloody impotence potion to give to Potter, I heard her telling Alice about it during one of Slughorn's open brewing sessions," Severus said a tiny grin appearing on his face.

"What? Why would Lily do that?" asked Sirius.

"Then how did Sirius get it?" asked Remus at the same time.

The grin on Severus's face grew, "Do you remember when Potter publicly asked Evans to Hogsmeade in the Great Hall then was found in the broom closet with Ester McDermet that afternoon?"

Remus's mouth dropped open and Sirius just nodded. They most definitely remembered the incident.

"James claimed to have been stunned and dragged in there, took him months to win Lily over," said Remus.

"But why did she give me a dose?" whined Sirius.

"You were always stealing from James's plate, Siri, you must have been collateral damage," said Remus.

Sirius stared at Severus, "I'm sorry Snape, I miss judged you. I'm sorry I blamed you for messing with my bits," he said with a bit of a sniff. "You know, I was punished, Remus didn't talk to me for weeks." He sniffed again and wiped at his nose. "And I spent the last Quidditch match in the hospital wing. Wasn't allowed to play."

"As I remember one of your pranks backfired on you," snarled Severus, "that's not punishment."

"Well that's everyone was told, couldn't say it was cause Remy almost ate you, could we? I cleaned bedpans for the whole game and we lost the cup because of it," slurred Sirius.

Remus was chuckling, "I guess that makes Lily the best marauder. She never got caught."

"Merlin, and Harry is much more like Lily than James," said Severus quietly. Remus stared at Snape and nodded. Sirius merely dropped his head on the table and snored.


As Severus stepped through the floo the next morning he was greeted by a smiling Harry Potter.

"Good morning, Professor would you like some breakfast?" asked the boy.

"Good morning, Mr. Potter, some tea and toast would be appreciated. Where are your guardians this morning?" asked Severus.

"Professor Lupin is in the library and Sirius is still sleeping. Did you bring Voldemort's nasty soul things?"

"I did," he set the carton he was carrying on the table and levitated four glass containers out on to the surface of the table. "The jars are stasis jars used for containing volatile substances. They are magic neutral on the inside and unbreakable on the outside."

Harry's serpent slid out of his sleeve drawing Severus's attention to his clothing. "I see you are much better dressed now."

Harry blushed slightly, "Yes sir, Sirius took me shopping on the way home from the station and we burned all of my old things. I thought I should have kept them to work in but Sirius says Tizzy would be upset if I didn't let her do the work. Sirius said the house was much worse before he claimed it. That the old elf was insane and that place where to wall is half gone had a picture of his mum and she was nasty and mean. They had to take out half the wall to get rid of her and the old elf dropped over dead. So Sirius bought Tizzy from a placement service and she's really nice. I like her, she makes really good biscuits. Sirius says when the curse breakers are done she can clean up the ground floor. My room is brilliant all red and gold and the bed is just like Hogwarts and I have my own loo even."

Severus allowed Harry to prattle on while accepting tea from the tiny elf and thought the boy at least sounded happy, not that it mattered in the slightest.

After some time Remus entered the kitchen, "Oh hello, Severus, when did you get here?"

"Not long ago, Lupin," said Severus. He pulled out a small vial, "I thought I would bring along a hangover cure if you need one," he said with a neutral tone.

Remus smiled and said, "Why thank you, Severus, I have a better tolerance than some but I don't doubt that Sirius could use it, if we want to see him any time today."

Severus looked thoughtful for a moment then sighed, "I suppose we must," he turned to the elf. "Could you give this to your master and tell him it is a hangover cure."

"Tizzy will," cried the elf happily and popped away.

Remus eyed Severus suspiciously, "That seems rather out of character for you."

Severus smirked and opened his mouth only to be interrupted by a scream from above. His smirk grew and Harry looked wide eyed at Remus. Remus only sighed.

A short time later footsteps thundered down the stairs and a wild-eyed Sirius appeared in the doorway wand in hand, "I know you did this, Snape," he snarled.

"Did what?" questioned Harry.

