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A Long Lost Hero

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A Long Lost Hero
Chapter 1: Hera's memory, Tera's appearance.

Hera remembers the day like it was yesterday. How this mortal girl became friends with a goddess no one knows. All they knew that Hera was friend's with a mortal girl 2 years older then her. The story behind this will show so much more then anybody will ever know.

Tera had long flaming red hair and very inhuman like eyes. Her father was immortal and her mother was mortal. Tera was taught by some of the greatest Greeks before she met Hera. She never knew her mother for she traveled too much. She knew her mother when she was 3 months. Her father raised her from there. She met Hera when Hera was only 12. Tera was 14 of course since she is 2 years older then Hera.

Her father had a great secret to keep. For Tera could fight like no one every will be able to. She was better then the great Achilles himself. Tera and Hera went off to fight in wars and since they were girls they weren't allowed to be there. But one war everything changed for Tera's life.

Tera looked at Hera and laughed as she slipped the helmet over the very long hair. When she fought she always wore her hair down but with tiny braids running though it. Well that was the way she always wore her hair. Hera always had it in a bun so who knows how long her hair was. Tera's sword gave off a small blue shimmer as she put it in its chief. A young boy walked by and Tera didn't notice him and she never will notice the young boy that loves her so. The one boy who is older then Hera but doesn't look it. Hera was now only 14 and Tera was 16.

They arrived has the war began and Tera spotted Achilles fighting on the other side. Hera ran off in another direction. Tera being the girl that she is ran off to pitch a fight with Achilles. Achilles had some trouble until he managed to de-helmet Tera. Tera gasped as Achilles looked at her in disbelief. She hurried to her feet and chief her sword. She looked around for Hera has pulled the helmet over her head. When she found her she pulled her out of the fight and told her they must leave as soon as possible. For Achilles had saw her.

When they got back Chiron her 'human' father asked why they were back so early. Tera told her father what happened and his face fell. For the next day Achilles came to the village and told the god that was the king what he saw. Chiron was to be punished.

They took her father and Tera wouldn't let go. When they finally got her off and got Chiron away she knew what would happen. She followed and she got just has the king turned Chiron into a centaur.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Tera yelled. And then added in "I will never fight again." With that she ran as far away as she could and was never seen again. Since she was mortal she was believed to be dead. But Chiron also had his secret about her too. For this young girl was and will always be a inhuman.


Hey, I thought I'd come out with this tory for you all.
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