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A Date??

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just a little filler update i wrote...

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A few days later Kristian was still avoiding Dana. And it was obvious. She hadn't been to cheer practice. Basketball practice, yes. She wouldn't dare miss that. She also hadn't told anyone about what occured at lunch on Monday. No, she'd just keep that between her and Bob. For now.


Why hadn't she noticed him before? He saved her. And he was such a sweet guy. She sighed. It was too late for him anyway.

She had already fallen for someone else.

Someone with gorgeous hazel/amber eyes, and raven colored locks. Someone whose kiss and pouty lips she craved and touch she desired more than anything. Kristian sighed as she collected her things after first period class and headed to English. Dana approached her before she had a chance to turn in the opposite direction.

"Kris!" She rolled her eyes before coming to a complete stop.

"What is it Dana? I've got a million and one things to do." She couldn't even believe how Dana could look her in the face after her deception. Sixteen years of friendship, down the drain.

"Hey, I guess you've been busy with the dance stuff huh? Rocki told me you told her you wouldn't be a practice at all this week."

"Nope." Kristian tried to keep her answers simple.

"Well, I kinda...need you on Friday night Kris." Dana sort of shrugged her shoulders, giving her 'best friend' a bright, crooked, smile. Kris gave her an equally toothy smile.

"Sorry. I've got to get this done...Gerard and I..."

Dana cringed, swinging her purse from one shoulder to the other. "Yeah, you know, I really meant to talk to you about all of the time you've been spending with...Gerard. Have you forgotten all about your 'real' friends? Not those little gothic punk dudes."

"Don't say things like that. You don't know any of them."

"Fine. Just...Can I come over? So we can talk later?" Dana said and walked away.

Kristian shrugged, "Whatever. I'll be home." Dana nodded.

"See you then." She said, wondering why Kris was acting so cold towards her.

"Bitch." Kristian muttered. She really didn't even have a fucking clue.

Still fuming, Kris entered the classroom. Sitting in her usual seat. Mr. Lee was going on and on about the same, drab crap he'd been going on and on about for a straight week. She'd become rather moody after her run in with Dana. That is, until she spotted a pair of gorgeous eyes peering at her through the classroom door window. Kris bit her lip to surpress her smile. He beckoned her with his index finger, sending shockwaves up her spine. Kristian raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Colbert?"

"Hey, Mr. Lee, would it be at all possible for me to, you know, use the ladies?" She asked sweetly.

"Sure thing. Grab the hall pass."

Kristian bounded up from her seat, still chewing on her lip. She grabbed the pass, she stepped out the door and nearly ran right into Gerard. He chuckled. Actually. He really did.

"Well, Hello to you too, Princess." Kristian smiled.

"Hi...So...What's going on?" She asked as they edged away from the classroom door. Gerard pushed his hair back roughly.

"The designs? For your dance-thing. Remember? We need to reschedule, and I figured maybe we won't get interrupted if we go back to your place....Or something." He grinned and it made her smile widen. Her heart pounded. Alone? At her house with Gee? No Mikey? No Frankie?...She didn't give it a second thought.

"Sure. Um..How late are you willing to wait though, cause I can't get out of practice. Especially if I want to play on Thursday." She said.

"Oh! Yeah, I mean, I know that...But I was just..." She nodded in understanding.

"What if we meet at my place,...around, say...6:45?" He nodded this time, and they stood there, staring at each other, grinning, like lovesick puppies (bout time for that real kiss eh?).

"Ok then, so it's a 'date'?"

"I suppose so." Gerard winked, and Kristian floated all the way back to class when he walked away.

The rest of the day flew by, and the later it got, the more excited Kris became. Practice was just that. Practice. Running drills until Coach was satisfied. Afterwards she dashed into the locker room to change, noting that it was already after six o' clock. "Oh Shit!" She screeched, stuffing her clothes into her duffle. She didn't even bother changing back into her street clothes.

"What's wrong Kris?" Kristian glanced over to Melania, one of her teammates, and smiled.

"Nothing. I just...kinda have....A date. And I am so late!"

"Oooh. A date? That's new. Is it with Gerard Way, by any chance? I heard someone say they saw you out with him this weekend." Melania winked, making Kristian giggle, then shrugged.

"Ok. That's how rumors start. I was out with him, but I was out with his brother, and the rest of their friends too, and it's not 'technically' a date. We're working on something together."

Melania raised an eyebrow. "I bet."

"Bye, Mel." Kris laughed, and hurried out of the gym to her car.

It was 6:25 when she arrived home. Her mother's car was in the driveway. Kristian's heart unexpectantly sank. She was looking forward to being alone in the house. Slamming the car door as she got out, she went inside the house and headed upstairs. "Mom?" She called.

"In my room, sweetie!" Kris rolled her eyes and made her way into her parent's room.
"Hey! How was practice?" Her mother asked.

"The usual..." Kris stood in the mirror of the large bathroom, and watched her mother trying to pin her hair up. "Are you going out?"

"Yup. Your father and I..He's meeting me. But, you'll be ok, won't you?"

As if she had a choice.

"Yeah, fine. I've got company coming over."

"That's good, Honey. Listen, there's plenty in the kitchen, but you're welcome to order in, if you want." Mrs. Colbert patted her sleek, honey brown hair once more before moving back into the bedroom to hand over her debit card. Kristian grinned. Mrs. Colbert didn't.

"Do not go overboard. Kristian. That means, I don't expect to see Abercrombie on my statement next month." Kris rolled her eyes.

"Stop. I don't even shop there." She smiled sincerely at her mother, before glancing at the clock beside the four post bed. "Oh my Gosh! I've gotta go shower and change!" She kissed her Mother's cheek. "Have fun!" She said and left the room.

"You too! See you later tonight!" Her Mom yelled after her.

Kris tossed the Visa card onto her dresser and opened her closet. She scoured through and found her only pair of black jeans. She smiled, and tossed them on her bed.

6:40. The doorbell was ringing. She still wasn't dressed after her quick shower. "Mom!" She called, and got no response. "Shit snickers!" She screamed, pulling on her clothes and bounded down the stairs barefoot.

Kristian swung the door open, and Gerard grinned. He took her in, panting, hair damp and hanging over her shoulders, no make-up, in a pair of black pants and a, what else? Pink top. 'Wait. Black pants?' He thought, and chuckled inwardly. "Well, are ya gonna invite me in?" He asked.

"What? Oh! Yeah, I'm so sorry Gee. Come in." He entered the house and she shut the door behind him.

Mmm...I don't really know what I have planned. But I want to write another chapter today for sure. I wasn't quite satisfied with this one.
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