"That is my own blend of hangover cure, as you can tell it works quite well, your hangover is gone, is it not? However it does have that unfortunate side effect," said Severus still smirking.

"He made me piss blue, lots of blue," hissed Sirius.

Harry grinned, "Brilliant! How does it work?"

Sirius's enraged face went blank for a moment and he looked at Harry's grin, "You think it's funny?"

Harry nodded his head, "Well it certainly surprised you and you aren't hurt are you? Isn't that funny?"

"Well yes but-" said Sirius.

"It was very funny, a prank coupled with a nice gesture, attached to a helpful potion, very funny," said Remus. "You can take a prank can't you, Siri?"

"Of course I can. I-- thank you, Snape for the cure. It's just – hey my head doesn't hurt anymore," said Sirius putting his wand away and sitting down at the table.

"You will want to replenish your fluids, Black, the potions attaches to the alcohol in the system and leeches it away. The rock fern combined with the alcohol causes the coloration," he added to Harry.

"Wow, will we learn that in potions?" Harry asked.

"Perhaps," replied Severus.

Sirius had already drained several cups of tea and began on his breakfast. "What's this junk, then?" he mumbled through his toast nudging one of the jars.

"Voldemort's Horcruxes," said Severus dryly and then snorted when Sirius recoiled.

"Do they have to be on the breakfast table?" Sirius whined.

"I can take them in the other room," volunteered Harry.

"No," all three men said together which made Harry giggle.

Severus turned to Remus, "Did you find anything in the library, Lupin?"

"Not really, though I think if we are going to let Harry try his thing again perhaps a warded workroom would be a better venue than a drawing room loaded with other dark artifacts," said Remus.

"Indeed, does this mausoleum have one?" inquired Severus.

"Of course it does, Snape. The Blacks are an old family. There's one in the basement opposite the potions lab, next to the torture chamber," huffed Sirius.

"We have a torture chamber," squeaked Harry.

Sirius's eyes widened, "That's a joke, Harry, we don't really have a torture chamber."

Harry sighed and Sirius exchanged looks with Remus.

"Why don't you finish your breakfast, Harry and then we'll help Tizzy clean up while Sirius and the Professor go check on the Ritual room down stairs," said Remus.

"But I want to see it and the Potions lab," complained Harry.

"You will later," said Sirius after gulping down his tea. "Come on Snape."

Severus rose and followed Black down the narrow step just off the kitchen to a dank, rather dark, stone corridor lined with doors. He squinted in the low light and asked, "What is all this?"

"Oh, wine cellar, cold storage," said Sirius indicating the first two doors opposite each other. "Potions lab, store room," were the next ones followed by, "ritual room.

Severus smirked and pointed to another door, "I suppose that would be the torture chamber that you don't have?"

"I'm going to put a notice-me-not on the door until I can get it cleaned out. Harry shouldn't have to see something like that," snarled Sirius.

Severus chuckled, "He sounded rather disappointed that you didn't have one."

"Yeah, well, I don't have fond memories of the room so--" he snarled then shrugged and cast the spell.

Severus smirked again and turned to the ritual room door.

"Better let me get that, Snape, it's keyed to family," said Sirius.


Once the room was pronounce suitable they brought down the Horcruxes and placed the jars in the store room so they could work on one at a time. Severus and Remus chalked in a confinement pattern on the floor in event that one of the soul fragments manifested it could be contained. Then Remus taught the Exorcizo Spiritus spell to Harry as Sirius had flatly refused to attempt the spell.

"If anything happens I'm going to shield Harry," he proclaimed stubbornly.

The only trouble they had was when Harry complained that there were no snakes visible to talk to. Hiss crawled up out of Harry's shirt and lay draped over Harry's ear and along the top of his glasses. Sirius laughed because the snake's head stuck out between Harry's eyes and Harry kept looking cross-eyed while he talked to the snake. With Hiss there Harry had no problem conversing with the soul fragment in each Horcrux and dispelling the enchantment.

