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This was a therapeutic chain of events!!

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Jadyn Taylor Ross is the twin sister of George Ryan Ross. She is going out with Spencer Smith A lot of things happen. A funeral, people in the hospital, a wedding, and looking out for family! Wi...

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A/N: This first chapter is for ryanrossISsove because she was the one who told me to write this and then post it!! So thanks for that girl. Also this story has TeamWentz17 as Avril and FallOutGrl as Chelsea or Red. Jadyn is me. I hope you like this story. On with the story!!!

~Chapter 1~

"Where have you been? I told you to be home at 6, and now it is 6:05. You know what happens you come home late. Get up to your room now!" my dad told me.

"Dad it was only 5 minutes. I thought I told you that I had practice today after to school, and I would not be home till around 9. I only came home because I needed to get a couple things. I'm sorry I thought I told you." I told him.

"Jadyn Taylor Ross," (There he goes calling me by my whole name. As you can see my name is Jadyn, cool name right. Yea, it is. But most people call me Jade, or JaTa. It depends on who it is.) "I don't care if you have practice, I want you up in your room NOW!" he yelled so I ran upstairs to my room and locked my door. I got out my cell phone and called Spencer.

~Cell Phone Call~
"Hello?" he answered his phone.
"Spencer, I need you to come get me."
"Hun, why? Did he do something to you?"
"No, but I think he will. I came home to get some stuff so I can go back to practice and he yelled at me. And told me to go to my room. I am in my room but my door is locked. Is my brother with you?"
"Yea, I'll have him come with me. Well, grab what you need and I will call you when I am a block away."
"Ok, I love you so much. But, just stay a block away. I don't want my dad to see your car."
"Ok, I love you too. Bye!" he hung up.
~End Of Cell Phone Call~

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed a bag and put what I needed for practice. I grabbed my dance clothes and shoes. And I also grabbed my dance outfit for some of my songs and the shoes. I wanted to have them just incase we went over them at practice. I also grabbed my Ipod and headphones. I needed that for warming up and when I just wanted to practice on my part. Also it was my release to everything around me. As I was packing I was thinking about my family Ryan and I were twins. He was older by like 2 hours. Ryan knew what dad did. I mean he would yell at Ryan but he barely hit him. He always said that us girls are weaker and we need to learn to toughen up. So he would always come up with ways to punish us even if it was for a stupid reason. Once I got all my stuff I needed for practice, I put it outside my window on the ledge and then turned on some music really soft and turned out the lights. I climbed out the window and through my bag down. I found the rope I always had ready if something really bad happened and I needed to get out of the house quickly. I was walking down the sidewalk when my phone went off. It was Spencer.

~Cell Phone Call~
"Jade where are you?" it was Ryan.
"I am walking towards you guys. I have everything."
"Ok, I see you now. Bye"
~End Of Cell Phone Call~

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked towards them. Once I was at Spencer's car I got in and Spencer took off for the school. If you hadn't already guessed I had practice, it was Show Dance Choir. We were getting ready for an up coming concert. This was a tie between a dance recital and a choir concert. Everyone sings but some people sing at one point and everyone else dances. So it was a lot of practice. We had about a lot of practicing to do. I had a solo song, a duet, a quartet, also a lot of group songs where I had solos at parts. With the solo song I danced with my partner, a slow dance where other couples also dance in the background. With the duet, my friend and I were doing Popular from wicked and put it to a cute dance. The quartet was fun, I sang the high part and the other 3 sang the rest of the parts. There's a lot of dancing and fun. We are like one big happy family; we spend a lot of time together and have fun.

"Hun, we're here" Spencer said looking back at me.

"Oh wow, I must have spaced there for a couple minutes. Thanks, I need to be picked at 9 please. Ryan are you going to go home tonight?" I asked him.

"I don't know. I feel I should but dad might make me watch him hurt you, Blair or mom again." He told me. Blair was Ryan and mines little sister. She was about 10.

"Ok, I love you both. But I have to go and practice. So see you at 9?"

"Yep love ya babe."

"Yea love ya sis."

"Love ya both" I side and got out of the car, and went around to Spencer's side and kissed him and waved to Ryan. I walked into the school and went to the dance room. Everyone was there and talking. Some had their Ipods on and were warming up. I dropped my stuff and grabbed my dance clothes and shoes. I went to the bathroom and changed into them. When I came back into the dance room, I grabbed my Ipod and started to warm up. Most of my friends who were in the Show Dance Choir with me knew not to bother me until I was done with my warm up. I was sometimes in a mood until I warmed up and did some deep breathing. So once I was done warming up my friend Avril came over to me and she knew something was wrong. Avril was my friend since I can remember. She was always there for me.

"What's wrong Jade?" Avril said as she said next to me.

"Oh nothing. Just I had to sneak out of my own fucking house to get here. My dad wad pissed I was later and he must had forgot that I had practice. But, I was sent to my room, and I went there and went right out." I told her.

"Oh hun, does Ryan know?"

"Yea, Spencer and Ryan picked me up and dropped me off here. But, I rather not talk about it right now. I will tell you more about it tomorrow. Is Red here?" Red was Ryan's girlfriend. We all called her Red because she had red hair and not one of our other friends had red hair. But, her real name is Chelsea.

"Yea, she got here while you were warming up. She should be in the bathroom changing. Once she gets in here you start group voice and body warm ups till the coach gets here." I nodded. Did I mention I was the captain of this group? I was happy to get that role this year. It is a lot of work, but is fun. The captain is supposed to have meetings and other things at their house but almost everyone knew that would not be a good idea, so everyone helped out with that. Once Chelsea got back and warmed up a little bit, I called everyone to the front and led them through a hand full of voice warm ups, and then some yoga and dance warm ups. By the time we were done it was about 7 and the coach was there and we started practice. We got through half of the show. By the time it was time to go, I was beat and just wanted to get home and sleep. At 9 I was dressed and ready to go home. Spencer and Ryan were waiting for me outside the school and I got in.

"So, are you going to go home or go to Spencer's?" Ryan asked me.

"Home, I need to make sure that Blair and mom are both ok. I will just go through my window and make it look like I was up there the whole time." I told them. Spencer started to drive towards my house.

"Jadyn I don't think it's a good idea to go home."

"Ryan I am not going to let dad find out that I not there and take it out on Blair and mom. He could care less if you came home."

"Jadyn it's not Ryan's fault for how you dad treats you, Blair, and your mom."

"Spencer I know, it just hurts that I get the anger taken out on me the most because I am a girl. The worst part was the one time when he was so piss drunk and mom was not home, so he hit Blair and then beat me up and then rapped me. I still can't get over that. I was saving myself for the one I loved and wanted to marry. Now I can never wear white at my wedding, I am not a true virgin." I started to cry.

"Hun, it was not your fault. He is a messed up guy and of course you can wear white. God does not look down on the ones who were raped." Spencer said as he pulled up to the spot where he picked me up at.
"Thanks, but I really need to get home. Ryan I will call you when I make sure everything is ok. Ok?"

"Ok, love you."

"Love you too bro, and you to Spencer."

"Love you, call me too so I can say good night." Spencer said as I got out of the car. I waved to them and ran home. I climbed up the rope and climbed into my room. It looked like as I left it. Maybe it will be ok. I unlocked my room and walked out, trying to be super quite. All the lights were off and I went down stairs and checked down stairs. I heard sobbing, and the light in the kitchen was on. As I walked to the kitchen I heard foot steps behind me.

A/N: Who is it? If you want to know, just review and I will update as soon as I can. Ok, well I am going to bed!! Night all!!
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