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Genuine is He.

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Summer Kylie Moore is all about her art& friends,but then there is this boy G.W.

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Laying in my bed I listen to the pitter patter of the rain and watch its reflection on the ceiling. Its 6 in the morning, can't sleep, and I have to be at school in 2 hours and 30 minutes. All I can continue to think about is Gerard: kissing him. It makes me feel weird because I mean I pretty much lead him on to do it, not sure if I need to be in a relationship right now, I will just take it slow. And I'm letting him call me Summer, what is wrong with me?

I laid in bed for one more hour getting up to do my morning routine. I slipped on an old Bob Dylan shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Grabbing my bag and car keys I walked downstairs to the kitchen; a scent of burnt toast and coffee filled my nose. My mother was actually making an attempt to fix breakfast, something I definitely did not want; she is no Martha Stewart.

" Mom, What do you think your doing?"

" Making your dad breakfast..."

" I don't think he..."

" What is it Summer?"

" Never mind I have to go pick up Jason, See ya."


I didn't even want to try and explain to her that dad was just going to get mad about the mess she was making. He is like that, one moment he is cold the next he is hot; sad to say but sometimes I am the same.
I picked up Jason and this time he was actually ready, and Hailey wasn't there.

While I was driving I could feel him staring at me.

"Jason what is it? If you want to say something then say it."

He turned away towards the car window.

" Gosh the window must be really interesting Jason."

" Oh shut it Kylie..."

" Then tell me what you wanted to say."

"'s just you seem different this morning. Did anything happen?"

" No worries I am fine just really tired."

I pulled into my usual parking space.

" Well, Kylie I have to go meet somebody....I will see you later."

" Okay."

Walking to my locker I felt someone close behind me.

"Spence quit playing around..."

I turned around to quickly I knocked into what I thought was Spencer, but it was just Mikey.

" Oh, Mikey, I'm sorry...but why were you following so close?"

" Trying to keep up with you, you're a fast walker what's the hurry? You are early."

" Trying to avoid someone."

" Oh, Well I needed to talk to you about Gee."


" Oh sorry I call him that sometimes, Gerard."

" Oh, okay. Let me get my books and we can go sit in the snack bar."

Gathered my books and we took seats in the back of the snack bar.

" Mikey I didn't know you were going here too."

" Yea I just started today."

" Freshman?"

" Yea...could you tell/?"

"Yea you have that Freshman look to you. Ha-ha"

"Are you Serious?!?"

"No silly. What did you want to talk about?"

" Gerard."

" Oh!"

" Yea "Oh!". He told me what happened, he wont stop talking about you. Gee really likes you, which is good because he hasn't really liked someone in a long time."

" So I should feel honored?"

" Yea pretty much ha-ha. But you be careful he has some emotional damage."

" Yea, I understand."

" Do you like him?"

" Yea he kind of grew on me."

" He tends to have that effect on people."

" Thanks for the talk but we are about to be late for class."

" Oh shit! Do you know where Art History is?"

" Wow, your in a junior class?"

" Yea I know, its pretty cool!"

"Oh shut it, come on Gerard is in the same class with me this hour."

" Awesome."

" Hurry."

We ran down the hall to class barely making it.

. Mr. Kingston bellowed.

" Well, Kylie nice to see you made it on time and look everyone she brought a friend."

I rolled my eyes in distaste, Gerard was looking at us with wide eyes while Spencer was looking at me questioningly.

" Yea I did."

" Take a seat...."

Embarrassed Mikey followed behind me.

"...Not you. Introduce yourself.", he pointed at flushed Mikey

" I'm a freshman, my brother is Gerard we are from New Jersey."

"Sit down next to Rachel, in the second row."

Great now he had to sit next to prissy pants.

" Kylie, how do you know that kid?"

" Tell you later.", I whispered.

I spent most of my day with Gerard and Mikey, after school I gave Mikey a ride home while Gerard went to my house to work on the project.

To bad my dad had to be home.

"This band is metal in that we have a lot of metal in our instruments, and there's quite a lot of metal on my belt buckle as well." - Mikey Way
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