When the last Horcrux had been dealt with Harry rushed from the room to inspect the potions lab and the three men looked at each other.

"Well, that was strangely anticlimactic," said Remus.

"Yes, I find that I'm worried that something has gone wrong," said Severus

"You wanted it to be hard?" questioned Sirius.

"No, but I hadn't thought that a child could defeat the darkest magic with a wave of his wand and a few hisses words. Harry is after all not that remarkable," said Severus.


"No, Siri, I know what he means. It was too easy," said Remus.

"I think some lunch is in order," said Sirius and he strode from the room.

Severus and Remus exchanged another look, "It was much too easy, Lupin. There is something we are missing."


Harry stuffed the last of the sandwich into his mouth and turned to Severus. "So, Professor, how do we get rid of the rest of him?"

"The rest of him?" asked Sirius.

"Uhuh, the part that was in Professor Quirrell," Harry told Sirius.

Severus and Remus exchanged another look, "Yes, too easy," said Severus.

"Can he regain his body without the Horcruxes?" asked Remus.

"What?" said Sirius again.

"Siri, haven't you been paying attention. Severus told us about Voldemort being disembodied and possessing Quirrell last night. Its how I got the job at Hogwarts."

"Yeah, I killed Professor Quirrell," murmured Harry.

"You did not kill him, Harry," said Severus sternly, "Voldemort did."

Harry made a vague noise and kept his eyes on the table. Severus sighed in irritation.

"Wait I thought we just got rid of him downstairs," protested Sirius.

"Really, Black, we know you are an idiot, you do not have to continue to prove it," snarled Severus.

"Hey-" Sirius protested and Harry frowned at Severus.

"My point is the final portion of Voldemort fled Hogwarts upon the death of Quirrell. We do not know where he is gone. There is a ritual that could be used to re-embody him if I had not already taken steps to remove a portion from access. I will need to do some research to see if there are other rituals that can be used. I'm sure there are I just need to find them," said Severus.

"I'd be happy to help, Severus," said Remus. "What was the one you don't think can be done, now?"

"A ritual using the bones of the father. I've already removed them," said Severus dismissively.

Remus frowned, "Severus, I have a question. Just how do you know all this? The Horcruxes, obscure rituals, the whereabouts of a Basilisk that Harry could help you with?"

Severus twitched and replied stiffly, "I am a capable researcher, Lupin, I was a spy in the Dark Lords ranks for many years and I still have contacts among the Death Eaters."

Remus shook his head, "No there is more to it than that, why would you have to do more research into bringing him back if you've already done enough to take measures against one?"

"My research lead me to believe that would be the most likely," said Snape with a sniff.

"So what else would have been necessary?" asked Remus.

"We don't have time for this Lupin; we need to concentrate on—"

Remus cut him off, "You're a seer or spoke with one!"

"Oh, for Merlin's sake, Lupin, don't be ridiculous," said Severus with sneer as he stood to leave.

"Don't run away now, Snape, this is just getting interesting," said Sirius pulling his wand from his pocket, "I think we need some real answers."

"You know where there is a basilisk? Can I talk to it?" questioned Harry.

All three men stopped to look at Harry.

"Harry basilisks are very dangerous," said Sirius.

"I think he wanted you to help kill it," said Remus.

"The Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts and you can talk to it if you can find it," said Snape with a smirk toward Sirius.

"Severus!" yelled Remus. As Sirius jumped out of his chair wand raised. Severus drew his own.


Once again the three men turned to Harry. "You're all acting like children. Please don't fight," said Harry.

Sirius sank back into his chair and Severus gave a slight bow, "As you wish, Mr. Potter."

Remus nodded and turned back to Severus, "You deflected my questions in a true Slytherin manner but really, Severus don't you think that the research would go faster if you shared the information? We all want to see the end of Voldemort."

Severus sank back into his chair. "The source is disturbing and the information could be damaging to more than just me. If certain parties found out—" he trailed off with a scowl at Sirius.

"Oh, for God's sake, Snape, I can keep a secret you know," snarled Sirius.

