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You need new ears Darling.

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Summer Kylie Moore is all about her art& friends,but then there is this boy G.W.

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Stepping into his there was a long thin boy with mousy brown hair and black framed glasses sprawled across his bed reading a comic.


No answer, I walked over to him slowly and pushed the comic down so he could see my face.

" Hello...I'm..."

" Who are you? I hope your not some stripper Gerard sent over for me, I hate it when he does that."

" What? Me, no I am not a stripper. I live across the street from you."

" Ah I see, you must me Summer."

" Kylie."

" Ok Kylie. My mom has been talking non-stop about your parents and how lovely they are."

" Yea I guess they are "Lovely", that's if you like potheads. But anyway does Gerard really send over strippers for you?"

" Yea, but only as a joke."

" That's funny stuff. So what's your name?"

"Mikey. I'm Gerard's little brother."

" You don't look alike."

" Thank god, I wouldn't want to look like a pale vampire anyway...OUCH! Gerard I don't appreciate you throwing pillows at my face while I am talking."

Gerard walked in with 2 glasses of water; now fully dressed.

" Well, don't call me a vampire then."

" I have to go finish my comic in peace now so see you two later."

" Bye Mikey."
Gerard handed me my water and sat down on the floor reaching for something underneath his bed. He pulled out a big white sketch pad and some ebony pencils.

" I'm going to draw you."

" Your not even going to ask."

" Nope." , he begin to swipe his pencil across the page.

" I don't want you to sketch me...I have to many imperfections"

" I don't see any, except maybe your ears are too big..."

Surprised by what he said I covered my ears with the palms of my hands.

" It would be nice if you'd keep know I was just kidding about your ears."

" Yea of course.", I said shyly

30 minutes went by and he was finally finished.

" Well are you going to show me your finished work?"

" Its not needs color."

" Well this was nice but I need to get home."

" Why?"

" Its late."

" Its only 9."

' Late for me."

" Well, stay please?"

" I barley know you and you want me to stay over?"

" Yep."

I was still sitting on the bed and he was hovering over me talking. I pulled him downward into a kiss; his lips were soft, I didn't know why I was doing this. Pushing me back he laid on top of me, it was to much I pushed him away.

" Gerard I cant, not now."

" I hope you know that you confuse me..."

" That's what I am here for."

" ...Summer, I am going to call you that. That's what you look like; Summer."

I gave him a slight hug and walked out of his house saying goodbye to Mikey and Donna then crossing to my now lit up house. The parents were home.

"The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears."- Heraclitus
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