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They were arguing again, my brother and my mum. That's all they seemed to do lately. I was getting a little sick of it now, Bob was 18 for God's sake. Old enough to stay out late and old enough to be in control of what he was doing. I guess my mum didn't like the thought of him being in control of his life, that why she always tried to take control.

"You tell me where you was right now." She demanded. There was no answer and I could just picture her face getting redder and redder from her anger. "You tell me now, or you're out of this house." She growled. I rolled over onto my side, my back facing my bedroom door. I pulled one of the pillows from under my head and placed it over my head, hoping maybe it'd block them out at least a little. It didn't though.

"I'm out." I heard him answer. There were loud footsteps coming up the stairs and the door to his room slammed open. I heard a door downstairs slam and knew my mom had shut herself in the lounge. The tears I'd been trying to hold in finally leaked from my eyes and onto my pillow. I knew he wouldn't come back once he'd gone.

A weight shifted on my bed beside me and I felt my pillow gently being lifted off of my head. Bob sat looking down at me, an apologetic expression on his features. He gently wiped away my tears that were still falling. For a 3-year age difference, we were still really close.

"Where are you going now?" I asked sadly.

"You remember that guy, Bert? Well him and his band are touring. I'm going to do sound tech for them." He said. "I probably won't get to see you much once we're on the road." I nodded in understanding and looked down at my quilt. "I'm sorry." He said pecking my cheek.

"I'll miss you so much." I sighed tears spilling once again from my eyes. "Keep in touch, please. I want to know how much fun you're having." I said forcing a small smile. He nodded and wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped mine around him and cried into his shoulder. "You should probably go now." I mumbled into his shoulder and pulling away from the hug. He nodded sadly and got up, picking his bag up with essential belongings.

"Take what you want from my room. The witch will probably throw everything out once I'm gone." He said smiling lightly. "Love you Nat." He said before walking out of my door.

I got up and ran over to my window. I saw Bob just coming out of the gate. I pushed open my window and shouted out his name. He looked at me confused for a moment. "I love you too!" I called out. He laughed, a big smile spreading across his face, he waved briefly before turning around and heading towards the bus station.

I crept out of my room and next door into Bob's. There was a lot of mess from where he'd thrown everything about looking for things. I sighed and picked up one of his hoodies that had been left discarded on the floor. I slipped it on over my pyjamas and zipped it right up. It was a little too big for me, but I didn't care. I needed things to remind me of him. That's when it fully dawned on me. He was never coming back and I'd probably never get to see him again.

I crawled into his bed and sighed pulling the covers right up and over my head. I hated my mum for doing this. She was driving the whole family apart. Dad left because of her, Bob left because of her, and maybe I'd leave because of her? I doubted it to be honest; I was quite scared of her when she got really angry.

I decided that later in the morning I'd look through Bob's belongings and decide what I wanted to keep. I noticed he'd left a vast collection of his cd's behind. I'd probably end up keeping all of them, but for now I was more concerned on getting to sleep.
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