Severus sighed, "Very well—"

"Wait, Harry why don't you go fly in the garden," said Sirius.

"What? No, Sirius I want to hear too," complained Harry.

"It does concern him, Black, and as far as my secrets are concerned I would much rather tell Harry than you," said Severus in his driest tones.

"Fine," said Sirius with a pout. "I was just trying to be a good parent."

Severus snorted and Remus hid a smile as Harry leaned over and gave a Sirius a hug.

"My source is myself," said Severus with a smirk.

"Beg pardon," said Remus as Harry and Sirius looked at each other in confusion.

"Time travel. Last summer my future self came back ten years to warn me of what was to come."

"That's the biggest load of shi- er dragon dung I've ever heard," said Sirius.

"Brilliant," said Harry.

"Wait, I believe him, Siri," said Remus.

"You do?" asked Sirius.

"You do?" said Severus, then they glared at each other and Harry shouted, "jinx!"

"I do, while I think Severus would lie if it suited him, he would come up with something much more believable," said Remus.

Severus raised one eyebrow and said, "Unquestionably. My future self did not have much time. He told me about the Horcruxes, their locations, and the fact that basilisk venom was used to destroy the diary but not how the rest were destroyed. The fact that the bones of Tom Riddle Senior, the flesh of Pettigrew and uh, one other item was used to re-embody Voldemort. That you, Black were not the Potter's secret keeper. That Harry is—" he broke off.

"I'm what?" demanded Harry.

"That you are the child the prophecy spoke of to vanquish the Dark Lord, the only one who can," said Severus softly.

"No," whispered Sirius, while Remus looked stunned.

"Is that why he came after me? Why he killed my parents?" demanded Harry. Severus nodded his head. Harry scowled and straightened his shoulders. "Well, then we better get busy and figure what I need to do to get rid of the rest of him. I'm going to the library." He hesitated a moment, "To bad Hermione isn't here." Then he marched out of kitchen. Leaving the three surprised wizards gaping behind him.

Remus cleared his throat, "Are you sure?"

Severus sighed, "Yes, I had chosen a course of action and he told me it was wrong and what it would lead to if I carried on as I intended."

"Like what?" asked Remus softly.

"The death of the Headmaster, the loss of my Slytherin students to Voldemort's influence, and the implication that I had, he had made Harry's task much more difficult that needed."

"Does Dumbledore know about this?"

"No, I was warned not to tell anyone but especially the Headmaster. I concentrated on the Horcruxes first but there is other information that I am not sure how to reveal," said Severus.

"Tell us maybe we can help," said Remus.

Severus snorted and raised one eyebrow in a show of doubt but answered, "Rita Skeeter, the reporter, is an illegal animagus."

At Sirius's disgruntled look Remus let out a laugh, "Not so special now, are you?" he taunted.

Severus ignored them and continued, "Barty Crouch junior is alive and hidden in the Crouch home, Gilderoy Lockhart is a fraud who uses memory charms--" He broke off at Remus's strangled noise.

"Dumbledore told me at the end of term he was trying to get him to be the Defense teacher for the fall," said Remus.

"Nothing to do but watch him, I suppose," said Severus with a scowl.

"Why is Barty Jr important?" asked Sirius.

"Oh, you were already in Azkaban when he was caught. He was one of the Death Eaters that tortured Frank and Alice. I thought he died in prison," said Remus.

"His father was set to become Minister before he was captured. He's still rather high in the Ministry. I don't know how we could--" Severus broke off suddenly when a rather devious idea occurred. With a sadistic grin he said, "We give the information anonymously to Skeeter along with the threat of exposure if she doesn't investigate."

"Make sure she know to inform the authorities before breaking the story," said Remus.

"How about Moody? Old Mad-Eye hates dark wizards. He was James' and my trainer, you know," Sirius chimed in. Remus and Severus nodded and Sirius added, "This is almost like old times, planning pranks. You're not too shabby, Snape."

Severus merely rolled his eyes as they continued to plot.
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